I like 90% of Neil Young's songs. But from the Beatles I like 98%.


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I was trying to get access to the lyrics of "Rock and Roll Music" (Beatles). Chordie's reaction: "MusicSales UK is claiming exclusive copyright to all the Beatles lyrics in the UK, and has asked Chordie to block all access to Beatles tabs for users originating from the UK."

As far as I know this song has been written by Chuck Berry.


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CSNY (mostly Y), but also Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, The Traveling Wilburys, George Harrison, The Beatles, Bob Dylan.


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"I once had a girl, or should I say: She once had me?"
This wasn't easy for a sixteen year old German boy to understand. ;-)

Thanks again, folks.

Bad Company ;-) I sang in a band 1964-1967, when Beatlemania swept over Europe. In 2001 I met our old drummer, who never quit rock music and invited me to his new band's rehearsal room. Four went by, and I was on stage again. A few months later I bought my first guitar. (I was 54). Between the seventues and eighties I tried two or three times to learn to play guitar, but didn't have enough patience. Now I'm 61. I own 10 guitars and play in a band. Wow! Ah, the Beatles inspired me!

Goshwowboyoboy! I'm deeply impressed, guys! I know about a dozen of the songs above... And now it's rehearsal time! (Special thanks to Zurf: How I could I forget "After the Goldrush"? Without Neil Young and this song there would be no "Sharkfin" playing the guitar!)

On a science fiction convention we'd like to play a few popular songs with reference to the genre...

Examples: "Mr. Spaceman" (Byrds), "Space Oddity" (David Bowie), "2000 Light Years from Home" (Rolling Stones).

Is somebody here with more ideas?

The Bloody Beginners...


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All Along the Watchtower: Bm A G


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Becoming unpopular. (I'm a science fiction writer)


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Does anyone know the chords?

Eartha Kitt


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Down the Road A Piece - Rolling Stones

Try this (although it's far from being perfect):

B - D#m (2x)
C#m - B (1x)
C#m - G# - C# - B
E - F# - B - F# (2x)

F# - E

Ask Leon Russell.


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Doug_Smith wrote:

Greetings Sharkfin,

  Dude are you sure that your Epi is a "Strat"?  The reason I ask is that Epiphone made a close pattern solid guitar in the 70s that was intended to try to tap into the Fender market.  I own one of those ET275 models in sunburst and it has the body shape similar to a Strat, but uses a Gibson pattern "Wilshire" neck as opposed to the six-on-one headstock Fender uses. The Trem has an "ashtray" cover and is not anything to write home about... but the tone is exceptional for a relatively "low-dollar" axe.

But then, in keeping with the subject of this thread.....

The answer is (at least mine): 
  The one I happen to be playing on those rare occasions when the sun is warm on my face, and the music of my soul is flowing flawlessly from my fingertips.

Take Care;

Hi, Doug:
Well... It seems that the neck of my Epiphone "strat" is a "Wilshire" too...


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Here you'll find lotsa chords, Liz: http://chordlist.brian-amberg.de/en/guitar/standard/


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Some of my friends own Gretsch and Gibson guitars, but they are - without exception - full of praise for my (Korean) Epiphone Strat that I bought via eBay for about 150 Euros from a guy in London.


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I recommend: "You Never Can Tell" (Chuck Berry or Status Quo)


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Congratulations from one of your unseen friends in Germany.


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"Baby, that is Rock 'n' Roll" by the Coasters.

There's a town called Petting over here in Bavaria, Germany.

Also, wirklich... Und was ist mit den Bay City Rollers, hm?