I wished to marry a man like you Bill Renzo, but it wasnt to be.

I went to the wrong dance hall lol But you have renewed my belief that there are males
out there who are romantic..That will keep me going for another while lol

Well done Sir.

Old Doll.


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Ohhhhhh i love this Bill Renzo,

Get back in here and tell this Nosey Old Doll " Did you tell her ?

I really want to know, Pleeeeeeeeaseeeee.

Old Doll


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Phill Williams Sir,


I also read this a while ago.. The words stayed with me for sometime i tell you..So much so,

I copied and sent to my niece who also buried a child some time ago..

She also loved it..

Hats off my friend to you.

Old Doll.


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Gorgeous Ark,

Im sure we all have the same sentiments about passed loved ones..

Regrets ! But in a more mature adult way now. We reflect better about life when were older. We do what we do at certain ages in a lifetime. Its what we knew best at that particular time.

Its all a slow learning  life process.

I understand exactly what you mean Ark and enjoyed  your piece also with some reflection.

Thank You"

Old Doll.


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Aaaaaahhh Great stuff,

Delighted for you.  I to could hear this as a waltz type of country tune..

Its very well written, it flows  with a lilt as a song while reading..

I  did read this a while ago now, but didnt have time to comment. Have you put music to it
since sir ? Do let us know here.

Old Doll


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lol lol lol

This is funny but true unfortunately. I was given a site some time ago by a friend.

Jeez, i never met such a sad bunch of weirdos in my entire life.. Needless to say i didnt stay to long.

I was inundated with request for money for  sick mothers and such. Sadly some men and women are taken to the cleaners by these excuses for human beings.

Now, i must go shave me back lol i have a client waiting lol Toots ! What are ya like, Your bold..

I hope since then you have met someone wonderful sir.

Thanks for the humour in this piece.

Old Doll.


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Lovely piece of work,

What a great insight  as to how someone would feel about there girls.Seeing as you have no daughters.

We all im sure know this story to well with some younger person or other.

The experience either makes or breaks them.. Some choose a very hard ole road for themselves.

Our kids should always be assured the light of home is a refuge when floundering in the dark.

Thank You" I enjoyed that piece.

Old Doll.


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Here ya go Bensonp,

I couldnt leave without leaving a song for you. I also put this on facebook to thank everyone for there good wishes to me. When i joined chordie some years ago now. The people here saved my sanity at that time. I was  feelin very very fragile back then. I had just lost 5 friends one being my baby sister.

I hope this song expresses my appreciation to all who contributed to making me feel so accepted here.

Blessings in abundance on you all.

Old Doll.



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Aah, how very kind of you all.

Yes, Old doll did have a birthday. A very important one..  My 60th birthday. Its been going on now since my first surprise party back in July with my friends up North.. Ive had holidays, parties, more holidays, weddings { Not my own i hasten to add lol] 4 30th birthdays, my son being one of them. My sis-in-laws 60th also. Babies been born [ again not my own   big_smile  big_smile
Last week i had a few days away with my son on a boat. Pure Bliss it was to have the peace of the river around for a few days.. Food sure tastes great out in the middle of a lake.
Next weekend i have a crowd coming to stay for the weekend for a big Football event. My sister is home untill the 22nd September ! Sure i'm wondering now how am i alive with all the shenanigans.
I do know this much, im very blessed. So many do not get to see there 60th year. If i keep doing what im doing i wont see my 61st lol

So thank you all for your good wishes. There appreciated as always. Now i must go pack for my trip tomorrow..
I will be back when life settles down again. Next year on the 6th August, its a family wedding in Switzerland. Whoohoo! But first New York in November next.
Tis" great to be alive, above ground and still feel like 19 in your head!.
Old Doll.


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Goodmorning Bensonp/ toots and all who visit this thread.

I'm surrounded by dried lavender here this morning. Preparing for a wedding.

Beautiful scents first thing this morning. Sun is shining, doors and windows open,and John Prine playing.
What more could a body want. This song "Lake Marie" is a sad ole song, but this link is more about the line up of artist for me.. I love it. Enjoy.

Have a happy day.


Old Doll.


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Not so old Bensonp,

But im listening to this guy most of today.

Dylans "Thunder on the mountain.


Old Doll.


Thank you sir. But this old Doll could hardly go around in the nuddy  in that heat with another  member of Chordie.

I can hear Pers "Tut Tuts" from here!

It could take the sight from the locals eyes! and yours. Unless your wishing to collect the pension for the blind lol

Old Doll.

Ps Benson P me ould flower, thank you for your kind words.

Thanks Roger !

This Old Doll didnt think of that one.. 20 minutes is all you need in sunshine to store vitamin d for 3 months. Roger Guppy you must have an endless supply.Tis well for ya!

