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Blowing In The Wind   Bruce Springsteen

(D)How Many (G)Road's Must A (A)Man Walk (D)Down
Before You (G)Call Him A (D)Man?
Yes, 'n' (D)how many (G)seas must the (A)white dove (D)sail
Before she (G)sleeps in the (A)sand?
Yes, 'n' (D)how many (G)times must the (A)cannon balls (D)fly
Before They're (G)forever (D)banned
The (G)answer, my (A)friend is (D)Blowin' in the (BM)wind
The answer is (A)Blowin' In The (D)Wind

(D)How many (G)times must A (A)man look (D)up
Before he can (G)see the (D)sky?
Yes, 'n' (D)how many (G)ears must (A)one man (D)have
Before he can (G)hear people (A)cry?
Yes 'n' (D)how many (G)deaths will it (A)take 'till he (D)knows
That too many (G)people have (D)died?
The (G)Answer my (A)friend, is (D)blowin' in the (BM)wind
The answer is (A)blowin' in the (D)wind

(D)How many (G)years can A mountain (D)exist
Before it is (G)washed to the (D)sea?
Yes 'n' (D)how many (G)years can some (A)people exist
Before they're (G)allowed to be (D)free?
Yes 'n' (D)how many (G)times can a (A)man turn his (D)head
Pretending he (G)just doesn't (D)see?
The (G)answer my friend, is (A)blowin' in the (BM)wind,
The answer is (A)blowin' in the (D)wind

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