For Jim Morrison,Mr. Mojo risin.


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Ha. I miss being a kid.


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ha omg my grandma's name was pat doyle. Welcome to chordie. try looking here on chordie. we probably have it.


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try a melody maker by gibson those are pretty cheap. Or any Epiphone.


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thanks. Do you think i should use like maybe b,e,g and d for the verse but changed around a bit? I kind of like that but it wouldn't go with it i don't think.

I can play!!! so can prince. i'm surprised how most men don't listen to female bands.


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usually i don't watch it but iv'e only seen that one.


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Actually we're just the gnomes right now.still looking for band name.


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I watched the show final 24 on sid and it said his mother put the drug into him and she admitted it to a police. If this happened why do they still say it was an overdose? Anyone else know anything about this?


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There is one episode of Unsolved mysteries and the credit card thing was suspicious.You guys should watch that. It made me start to believe he was.


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Thanks for all the input. I recently got an idea from reading about theory. Since the notes are represented or something with roman numerals, I have people give me random numbers going to seven I have one that I sort of like so I may edit the song later.


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My choice changes all the time too. I like most metallica, led zeppelin, ramones, clash, nirvana,sex pistols and ac/dc. I can't really narrow it down.

Cars by Gary Numan, , passenger by iggy pop, ride on by ac/dc. little red corvette, highway to hell


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I was using firefox and i am now but it seems fine today.


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Great lyrics. Good chords too. smile


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Thank you. This is the first time I have written from 2 point of views so I didn't know how well it would work.


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If he did I think it was because he wanted to divorce courtney love,but didn't want his daughter to go through a divorce like he did because it made him miserable.But i think courtney love did it she probably wanted his money for drugs. Also they say he would have been to high to lift a heavy shotgun


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I found something I should probably point out, on the sex pistols page the top half is cut off by the wikipedia article. It also does this a little bit on the Nirvana page.


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(0)==#paranormal guitar wrote:
gnomefry wrote:
(0)==#paranormal guitar wrote:

sarcasm? hmm

No. love playing that.:)

oh good. smile i'm so crap at telling if people are sarcastic or not hmm i need to take lessons...

It's hard when reading.


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Sorry it's not in the correct format. I'm new at this.

a Troll in a Tree by the name of gnomefry
twas twanging and twiddling on her les paul copy
till a band called Gruff, which consisted of three
shouted enough already, as they looked up at she

a bass player, a singer ,and a drummer were thee
with no guitarist to wail the band felt empty
lttle troll we heard you play and we all do agree
you should join our band and we'll tour the big city

we'll rent us a van, and make a demo CD
and if we get famous we'll hire a roadie
so what say thee troll to our offer and plee
will you join with the Gruff or remain a groupy

alas said the troll looking down from the canopy
i have no amp, just a guitar and little money
the singer cried out classic amps are too pricey
but Troll, you got plenty for a simulator thingy

you can play through the monitor, it'll sound fine you'll see
instead of just one amp the thing can emulate thirty
so off they all went to jam, tour and be and happy
the band, the Troll and her new Pod X3.


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I use both.I just hate it when i lose my picks though.

I'll help! smile


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Hey.The first bass I bought was a peavey millennium 5 bxp.Cost $250. It's good for pretty much every kind of music.The neck is thin so it makes movement easy.If you are plucking it the pickups stay perfectly still.I've dropped it alot and it is still fine.The finish stays on well too.The Fender jazz bass was a good suggestion.The Jaguar bass for $1,000 is a nice one too.So is the fender american precision bass.It costs $1,000 also.


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Play some gigs. Or play blackjack.Also you could ask people on the street for money.Worked for me.:)


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Does anyone else play both here? I play guitar during gigs though.