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Little Wing by Hendrix


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easiest solo I know is Nirvana's About A Girl


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Check out the Brill Building... one of the first of these... although they used good songwriters such as Carole King, etc.

Monterey '67

Dylan writes Like A Rolling Stone

Although not musically relevant, the whole Charles Manson deal changed a lot of things during what I like to think of as the musical explosion

The Beatles stop touring

Death of Janis Joplin and Brian Jones (Hendrix and Morrison already mentioned)

James Taylor releases Sweet Baby James... helped usher in "soft sounds" of the seventies


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I've found the secret... my pick only slips when I'm thinking about it


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Half step is probably closer than I'll ever be.  Robert Plant isn't the easiest singer to copy... don't be so hard on yourself


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Like crowellb said, the best habit to be in is make sure you're fingers are as close to the frets as possible. Sorry I can't help you more, but I have no experience with nylon string guitars


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gnomefry wrote:

Try a Hendrix song.



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Currently, at the moment... what is the funnest song you love to play. If it's different on acoustic and electric, list both. I figure this is a good way also to get some new song ideas besides browsing the song books.

Acoustic- Where Did You Sleep Last Night- Nirvana's Leadbelly cover (fun to belt out)

Electric- Enter Sandman- Metallica


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No, they aren't instrumental, but would probably sound good that way


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Check out the latter half of Led Zeppelin 3


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Twist and Shout by the Beatles is just Open D, Barre G, Barre A.... with some little accents on the pinky to stretch out

When I watch him, I just feel like he could do whatever he wanted on the guitar. That and his energy in playing (when he was on) is absolutely amazing


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I use a Kyser spring action and have never had any problems, but it seems like they like all work good... mostly just personal preference


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So I can sing while I'm playing... but I can't really sing like I mean it. I can't sing from the diaphragm while playing, only the mouth.. and have to stop quickly if making a difficult change. So I'm always trying to con people sitting around to sing while I play. It's so much more enjoyable when singing accompanies playing for me. But most people tell me that they can't sing and blah blah blah but I tell them it doesn't matter, although they don't listen. So if anyone else has this problem... how do you talk people into singing while you're playing


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Or just go to youtube and type in "guitar cover" or "acoustic cover" for some ideas


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If you're good at finger picking, learn this one....


Wonderful arrangement for one guitar


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I always played She Talks to Angels in Open E....

We should post a topic about songs in each tuning because when I tune differently I want to learn at least a couple songs before switching back


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This is my goal song.... hope to be able to play it after 8-10 years of playing



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Free Bird!!!!

No seriously, what music does he like? All country is good for the occasion, something like George Strait's "I Cross My Heart" perhaps?

Well I'll go ahead and be the first "youngin" to post. I'm 20, from Southeast Ohio... currently going to college at Ohio University. Haven't been playing that long, but progress has been very fast. Play anywhere from 3 to 6 hours a day. Never had to force myself to play, but occasionally to stop playing. Just started writing songs... maybe after some kinks are worked out I'll post my first in the songwriting section. Most of the people who have my tastes in music are either older than 40 or are chordians by the name of Last Rebel (lol). Play almost solely on acoustic, since that's where I started and it's less of a hassle. That and I don't know many electric songs. Wish I liked to study as much as I like to play. Am blessed with many good buddies who have been playing for a while and always offer tips and tricks. Favorite thing to do is go get a six pack and have a porch-jam session with about 4 or 5 of my buddies. Recently picked up on playing the harmonica... hoping to learn piano next. If I ever need to relax I'll just put on some CDs or pick up the acoustic. Have received lots of complements on my ever-growing Cd collection. My goal is to get all of the Rolling Stones 500 greatest albums before I die.

Most of the time if you're copying and pasting tabs onto something like Microsoft Word, the font changes, which makes them unequal. The only way to fix it is find the original font. Most tab sites use "Courier New" I believe


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   I rank the B chord slightly below castration on my scale of most evil things on this earth


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Oops, forgot the main reason why I posted this.... anyone else going to this?


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on youtube the great teacher Justin Sandercoe has a video segment on barre chords.

when you first start, practice them higher up the neck (closer to the body of the guitar)