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This song is for my friend <3 Leighette <3 who is the strongest person i know smile she gives me hope love {The Works}
I need to make up some chords for this yet, i have a tune in mind big_smile xxx


There’s no place
In this world
That will make me change my mind about our love
Because it hurts
Whenever I look in your eyes
To find that you don’t love me
Instead you love her

Is it about time I moved on?
And forget about you
Is it about time I let go?
I’m running out of things to do
I need some security
I need this loving feeling
Are you going to say
Good bye

There’s no help
For love
You have to find it on your own
There is No one
That makes me feel
The way you make me
Why did you just go?

Is it about time I hated you?
And left this country
Is it about time I looked up?
To the sun?
I need you there
To help me dear
Oh why did you say


You must be in love
You must be so happy
While I am here broken hearted
Do you feel proud
For what you did
To me



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this is beautiful, but then again you always did have the talent for writing and remaking great songs grandpappy roger!
Absolutely gorgeous recording smile
i am now going to post a new song

xxx Rhii xxx           i love you grandpappy roger smile xxxx


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heya roger smile i like the song its absolutely awesome!!
sorry i havent been on in ages sad been very very busy. (and computer is crashing)
well i will send you an email soon
love your grandaughter rhiannon xxxxxxxxxxxoooooooooo smile


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yo roger awsome song.......when i get married i hope i will be able to get a recording of you singing that so i can use it!! big_smile wicked as!!! when i am older i will go to portugal and visit you!!! yeah! lolz

love you and miss you all!!

your pretend granddaughter rhiannon xoxoxoxoxoxxoxoo


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love the song yepp i love it!! happy valentines day btw....xoxoxoxoxxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo


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i think we should just do it on chordie it would be much easier....

ummm could you get some chord progression into the song and maybe help with the lyrics?? im already starting with piano notes.

love rhiannon xxxooo


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hey roger its rhiannon umm i wanted to write a song with you but i havent had the time to contact you on proper email....(my computer is stuffed) so i have decided to email you on this!!!

i am thinking of calling the song {HIS VALENTINES ROSE} but im not sure........

well tell me wat you think of the two verses!!

{She gazed into his green eyes
Not knowing wat to see
His expression remained oblivious
to the lovely romantic scene}

{Thank you for the rose again
I dont want it to die
Will we see eachother again?
I want you to be my guy}

or something like that ...... lol big_smile

love rhiannon xoxo


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wow great song as usual james!! keep it up love the music by the way

love rhiannon xoxo

lol i am recording many songs and i am putting them on a cd to send to a person down in brisbane that is a lyricist, i have already talked to him recently and he said that if he likes some of my songs he will broadcast them on the radio and possibley get me to record a cd!!!! i am very excited so i will send you the songs soon!!

love rhiannon xoxo

thank you sean and jase, i am planning to write many more songs and i also have another 2 to post on chordie!!!! big_smile lol but yesss thanks for the chords i agree with it, it does sound much better

love rhiannon xoxo


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gerry woods wrote:

pure crap you cant take yourself serious and wat type of man keeps cats nevermind
writing songs for them very strange and creepy

gerrywoods if you dont shut your trap when speaking to roger i will shut it for you...he is a well respected person on this site and he is very dear to me, writing songs about animals and people you love is not strange and creepy it is quite natural. so if you dont like wat the people write on this site then screw you we have our lives and you have yours. im sure that most people will agree with me that we dont like people such as yourself commenting on something that is not unusual, it is very sad losing a pet. but as you have no heart then you wouldnt know. bye

thanks rhiannon


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wow great song!! i love it and for no experience in that kind of writing its amazing, purely amazing!! love it sooo muchily!!

keep going mate its wikid as!! smile

love rhiannon xoxo

this song is a little muddled so dont get me wrong i cant really get the chords for the chorus...so if anyone can help me i would be really grateful!! thank you!!

love rhiannon

To Far Away


Verse 1

Em        Am
You live in a different world to me
C        D
When I see you I’m so happy
Em                  G    D
But sometimes I can’t believe your true…
Em        Am
When I want you to stay
C        D
You disappear without a trace
Em    G        D
Why is it that today I feel so blue?


