Thank you so much Russell. 

I knew it was simple yikes

Didn't even notice he was playing a 12 string!

Simple Chords?

Thank you


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I found the chords for St.Ignatius by the Old 97's.

G             C      G           C
G              C         G                 C
G               C                 Em       C

G                 C               Em            C

D               C           Em         C
I could save the water just by drinking it tonight.
D              C

(same for rest of song)

Recently I saw a video with the frontman for the band playing the song.

I notice he is using different chords. I think this might be because the band tunes down their instruments one whole step. Can anyone figure out what chords he is using? What chord is he moving higher on the guitar neck? Also, what other little tricks and "spice ups" is he doing? Thanks!

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Can anyone please help with the chords? Especially the last 30s second or so when he does that sort of Mexican Bullfighter thing.

It might actually be called Flamenco style.

I have a double request. Can anyone figure out the chords for these two songs? Also, what type of strum pattern is he using on Holy Cross?



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How would one go about learnig how to play this song? I can not find the chords anywhere online. The best part of this video is that he plays most of the song in the wrong key then starts over in the correct key. More importantly, what type of guitar playing style is this to be learned? I would think it is rooted in some type of old time country or perhaps blugrass. Any thoughts?


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Thank you

This might also help … re=related


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Can someone please help to figure out these chords?



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Wondering how to play these chords:






The progression is:

G   G/F#  G/E

A   A/G   A/F#   A/E

The song is BIG BROWN EYES by (you guessed it) Old 97's

Thank you


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I was playing a used Alvarez RD8 this weekend and the strings had an elasticy or rubbery feel as I coming down hard on the strings with my .60mm pick. This feel is in contrast to my own guitar strings that give off a more metallicy sound and feel. I have Martin Lifespan SPs on mine and I am not sure what was on the Alvarez. I liked the feel of the Alvarez and I was wondering, could it simply be the strings that make that difference? Or am I just insane?


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I have have no problem getting an acoustic and adding a pickup.

The truth is I don't really have a NEED to go electirc I just figured if I was spending close to $300(or more) on a new guitar I might as well get more bang for the buck.

Getting back to the used Alvarez RD8 for $120. I played the heck out of it on Saturday night at the store. It would definately be a fun cheap guitar to beat on while I am stilllearning to play. But , as I mentioned it had a small impact dent/crack on the bottom(near the seam where the top and bottom meet). Did this affect the playing? I am not sure. It may or may not cause a problem so I decided to wait on the possibility of another used Alvarez down the road.


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I had another look at it yesterday and saw a small crack on the bottom. Thinking I should not get this one.


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Thanks for the advice! I will probably go with a regular old acoustic.

I saw a used Alvarez RD8 for $120 in a guitar store today. I liked the sound and feel of it. Is there anything else I should be looking for?


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I am kicking around thoughts of getting a new guitar. Right now I have a Johnson JG-100 student guitar. I am starting at about $300 in price range. I know I can find a regular acoustic in that price range (even lower). But what about acoustic electric? What are the benefits of going acoustic electric? Thanks!


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I am trying to learn a song that is made up of G-D-Em-C chords (easy enough for a beginner like me).
It is tuned down, so it would be F-C Dm-Bb in normal tuning.
I tuned my guitar down a whole step but I think it sounds better in standard tuning.
Why is this?


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No Thank you. I think this stuff is way over my head. I need to re-evaluate and re-structure my learning process. Right now I feel like I am not moving forward. I am sure we have all been there.


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He really wasn't answering a specific question. He just posted about how he couldn’t play a lick of bluegrass rhythm/picking when he started in the band and it took him a while to get it where he was comfortable (about 5 years of constant playing/touring). Another band member of his was the same, although he was ahead of him with that style of rhythm in those days.


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A professional guitar player posted this about bluegrass rhythm/picking on another message board and I found it to be confusing (big suprise!). Does anyone here understand what he is talking about?

"It’s also much tricker to play with electric guitars than accoustic due to the sustain. If you just slam through it, you get mud. I usually try to lock into the rhythm and then control the sustain with the heel of my right hand and then usually playing the bottom four string versions of the chords. In particular, the “D" formation up and down the neck and the “A"  formation but make it with your pinkie 3 frets higher than your index finger. In other words, Mash down the bottom four strings with your index finger on the 2nd fret and then fret the bottom 2 strings on the 5th fret to make “A" . Make sense? That’s also very useful for playing country licks out of."


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I was practicing my fast strumming last evening with a song called "If My Heart Was A Car". I decided to capture the shining moment on video. I know I am mutilating chords and my timing is all messed up. My wife and daughter both say it is too loud and of course sounds nothing like the song. Got to love the brutal honesty. What do you think? Don't worry about hurting my feelings.....I know its pretty bad.

This is what I was trying to achieve:


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This guy is cool


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Sounds pretty. What chords are you playing?


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I ended up getting the Martin Lifespan SPs 80/20s .011 Custom Light. They sound nice!


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Thank you. Is that the order of the chords in this song? C G Am D ?


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Saturnday night I was strumming a little too hard and my A string went snap. I have a Johnson JG-100 student guitar. Its got a small body and I've had it for almost 2 years now. The place I bought it from will re-string it for free. I usually get Martin Lights but the luthier at the shop likes to put extra lights on it for whatever reason. Anyway, I am going to drop it off tomoorow and was thinking I would ask for either Elixir Nanowebs (12s) or D'Addario (12s). I will let you know how it turns out.