Here are some to ponder:'
1. Dog and Butterfly - Heart
2. Operator - Jim Croce
3. Crazy on You (acoustic part) - Heart
4. You've Got A Friend - James Taylor

I like Alison Kraus/Union Station too.  Also, some of the older Neil Young songs are finger picking classics!  And, of course, Lindsey Buckingham (AKA Fleetwood Mac!)

I've had the Eric Clapton Crossroads pedal for a while, but never really used it much.  So, I sold it.  I agree with Jay that most of these pedals are hyped up with marketing.  I now have a Digitech GNX3000 that do use it a lot!  This is the best way to go if you don't want to buy individual stomp boxes.  Plus, you can probably edit your own patch to make it sound like Brian May or Jimi Hendrix!

I have the Digitech GNX3000.  And, do love the convenience of the built-in chromatic tuner, and some cool patches when needed.  Most of the time I use the clean sound setting.  But, when I jam with friends, I really like to throw in some distortions and delays for effects!  Having one board also means no multiple stomp boxes/pedals.  In addition, I like the built-in drum machine.


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I like the Digitech, but have also been looking at the TC Helicon too.  This might be a bit cheaper than the Digitech.  The link is


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I have the .009 on my Strat when it was set up.   Now, after changing to the .010, I like it much better!  Better sustain in all pick-up switch settings.

toobusi wrote:


This is my first post, started playing /taking lessons in January.  One of my bucket list things to do.  Anyway I started with a Takamine Accuostic, which I am very happy with.  But I just won an auction for a MIM Strat, Nice guitar, but poorly set-up.  So now I am having it set up a my local guitar store. Just curious what weight strings people are using on their strats. Thanks


If you are going to do more blues, I would suggest at least a .010 guage (regular wound).  Now, if you're going to do more jazz (ie. less bending with more jazz chords), I would suggest an .011 guage (flat wound.) 

I have a flat wound .011 on my arch top hollow electric, and it's sounds very jazzy!  I can still bend it too.  Some professionals use .0115 or even a .012!

Good luck!

ruffdog64 wrote:

Hi all, i`ve not long been playing and am looking to get some spare strings for my fender strat , the question is does it matter at my level what i get ? i like blues and jazz so do certain strings give a different sound?


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I used to have an LP, but sold it.  Then, bought a Strat and loved it!  I recently bought an SG and have to say that I liked it much better than when I had the LP.  It's lighter (of course) and I like the 'crunch' sound it produces.  Some may say that it's more rock oriented.  But, after seeing Derek Trucks played his old Gibson SG, I would say it was more versatile than most people think.


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I normally capo the 3rd fret and play D and Dsus2.  Works well for me.

anastasiak112 wrote:

Hi everyone.

I printed a tab recently for Norwegian Wood by the Beatles, and there is a chord there that I don't know.. can't find anywhere.. can someone enlighten me?

It is shown as  D(C#bass

Or maybe it's just C#bass

Anyway, I appreciate any help on this!



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I have two e845 as well!  Great mic in my opinion!  Personally, I think it's even better that the Shure SM58!

wlbaye wrote:

Just received my new mic a Sennheiser 845 and first impression is great,I needed advice on a new mic and I think this is it. Thanks to Southpaw and others for the tip.
Wayne P

Not a stupid question by any mean.  There are several spray polish you can get from most music stores.  I would not use any household products (ie Pledge), as they may have harsh chemicals not good for instruments.


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Digitech, Boss, and Vox make excellent pedals.  Price range between $95 to $400.

Montana W. wrote:

i  am going to buy a multi effect pedal an suggestions?
thx smile


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I like the Digitech RP pedals better.  Lots more features and patches.


Mine is the SG standard.  I would love to have the '61 reissue!  I too, am a fan of PRS.  I have been looking at some used ones, but cannot break the bank to get one.  My friend/instructor has one and he paid over $2,300 for it.  Beautiful guitar and it sounds great!   Does Tom Johnston of the Doobie Brothers play PRS?  I love that sound in Listen to the Music.


