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Good topic/question paranormal guitar. My grandpa (on my dad's side) has been and still does play guitar, harmonica, piano and accordian. My dad used to and sometimes still plays guitar. On my mom's side there's no one who plays any instrument or has any musical talent...but I always have loved music even when I was really little...I used to sing a lot and try to play my grandpa's guitar and accordian...I think I like music so much partially because of my grandpa, but mostly it's been and always will be a passion and a hobby of mine.



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I haven't been playing guitar for very long (7 months) but I use a thin pick (.37mm) or something like that...but I have to agree, you can hear the sound of the pick...So I guess it's like a lot of people said it's personal preference...try different size picks and use the one your most comfortable with...or for different types of songs use different picks.

Samantha B.

What's a concertina?


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I'm 16 and I don't have a job, I'm going to grade 11 soon...so yeah...but when I graduate from high school I'm thinking about being a diabetic nurse...I like to help people. I agree, playing guitar is a great hobby...I started playing guitar 7 months ago. I have/play an accoustic guitar.

If you lived here I'd start a band with yah, I live in canada, I'm 16 and i've been playing guitar for about 7 months...Who cares about being 'cool' or 'popular' be you! Like ken said. My friends either don't want to be in a band or are too busy...so yeah...I hope I can be really good at guitar someday...I don't take guitar lessons...I just look up chords and songs on the internet and this site...anyways...

Good luck paranormal guitar!


I like a lot of music...I don't like rap though...My favorite genres of music are rock, alternative and some punk...Some of my favorite bands (some people might not have heard of) are Evanescence, Linkin Park, Within Temptation, MCR (My Chemical Romance), AFI (A Fire Inside), The Used, Fall Out Boy, Taking Back Sunday, Rise Against, Billy Talent, Three Days Grace, Breaking Benjamin, Sum 41, Faber Drive, Ten Second Epic, The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, Cancer Bats and Social Code....there might be more but it's too much to write...so...yeah


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I'm 16, but I'll be 17 on february 19th... about 6 months from now...I was born in 1991...I started playing guitar about 7 months ago. I play accoustic guitar, but I might get an electric sometime...and I'm hopfully going to start a band sometime soon...anyways...yeah...


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I live in Newfoundland, I've been playing accoustic guitar for 7 months (I might get an electric sometime) and I'm 16...I'm hoping to start a band sometime soon and my friends either don't want to join or are too busy...I have some ideas for a band name...if you join you can make some suggestions for a band name too...so if anyone wants to join or if you want more information please let me know...

Samantha B.

Probably no point in me sending a reply to this message since I live in Newfoundland and I'm 16...but yeah I'm hoping to start a band too...anyways...

Good Luck on finding someone for your band bigdjindustriez!


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Hey, I have the same guitar, it's black with white around the sides, got it about 7 months ago for Christmas...the sound isn't as good as my grandpa's Ibanez, but anyways yeah...I think the scoop and phase button has something to do with the sound...maybe when you plug it into an amp...I'm not exactly sure about what it does...sorry that I couldn't be of much help...you could ask the person/someone from the store that sold it to you.

Yeah, I'm a girl. I'm 16 and I've been playing guitar for 7 months...I have/play an accoustic, but I might get an electric sometime. This site is great for finding songs to play, but sometimes the songs only are only in tabs...which I can't play...I'm hopefully gonna start a band soon...if my friends would join...I even picked out a name for my band...


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Yeah, same here, but I've been playing for 7 months...I'm also not very good at strumming...actually I'd like to learn how to pick too...the pattern I use for strumming is udud udud...or something like that I think...


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I've only been playing guitar for 7 months, I have a Crafter, but the sound quality itsn't all that good compared to the Ibanez my grandpa has. Since I'm only 16 and haven't been playing guitar very long I guess I don't know much about guitars, but anyways that's what I think...

Hope you find a good guitar!

I play accoustic guitar. I've been playing guitar for about 7 months, but 4 years ago I played flute for 1 year...I'm 16 now. I don't take lessons for guitar, I get the chords and lyrics off this site.