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I was here when this chitchat section was officially created and named and now we have 50 members online at a time, posting up a storm!

Hello all, I'm Kori and I'm very glad to be back smile


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haha my friend has a band that he has REALLY high hopes for, but the band's not so good. a buddy of his convinced him to name the band Still, so on the old tavern billboard it could read (in 20 years or so wink

Still playing at the local hellhole

or if they placed an ad...

Still looking for a gig


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yo momma so fat she sells shade in the summer

yo momma smell so bad rightguard turned left

yo momma so poor that when someone crushed out a cig she said who turned off the heat?

yo momma so tiny she poses for trophies

some old ones me and my friend used to read off one of those little pocket joke machines. funny, the stupid things you remember eh?


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bud_wiser wrote:

Is it just me or does anyone else say it phonetically in their head?


haha yes except i like hard vowel sound so its more like E-ad-ga-bee lol


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totally, anyone else here go to comfest down at goodale park?


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definately one of my favorite metal bands. good balance of screaming and singing, not too emo "i hate my life" kinda thing



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concerts for newer bands are i would say more than half the time disappointing. for instance former blink-182, current angels and airwaves singer tom delonge. i cant stand his live music, but his voice on the albums is amazing. makes you wonder if bandsll eventually be replaced by computers =/



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about the whole women=kitchen men=work thing. girls/women today seem to have pretty high standards. society (i.e. movies, books) tell us that we will find the PERFECT GUY who is all we want in more. in reality, there is o such thing (no offense) so many girls get into the mindset that their guy is perfect, and then when he does something wrong they get totally angry and dump him. i think that's where the 50% divorce rate is coming from.

my cell plan is 250 mins/month. i get a lot of text messages though. even still my parents are constantly making me do things like work out, go outside, study, and of course play guitar. i try not to get too wrapped up in technology but it's hard because its EVERYWHERE, especially in highschool.

some bands are computers... lip synching, in my humble opinion, is extremely phony (hehe holden caulfield) music used to be about talent, about that amazing feeling of being on stage and pouring your heart out through music. now it's turned into if youre pretty, have lotsa money and happen to want to sing go right ahead! there are no led zeppelins anymore, no beatles, no rolling stones either. its survival of the richest (and the occasional "american idol")


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columbus ohio


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I finger pick smile although it's not very complex, mostly repetitive patterns. i've also become quite used to using a pick for the bass notes and my pinky, ring and middle for the higher pitched notes (works great for songs like green days "wake me up when september ends", and REM's Drive)

I found a beautiful oyster shell on a beach last summer, it was somewhat pick shaped. i only use it every once in a while, because i'm afraid it'll damage the strings. but it's great for jimmy buffet songs when performing wink



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Jikklop wrote:

This was a brand and slogan of a couch company:


Try saying it a couple of times.


haha wasn't this a saturday night live skit?
it's sofa king crazy!

anything rap... if your not singing, and there's no real person playing real instruments its not even music. FERGIE drives me nuts, along with other modern pop bands that all sound the same.


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Hi James, just thought I'd let you know that i dug up one of you're old songs about everyones's favorite holiday and played it at a little family gathering today...


It was highly amusing, and recieved many rave reviews  wink
Hope that you have a very merry christmas and a poignant festivus this year!



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Bicycles are fun to ride


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You're Not Alone by Saosin


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Under the Sun- Sugar Ray


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true, is it just me or are guys in general hard to buy for??

the person below me enjoys making up their own christmas traditions


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Pretend this is fiction by The Pink Spiders

my friend has a band and they just booked their first gig. they're trying to decide whether to do covers or originals, they have plenty of original songs written. do you think it would be better for them to stick to some old favorites since no one knows who they are? or jump right in to performing originals?



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different people write tabs different ways. usually i just tell because the "little" e string is always near the B. if there arent any symbols i just play it both ways and figure out which one fits the song better. hope that helped...



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true tongue

The person below me sings only when they THINK no one's listening...


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I totally agree eagle. i dont understand why i cant tell someone "merry christmas" anymore. i mean, im a catholic, and if someone came up to me and said "happy kwanza!" or "happy Hannukah!" i wouldn't find that offensive at all =/

Now of course there are food drives and toy drives and money collections for the less fortunate, but when it all boils down what people give to the homeless is hardly a sacrifice... it's usually "oh i dont want these clothes anymore so ill give them away" or "i won $10 off that lottery ticket i should give it to someone who needs it" i mean thats great to think of that, but honestly, people spend about $2 billion a year on PEANUT BUTTER. If people stopped buying  ACCESSORIES FOR THEIR PETS for one year and gave that money to buy food we could feed every malnourished/foodless person for 2 YEARS.

Now im not saying go out and sell all your belongings and give the money to charity, but all im saying is that most people (americans anyway) take for granted all of their gifts and givens, i know i do. its sad that christmas has become a time of spending and greed. why cant we be like charlie brown, realizing that christmas is a time to spend with loved ones, to give thanks for everything weve been given, and to give to those that dont have much so that they may realize the happiness that comes with LOVE. people loving one another, enough that they would give a part of their lives to help someone else.

well thats my piece haha. merry christmas everyone, or if that offends you, im sorry... happy holidays.



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The only original band member who was from australia was phil rudd, the drummer. Later on another aussie replaced cliff williams (bassist). malcom and angus started the band in australia though, picking up members from england and scotland... and yea thats pretty much all i know.

did you know they got their name off of a lable on a sewing machine? kinda strange.

also hi everybody, i kinda left the message boards for a few months but found my way back, forgot how much i loved it here smile


haha hawthorne heights rocks! lol i luv the school of rock quote wink



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haha left my old acoustic in a corner for a year, came back, tried to tune it and snapped a string... i say change em about every 6 months.