Old Doll.

Were so used to getting rain and more rain.
It was lovely today, so hot. Its hotter in more sheltered places also or in the midlands.

90 degrees ! yikes id melt sir.  are you able to enjoy that kind of heat ?

Here's a link to our weather for the week. Look at the rain predicted for
Tuesday / Wednesday/ Thursdays/ [ groans }. Our weather can change very quickly due to the proximity of the Atlantic ocean. Or so the experts tell us. I happen to live on the edge of the Dublin Mountains. Some days the mist off the hills stays low which blots out the sunshine. A real pain in the swisser i tell you. But today from early morn it was divine. not a cloud or mist in sight.



Old Doll.

The weather here this year has been the best we have had in years.

Apart from work and holidays, ive been making the most of every spare minute of it. 22 degrees here today, sunny , warm and pure bliss to be outside .

I find with facebook, its airy fairy and easy to make quick replies to post there.. Here on Chordie i do like to read everyones post, which can take much more time.. Then, i like to post an honest comment on same.

I havent gona away ya know lol lol who was that cheeky git that groaned so loud !!! Clatter, Clatter.

Hugs to all you chordians.

Going now to check on my tomatoes, yum..

Old Doll.


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Morning bensonp,

Judy Collins for you, With God on our side..


Her voice gives me goose bumps everytime.. Her abum also  Judy sings Dylan is a must for everyones collection..

Her version of Dylans Its all over now baby blue is totally awesome.

This guy i also love, Pat Guadagno, his interpretations of Dylans songs are always a must.


Enjoy all.

Old Doll.


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Great stuff Toots and caseyo,

That some rocking banana music.. I do follow Casey on the tube. He is very talented for such a wee young man.

Bananas ! I heard an interview years ago with Dame Vera Lynne. When asked how she kept looking so good and healthy for her age, she replied Bananas ! She said " i wait until the skins go all speckled and the banana inside is so soft it don't do battle with my digestion lol..
It sure works for her. She's amazing for her age.

Thanks again for the video.

Old Doll.


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Just last evening Daddy,

I watched the cloud formation. I was actually sitting with visitors i have at the moment outside .. The evening was warm and bright. While they were talking i stole away in my head to relish the beauty of the sky's. The colours were awesome. A  fine salve to my tired head. Today is a beautiful day here on the Isle.. Im gonna take the dogs out and enjoy the peace before i face all i have to do this blessed day.

I want to smell good ole bacon and eggs when i get back Daddy, oh" will you make enough for 6 people lol

Yerra, daddy sure theres nothing like mother nature.

Have a beautiful day yourself sir.

Old Doll.


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I love this piece Strans..

The contents are so true for me.. I have made so many friends over the years in cyber space.

I actually met  one friend  last year which was wonderful.. There are many times i wish i could bridge the distance just to hold a hand to comfort, Or hug them in total approval of there being and our friendship...

Great write sir.

Old Doll.


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Once again,

Thank you all so much for your comments and stories.. I appreciate
your ability to share your truths and feelings about same.

I do not not what happened to the young man in question, a single phone call im sure would determine
how and where he is now !

I apologise for only answering this post now, but Old Doll is busy with all sorts of stuff this weather.

Preparing also for  some well earned days off for the next week or so.. alleluia  lol.

Old Doll.


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Some years ago i worked in the inner city of Dublin. The centre in particular was for reformed drug users.
I discovered  then, most of these people use alcohol as another way to relieve whatever demons there poor heads
possess. One lad in his twenties  told me  all about the childhood games his mother played with him. She [ his mother] was an alcoholic.
A very young  woman also.. I was asked to go with this young man as support while he visited his dying mother at the local hospital..
This piece is about  him, his mother  R.I.P.  and what i observed that day.
I also believe alcoholism and  DNA are connected.
Thank you for reading.

Childhood Game.

Childish pact, your call his bid
Let’s find the bottles daddy hid,
Misunderstanding loss and pain
He played your childlike game

Blue Eyes cry now leaving tracks
Compass needle pointing back
I watch his tears explode to swim
Across you vapid facial skin.

He bent to talk to you alone
The air is filled with susurrus tones
Forgiving   you your sassiness
Your   power in bottles liquidness.

He bids goodbye and kisses through
The plastic tubes that breathe for you
His understanding as a man
Can't  change the atavistic plan.


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Great stuff Sir,

Thanks again for sharing. I know my own "Fiddlers Green Festival" will be as good next week.

Tom Paxton is just one of the artist  i expect to see in concert..

Old Doll.


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Tonights the Night !

Solomon Burke.



(518 replies, posted in Chordie's Chat Corner)

Ah, The invisible dueo Toots lol lol