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Well if this gets to stay up without getting deleted I would just like to say goodbye to you all.
this is my last post in the forum.

I enjoyed being a part of this forum and helping when it first started and in the background I have been helping up until today.

I will still be on chordie for the songs but that is it. No more forum for me.

I hope to keep in touch wit hthe friends I have made here adn  i am sure I will on another site.

wish you all the best for your future and music and health.

take care



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topdown wrote:

Well, piss off is all I've got say.

I was not trying to spoil your parade i was replying to russell, not all americans.
And i did say I thin kit is good for the right reasons the reasons thanksgiveing was meant to be about.

so piss off?>

and this is from a moderator?
lmao, no wonder i gave up being a moderaotr with narrow minded twats like you

have a nice life ya fud


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rogerjamtill wrote:

Hi all you chordie friends happy thanksgiving, christmas or what ever you celebrate around the world, im from the UK and now live in Turkey. Today here is Bayrami a 4 day festival when sacrifical sheep or goats are slaughtered and the meat distributed to the poor. Giving thats what life is about, I think today i will stayin and just string up my guitar, happy whatever to all Roger

that sounds like right good fun

but i do hope the food is killed quickly and humane.

thats the sort of festival i would like to go to.  Iwould kill, bleed, cut up and hand out the food in one of those.



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Russell_Harding wrote:

we traditionally give thanks for what we have not for what our ancestors did several hundred years ago so happy thanksgiving smile

well maybe americans use thanksgiving for their own needs then Russell?

I have asked a lot of americans including my american family and read up on thanksgiving and they all tell me thanksgiving was/is to thank what you have today because of what the natives gave when europeans first invaded the soil. they were very welcoming and help your ancestors as they came of the boats, that is what you should be celebrating on thanksgiving, not thanking a god or anything like that it is to the folk that saved other folk all those years ago.
And I think that is a good thing to do.
The slogan we use on rememberance day should apply to a lot of things that has happened in the past " lest we forget"

so I hope you had a good thanksgiving day as well as everyone else that makes something of the day for the natives all those years ago.



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Al is right about it getting hammered into us through tv.
I never knew what it was all about years ago, then slowly i learned. But I got to recite this rabbie burns poem.
I do not see this as anything to do with religion as it has nothing to do wit hit. It is all about how the invaders of america were welcomed by the natives and fed etc.
so, here is rabbie burns words.

Before anyone reads and maybe gets offended then sorry. I really do think thanksgiving is a good dday but it should be renamed to something like " sorry to the natives day"

This is called "ye hypocrites"

“Ye hypocrites! are these your pranks?
To Murder men, and give God thanks?
Desist for same! proceed no further:
God won't accept your thanks for Murther!â€

very fitting I think as the eastern side invade and stole land all those years ago.

I hate the human race,lol



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yeah i have one
a band i could only buy from itunes as they do not have cd's for sale in the UK.

the band are called "Jenny".
here is the singer doing an acoustic version of one of their new songs.

they also have a myspace site with 4 of their songs, all great




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With me being me I dont think it is that gross really Zurf,lol
We have all done it, we have all seen it we will all see it again.

So next time ( and ye might think this is gross now ,lol ) for the poop art ..... take some pics and make a show of them.lol
see what sort of images you can see from them.

Now I am giving myself ideas,lol

Kids are great!



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hi and welcome to chordie from me Avery

I think a lot of song writers have this problem. I have heard a few on tv saying how it took them so many months or even years to write a song. they had the idea and a verse or just a chorus but thats it to start with until they come up with the rest of it so dont think yer alone there.

What Old doll says is really good advice. It is what I do all the time. I, like you can get a verse then I am lost. I dont want to writ down anything just to finish it there and then so I save it in a word document under " song ideas". Right now I have probably got about 50 odd ideas. SOmetimes I can join a few verses together. when i get the song finished i will rename it and take it out my " song ideas" and put it into "lyrics needing music" unless i already have music which will be in an audio file.

Or what i sometimes do as well is use my mobile phone as recorder and when i have ideas i will either sing them or talk the lyrics int the phone so i dont forget them.



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I quite enjoy doing silent night, you can crank it up a bit so it is not the normal slow depressing song.

I also like to do a few others.

I wish it could be xmas everyday.           wizard
merry christmas everyone...................slade
christmas in prison..............................john prine
winter wonderland................................no idea

and i canny leave out

Fairytale of new york by the pogues, the best ever christmas song ever to be released without a doubt.



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I used to play chess a lot and i enjoyed watching them play with the timers.  I could never play that fast and know exactly what i was doing.lol

good clip Russell



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this has happened before. There was a bug or something.

if you send an email to per at admin@chordie.com and send him a screen shot of what you see he should be able to help you out.

tell him what system etc you are using.

to get a screen shot (if you dont know) press " PRNT SCRN" then go into a new word document and right click and paste.

send this as a file to Per.

hope you get it sorted.



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my new laptop has windows vista and i love it, it is much better than XP.
as for the gimmick of windows 7, i dont really care if i have it or not.

Zurf, my old computer was dying fast on me but there was nothing wrong with hard drive. I took it out and bought a HDD caddy for £10. i am now using it as an external hard drive. i wish i knew about hard drive caddies a few years ago. I could have saved all the stuff i lost from my first computer.


jay I have about 6 books, 2 are public the rest are not.



