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Then again, why shouldn't songwriters get paid for a fair day's work. If there was no-one to collect the fees, then who could afford to keep writing songs.

And why condone people stealing, which is what illegal downloading is all about ? I think most of us would agree that artists should receive what's due.

ASCAP distributed $741.6 million to copyright owners in 2007. You can read all about it in their Annual Report at http://www.ascap.com/about/annualReport/annual_2007.pdf .


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I'm not moved to turn speed bumps into song, but they have their place. In the case mentioned a primary school kid had been knocked down by rush-hour traffic using the estate as a rat-run between two main roads. In another case, it was to slow down boy racers flying past the local school at 60 miles an hour ( we had the roads people set up a speed trap and even they were shocked). The speed bumps made a difference in both cases.

I think that, as in many things, ordinary people just have to stand up and become the change they want to see.


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Apparently you can play them on fretless instruments - violins etc - and they are heard as different notes. I'm only quoting other people though.


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Been a member of that club, but left because the prices were too high.

It was once my dearest wish to leave where I live, but that was when Thatcher was distroying jobs like they were cockroaches, so I stayed. We ended up forcing the Housing people to rebuild or renew and the Council to clean up the dirt. I remember a protest when one of the main roads were blocked at Monday morning rush hour. We got traffic calming in one of the estates as a result of that. Now a herd of buffalo wouldn't shift me.


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Great work Shuvelhead. Interesting to see the development from the other vid.

"but I’ve got to find a way
to replace this bridge that I burned today"   - really makes the song.


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You could also try raising the neck higher so the frets are easier to get at.


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Great stuff, Ark ! Very evocative.

Did you ever read Wilfred Owen ? He was killed a couple of days before the armistice after returning to the Front from being treated for shell shock.

"Like beggars under sacks, we limped on, bloodshod"  or

"Gas, gas! Quick Boys ! An ecstasy of fumbling."


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12 strings tend to be "highly strung" and prone to wharping over time. The younger version may therefore have an advantage.

There's a Faith 12 string sitting in our local pawn at a good price, but they have only put 6 strings on it - which is why it has sat there for 6 months!


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I don't think heartfelt can ever be feeble.

It's about how it resonates - just like an old guitar.


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I think I'm associating UYK's piece and CoffeeFairy's one here - and mixing in a memory of my own.

I Love The Hills.

I love the mounds you made.
The hillocks and the humps
Where bricks once fell and then decayed.
I love the chimney stumps.

I loved the words you used to con.
Palaces in the air you said.
Seems each monster Trianon
Is toppled now and very dead.

I didn't see you douse the concrete
With water hallowed at your kitchen tap
Then, we seldom saw you in the street,
Sense of duty wouldn't stretch to that

I love the blessed irony
That people in cheap pants
Rebelling at damp and misery
Might mar bright priestly plans

For you winced to watch them scrape nailed boots
Across the presbytery floor
Even the housing man in his rumpled suit
Raised that same unconscious sneer.

And look how we have built again
Lower, fewer, much more space,
Fewer pennies for the locked-church saint.
But a greener, happier, living-place.

Still, here, I can trace the shape in the earth,
Lost remnants of a time that's better gone,
A knowing witness to the town's rebirth,
A barrow grave in a bitter song.


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Interesting point of view - I know what you mean about the staffies -  dog-rough some of them !

You made me think about somewhere just across the city from me now - I'm going to post a poem about it.


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But won't the bugs be even bigger in Scotland ? With all that Irn Bru and square sausages you feed them over there!


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Great song Alvee !

Good idea about the phone, UYK. I'll have to get the kids to show me how !


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As ever, the problem is that you have to let them go, but you can never let go of them.

Sometimes you wonder how the species survives !


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To be honest, I'm more likely to be the one that's snoring, but I'm thinking of this as a country blues number - heavy on the scrapy slide guitar - voice like ramming a pint of guinness sideways under the door etc . . .

Early Mornin' Snorin' Blues.

It's the early mornin snorin blues
I'm too shook to shake today
Standin in the backyard
While you just sleep away

It started with a rattle
Ended with a crash,
The bed in the roadway
And the house all but trashed.

That was one great nosequake
It filled the road with holes,
9 on the Richter scale,
epicentred on your nose.

I didn't think a nose could shake
The house founds to a thrill
But half the lot is flattened
and the neighbours all half killed.

I couldn't believe it.
Couldn't believe it was you.
Chaos all around us
And you just sleepin' through.


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I thought this was great. The words drive this song and when that is the case, the melody can be less important.

Keeping things in C - throw in a few Am's, Dm's or Em's till you have a progression you like and then see what tunes you can find to suit them.

Brilliant, Russell!

I love "If I had a boat". I discovered Lyle Lovett about a year ago in my quest to find great songwriters wherever they hide. There's a movie that has it at the start - the star ( whose name I forget) gets up from his seat at the bar pulls the plug on the juke box which was playing rock and re-sets it to play "If I had a boat".

I like the jazzy / swing that he adds to his songs.


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After this, I'm going to take a break from posting till I can get some recording done. You'd think with days that last 23 hours there'd be time !

C6add9 again is the Am in ist position less the e on the D string. (000210)

G6 is (020030)

Am7 is (002010)

"Flies to wanton boys" is a quote from King Lear.

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If you're into innovative chords, then you'll find that they often have more than one name, depending on the key. I tend to look for the sound in my head, rather than the chords I know,

To identify chords there ain't nothing better than this.


Mind you I still end up having to scratch out the tab on my originals to remember some of them!


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As a flatpicker, I won't get into this debate - except to say that I remember John Pearse's programme about playing the guitar. I had forgotten all about it. Pearse and, of all people, Val Doonican ( who was a guitar nutcase - maybe still is ) both pointed my way to the guitar.


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Hi Kenny,

Very fine lyrics - hope the juice flow keeps growing to a flood !

"Book of love filled with lonely pages" - like it !


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Thanks for the very generous comments. Glad your heart got a warm KC

And there's a slight change.

There were sad times too
When old John died
I was the only one he knew
And the best I can say is I tried
But the old car drove his ashes
To lie by the ocean-side.


There were sad times too
When old John died
I was the only one he knew
And the best I can say is I cried
While the old car drove his ashes
To lie by the ocean-side.

Funny how you can miss something so obvious !


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Yes it can be a return to harmony at the end of a musical line / piece.

I much prefer it's opposite - decadence !

Keep on rockin' in the free world !

Damn good for 4 months!


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Or would someone else's pictures,
    Take his place on your wall.

I've actually seen this, except his face and figure were painted out of the picture on the wall!

Good song - which I don't like - which is a paradox. I couldn't let her be my rock. I am the rock. but, then again, it's not my song . . .