G        C
Is it because you are to far away?
Em        D
Or is it I don’t make your day?
Bm              G             C
I’m sorry but I can’t give you everything
C9        Em
Or anything…except my love

Verse 2

Sometimes you make me cry
And I can’t even wonder why
Is it because I’m taking things to slow?
You broke my heart a million times
And still I forgive your rhymes
I guess that I will never really know…



Am          Em            D
I don’t know just how to say I need you
Bm        G        Em
And I don’t know just what to do without you
Em            G   
Is it because it’s my right to know?
D            Em
Or is it I’m just to god damn slow?
C              D
To think…………about you

Sometimes you make me cry
And I can’t even wonder why
Is it because I’m taking things to slow?
You broke my heart a million times
And still I forgive your rhymes
I guess that I will never really know…


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wonderful song roger! dont forget that we all love you especially me...where would i be without you??? you have all our love and all our hearts to take  with you, i am still very sad for you and your loss, all my sympathy goes out to you!!

love your grandaughter rhiannon xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo


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thank you all, and roger that is a very good idea i suppose i should speak to liam more often aye?? lol well thank you all for commenting on my lyrics and chords, temus99 i like the idea of the C9 being played instead of the normal C...it sounds alot better!

well for you all to know i will be posting more songs soon.
love you all!! love rhiannon xoxoxoxoxoxoxo big_smile


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As usual you have written some of the best lyrics and music that i have known!!
well done helena, i wish that someday i could be like yooh!!! Keep it up, yooh totally rock at this!!!

love rhiannon xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo:D


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wow i love the song!! its totally crackalakin, lol

have a good time with your cousin aye mate??

laters!!! love rhiannon xxoo big_smile


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ohmygosh roger!!! it is so sad for you i feel dreadfully sorry and i hope that you will not be to sad on this!!! but just in case i would like to give you lots of hugs and kisses to you to show you i understand. just 5 days ago my pet died too sad well must fly but please take care xxoo

love your pretend grandaughter rhiannon xoxoxooxxoxo

This is my new song.. Hope you all like it - if someone wishes to change chords etc. then please do this song is yours as much as it is mine!

love rhiannon


G        Bm
We are so electric
Em        D
Every touch we spark
G        Bm
Every time you look at me
Em        D
Will burn away my heart

G        Bm
So take this seriously
Em        D
I hope you’ll understand
G        Bm
I’m dying of curiosity
Em        C
Why don’t you hold my hand?


C        Am            D
To help me make it through tonight
G        Bm            D
I need somebody to hold me tight
C        Am            D
To make sure I am reassured
G        Bm            D
To help me if I do get hurt


People go way too soon
I’m just hoping it won’t be you
Heaven baby aint for us
Please give more of trust

So take this seriously
I hope you’ll understand
Im dying of curiosity
Why don’t you hold my hand?


If I am to love again
I’ll need someone there
If I want to be loved again
I’ll need someone who cares
For you’re the only one
In my life right now
Please come to me
I need help….



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wow i listened to like goodbye lover and it totally rocks! keep going with all ya songs!

love rhiannon xoxo


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hahahaha believe me roger i am definately not to young to know all this!!! i may be 14 but i am a VERY educated 14 year old!!! big_smile I am betting that i know alot more names than you do for errrr......sexual educational stuff!! big_smile I am definately not related to Ken!!! or am i?!?!? wow imagine if i was.........any way i love the song and i will check out your myspace! just for the record my myspace thingo is www.myspace.com/rhilovesfoc so there you are add me if you wish!!

love your pretend grandaughter rhiannon xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxxoxo


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hahahahaha big_smile kinky straps and handcuffs?!?!?!?!? plz isnt that a bit naughty to be discussing on this site?!?!? big_smile:D i love the song roger but plz no FLUFFY PINK HANDCUFFS!!! if so, then make sure they're on  the doorhandle when at home as not to be disturbed!!

say hi to TT and Henry for me!
love your pretend grandaughter rhiannon xoxoxoxoxo


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Gitaardocphil, i will take your challenge and will post a song soon

must fly! rhiannon


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I cant really play guitar and i have many songs without chords!! if you would like to give them a shot go for it and if you would like i will write a song for you!!

Just tell me what you would like it to be about and off i go!
Must fly! rhiannon xoxo


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ok thanks daddycool will do