1,951 Strumming patterns

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1,952 Lowering the bridge

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1,954 songs to impress

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1,955 I have a "Capo" questions... ;)

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1,958 Tanglewood

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1,959 Breedlove Atlas AD200/SM

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1,960 What does this mean??

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1,961 changing style of playing

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1,962 Best way to start learning guitar: acoustic or electric

by gitaardocphil ( Pages 1 2 )

1,963 Learining the fret board

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1,964 Congrats to Roger, new Moderator!

by James McCormick

1,965 Where to start gigging.

by Bo diddley

1,966 Hardcore NOOB!

by Vidovic

1,967 How do I...

by aprilbaby

1,968Moved: composing: wich instrument to use

by gitaardocphil

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1,969 suggest a good INTERMEDIATE song

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1,970 Good Beginner Songs

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1,971 Old Doll

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1,972 HELP

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