I haven't posted anything in quite awhile on here but when I posted my songs on here i just copied and pasted cause i'm not a fan of chordpro cause I prefer my chords to sit on top of my lines for ease of reading and understanding exactly where I change chords in the song!


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I'm sure you could have left the title as it was. I've seen many of songs that have the same title as other more well known songs! I listened to your song and its pretty good.


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I'm not a big fan of putting the chords in bracket's mainly cause I can't read it like that so I make sure my song's are complete and just put the chords above the appropriate word's!


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Great song Russell! Looked like the video could've been produced a little better or maybe it was my VLC player, not sure which! Everything was a little behind in the video! Not trying to be an ass cause I doubt I could do any better just sayin' it looked a little behind. But other than that I enjoyed watching and listening to your song. It is a great blues song!


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zguitar, Thanks for the info to this forum. I put it in my favorites and will sign up so I can post on there. I use to have alot of info on guitar repair but got rid of it. But I do remember reading something about special glue that was used in the construction and repairs of guitar! Thanks again for the direction to this site!


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This just proves my point that poem's are song's! Any poem can be made into a song if you have a melody to go with it!


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I have a slight problem with my Guild 12 String! When I bought this guitar it had been repaired and the other day I knocked it over and broke the headstock in the exact same place it had been broken and repaired before. What I need to know is what is the best brand of glue is best for repairing the headstock? I don't want to use just everyday wood glue as I believe there is a certain type of glue used in the repairing of guitars.

                                                                                                         Thanks in advance,
                                                                                                                        Charles Hollaman


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A very well written song! I played it and even though I'm not sure of your melody I really like the way it sounded when I played it!

To whom it may concern,

I found two error's in one of the songs in the Albert Hammond and tried to correct it, but apparently even though it gives the option to do so at the bottom it will not let me fix the error's. The two error's I speak of are in the title which you will find correct in the subject of this message and in the opening verse it has "parading" spelled "paraiding!" Just thought you might want to know in case you would like to fix it!

                                                                                                Charles Hollaman [getfiddle]


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Astronomikal wrote:

Thanks for the replies, everyone.

@christopaul:  Yep, you're right about use of the thumb.  I'm one of those who learned bad technique early.  I hold the neck like a baseball bat instead of thumb behind, so I often use my thumb on the low E for a number of different fingerings because otherwise it gets in the way.  ;-)  I've never used it to mute the A, but I'll start practicing it and see how it works out.  The bummer of it is that while I'm pretty good with my thumb, you can probably guess that I really struggle with barre chords.  I guess it pays to be adept at both (practice makes versatility, right?).

@jerome:  He played the open A.  This is what I thought was weird.  In fact, if I remember correctly, he fretted the low E with his index finger and the high E with his middle finger.  I thought it was pretty sloppy, but I'm not a guitar teacher, and I thought, well, maybe the teacher knows something I don't.  Strike that -- he probably knows a great many things about the guitar that I don't.  But still . . .

@stonebridge:  I agree.  The B is still in there, which is why I assumed that 3x0003 meant to mute the A string.  I'm not sure what you mean by "muddy", but it's probably something I'll have to hear to understand.

The x does mean mute. So when you see chords like 3x0003  the x is telling you to mute that note. otherwise it would read 300003 if you were playing the A open.

I could have one in my hand and not find it!!!


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I recently did a look at the membership list and I'd say 90 to 95% of the so called members has never posted anything at all!! I don't know why there even considered members!! I know some think we don't need another section, but some other sites I've been to have an introduction section and some go even further by requiring that you post in there before you can even post in certain other sections like "songwriting". I for one think thats a good idea. It takes away the "lurker" status and lets everyone know who's who.


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Good job topdown!! I too have told a few bosses where to go in the past. Feels good doesn't it. Nobody has the right to talk to anybody like there a dog. I don't even talk to a dog like it's a dog! Good luck with your new job and happy happy joy joy it's your birthday!! They say it's your birthday...Well happy birthday to ya...Beatles!


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Thanks guys. I will try that.


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Thank you Russell. Your a big help and a invaluable source of information on here. I'm pretty sure I have that tuturial in a file and I will seek it out and watch it. Again, thanks a million!!


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Not sure if this belongs here, but here go's! I have some albums on my computer that are one long mp3, in other words, the albums play as one long song or all the way through without stopping. What I want to know is: Can I split the songs into separate mp3's using Audacity? And if so, How do I go about doing that? Sorry, two question's actually! Thanks in advance.


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A capo works great for me too. I also use kyser, and they make great capo's. I have a capo for each of my guitars so if I take one of my guitars with me I don't have to hunt down the one I was using on one of my other guitars! Love 'em!!!


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Thanks Russell, I'll try those techniques. I've already recorded the acoustic guitar track raw and I think it sounds good as is. I was or am considering using some reverb or something when I record the vocals though and your suggestions help alot. Thanks. I'm going to review your audacity lessons also. I haven't been to your site for awhile, so I'll check there to see if there's anymore lessons to download. Again thanks alot for your help. I'll most likely be asking more questions from time to time till I feel more comfortable with the process of recording.


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I'm in the process of recording some songs and would like to get some opinions. when recording, should you record without effects and add them when you go to mix? Or should you add at the time of recording? I'm thinking I should record raw and then add later. And does that apply to vocals also? I know everybody has there own way of doing things and there's really good advice on here, that's why I'm asking you guy's.


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You sure pop 'em out pretty quick! Whats your secret? Wish I could write 'em that fast!! I get writers block after a while. When that happens I sometimes go back to songs I've written awhile back and haven't done anything with or have'nt finished and rework them. Thats what I did with "Does She Still Love You"! I was stuck so I went through some old stuff, found that song which was pretty much finished, but I kinda reworked it, 'cuz I couldn't remember how it went so I added some chords to the existing ones, worked in a new melody cause I couldn't remember how it went before! Probably made it better than it originally was {but I'll never know now}. Anyway, I'm in the process of recording it now.


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Good song daddycool. I like the lyrics. If you've got it recorded, I'll give it a listen.


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Welcome to chordie Coffeefairy47. Glad to have you here.


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Thanks Russell, Yes I'll be useing Audacity.


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Wasn't sure if I should start a new topic for this or just ask it here! but since it deals with recording your own songs, I thought this the appropriate place for it. When recording, should you turn down your bass and treble settings on on your monitors and on your guitar,and use equalization later when you go to mix! Or does it matter?


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Thanks daddycool,
I'll try to get a rough recording up as soon as possible.