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topdown wrote:

No need to panic - there is no virus, nor are the offerings "rubbish". They are all simply tab and not the chords the OP is seeking.


shouldnt laugh. I suppose some do not know what Tab is.

Graham, this is normal. It is not the preffered way for chordie to display the song but someone added it from another site like this and it was not compatible with chopro.



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im afraid you will have to delete it out your songbook, go back into the song. transpose the chords then save it to your songbook.

i dont think the program on chordie lets you save it when you change it in your songbook.

I have put in a request to Per to make this possible the next time he is revamping chordie.



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I know of at least one other here that like this band called "Jenny"
when i was first told the name I thought " oh no not a female band with a woman singing ,lol. but no burds in it,

they are from Canada. They are all from seperate bands I think but join together to do this project called jenny.

they have one album out just now and another being released very soon. I just bought their album from itunes and I like them a lot. They describe themselves as punk/folk, I am still undecided if I agree with this genre for them but i would not know what to class them as although it is sort of folkie and punky so it probably is,lol.

Here is the singer doing an acoustic version of their new song " Dear Laura" or maybe it is just called Laura?  Ihave seen it as both so maybe they have not decided on a final name yet.

what do you think of this song? they also have a myspace page too with 4 songs to hear


enjoy the music and scenery.



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its not a stupid question at all.

it can be determined with the chords that are getting used.

here is a really handy site

http://www.myguitarworkshop.com/Theory/ … ong-in.htm

now the silly thing you have done is ask this question in the wrong section,lol.

should have maybe been in chat or theory

Hope that helps


good idea i think. And since the edit feature is disabled you could write in a little box any changes in your own personal book for to write down how you want t oplay it.

Lets hope Per reads your suggestion.

If there is no reply from per in about a week yo ucould email him and ask at admin@chordie.com

if he can do it he would.



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their gig a tglasgow was superb!!!
but thats not what this is about

when they were in glasgow they went into clydebank ( my old home town) and went into a recording studio. drey the drummer was not there but the guy that owns the studio plays drums so he played along with them for a few new tunes. They will be released on B sides later on.
The owner of the studio tried to talk to one of the eight security guys, he just mentioned the weather to get the reply ( with his hands up in front as if to block him) "dont talk to me, i am working"
B.J the singer said to him he did not want security follwing them about but the managment instisted on it. the security were guarding a very quite secluded area where no one knew where they were. Billy Sloan, a local radio DJ from radio clyde that qwas in the studio with green day told him all security guys acted like that and that they didnt even speak to DJ's either.

This info came from mymate that goes to the studio a lot.

Just thought i would share a bit of greenday info with ye.

so if you ever have trouble with security remember it is not always the bands fault.



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yeah Zurf, that twinge in your fingers after playing is a great feeling especially after a right good jam or even playing on your own and having fun.

I love to play at least 3 times a week even if it is just one song but mostly i play about 5 - 6 times aweek. But there has been occasions usually after a 4 day jam I will not play for a week or 8 days then when i pick it up OUCh, my fingers feel it after about half hour to 45 mins.

Good feeling


I have not created a thread in quite a while then all of a sudden BOOM IDEA comes to head without thinking of it.

A few songs i do that i thought i would never do are:

Waterloo by abba ( this is alvees fault but what a great song to do)

Running bear by ??????? no idea but stiff little fingers done a version but i do not do their version of it, what a song..

anyone do something out of the ordinary for their kind of genre of music taste?



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In fact Zurf the band The Alarm are classed as a punk band and they have quite a few songs that could be christian songs that i dont think would be out of place in a music going sort of church.
and the sex pistols did sing god save the queen.
i know ... that doesnt count



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lol zurf.

Hmm punk and worship together? i think it could work.

As i have said before punk music is not always about anarchy etc. it is anti establishment mostly against the government but i suppose it could be against any estabishment that tells you what to do, therefore it would not have a place for worship or maybe it could as long as the worshipping was not telling you that you had to do something because they say so.

But on the other side of things with the stlye of music and not the meaning of it then you could merge the music with the worship. I dont think anyone that was a believer would object to this. you are going to get young folk that are into punk music that do believe but dont go to church. now if they heard that their local church played punk music i think it would make them go along to see what was going on. I might even attend a service just to hear this, but I dont know if i would like the song much,lol.
I like most of all the lyrics of a song so if it was very holy holy sort of stuff i probably would care for it much.
Some songs I sing do mention god or jesus like " sam stone" by John Prine or "post war dream" by pink floyd. also i play along with a religous song when my mate plays it, dont really know what it is called but maybe " will the circle be unbroken". I dont play it because i agree with it, i just like the tune and the chorus, it is a good one for a jam, so maybe no matter the words if the chorus is a good wee catchy one, i might play or listen to anything. But it doesnt mean i have to believe in it.

LOL, i just read your post again there just now and just understood what you were meaning,lol. hahahahah, that was a good one.
I was thinking of deleting my words there as i misunderstood at first, but since i spent ages typing it i think i will leave it



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aaaw pix,
you are really nice. I am nice too but not that nice to go to another website and find a song to add it here, especially when i dont know it

well done

see szm, feindly bunch o folk here. No wonder I have decided this is the best forum on the internet



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I got a lnew laptop too at the weekend as my computer died on me last week.

I got a dell vor????? 1520. my wife also bought one for herlsef as i am always on when she wants on.

I agree the keyboard does take a bit of getting used to and as for that pad for a mouse????? I bought a cordless optical mouse to use with it