Well, I never thought I would stray away from my faithful Stratocaster.  But, a friend offered to sell me his 8-month old Gibson SG.  I just couldn't resist!  After is was set up with new strings and necessary bridge adjustments, I have to say "wow!"  The sustain and the sound of the humbuggers were astounding!  Plus it's as light as the Strat!  The only thing I had to adjust was the tone for each pick-up.  Most folks turn their tone half-way to get the cleanest, most balanced sound! 

Now, I can switch between the SG and the Strat to get different sound when needed!  Yeah!


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I use a thinner pick and focus more on relaxing my wrist when playing.  As a beginner, using a medium or thicker pick is not productive.  Thicker picks are nice for when you do scales or playing heavier guage strings.  Just my two cents!

viller21 wrote:

I'm about 3 months into playing. I'm playing some songs but I still need more practice. The problem I'm having is when I'm about 1/2 or 3/4 through a song my pick keeps on turning in my fingers. Then I have to stop and reset the pick. What am I doing wrong???


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I have a spray cleaner I bought from Target, but don't really use it!  I normally wipe the strings with a microfiber cloth at the end of each play session.  Seem to work just fine!

SkyDad3 wrote:

Can anyone suggest a good string cleaner?(Steel string acoustic).

I've heard of Finger Ease and something called Fast Fret.

What's your thoughts on these?




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I have just picked up a Sennheiser 845s, and I have to tell you it's one of the best microphones out there!  Coming from a much cheaper mic, I was completely impressed with it's range and amplification!  I would recommend this model (or the 835s) to anyone! 

wlbaye wrote:

I have been using a Shure SM58 mic and I have 3 peavey mics,just wondering if there is something better out there without getting real expensive.

Thanks Wayne


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Lots of folks here have already mentioned about practicing!  And, I too, have to agree!  There is no short cut to barring chords, but there are exercises that will help expedite learning!  As well as reducing cramps in your hand.

Start with either squeezing a tennis ball (left hand) or use a spring-loaded hand grip for guitarist.  This grip exercises each finger independently.  So, focus more on your index finger and thumb! 

When practicing, I would suggest you not use your thumb, except for placing it behind the neck.   I know a lot of musicians use theirs, but if you are to learn correctly, this would be the best way. 

Keep at it, and you'll see improvements in no time. 

froot wrote:

i can't seem to get both the b and the e when i do the thumb over barre chords.  so i fix this by either choosing to press one and mute the other.  my question is, which is better to play?  on the G bar chord, i've noticed it doesn't sound like an open E chord without the e but i noticed the A doesn't sound close to the open A while pressing the e. 

i know that an alternate fingering to the F is to do it without the high e, does this apply to every bar chord?  should i just play the e on certain chords and play the b on others?


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Any Eagles acoustic songs are good.  Of course, Taquilla Sunrise is a favorite!  Also, Wish you Were Here by Pink Floyd!  Short and sweet!


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Congrats on your new Takamine!  I have recently bought a G series for my girlfriend as well! 

Crate makes excellent acoustic amps!  Personally, I like the CA-30 a bit better.  Also, take a look at Roland keyboard amplifiers too (KC series!)  Most people never think of it, but it's a bit less expensive than an acoustic guitar amp, but the sound is just as good.  Plus, they have more features including three inputs with separate volume controls!  So, you are gig ready with both guitar and microphone!


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Wicked Games by Chris Isaak!  The chords are Bm, A, E.


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I have the P-90 dog ears on my Jay Turser hollow body, and they sound terrific!  I normally play more jazz stuff with this guitar, but it's versatile enough where I can turn on the grunge and get nice Blues sound out of it.


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I had an Epiphone LP Studio that I recently sold!  Although I liked the sound, it was just too heavy for me to stand and carry it for two hours!  The Strat is much lighter, and has 5 different pick up selections to choose from.  I also like the thinner neck, where my hand moves around the neck a bit easier.  Just my two cents!

froot wrote:

yeah, i was looking into those clone guitars

what do you guys think abuot the Epiphone Les Paul etc.


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Ibanez makes pretty good electric guitars.  However, I'm biased toward the Stratocaster.  The Fender Squier line is still a good starting choice for electric guitar.  You can also get a Mexican made Strat for between $200 to $500 used/new!  The one I have sounds just as good as the US made one!


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Yup!  What Zurf said!

Zurf wrote:

440 Hz will give you standard tuning.