I did in fact offer him my guitar, but he didn't seem to jump at the offer. Actually, I was carrying a classical guitar and an acoustic guitar. My acoustic had a hard shell case and my classical guitar had a soft case. I need my classical for college classes I'm taking, but I said he could have it as soon as I got it replaced.

Friday night, and I had to practice my guitar and a few songs. strapped with two guitars and a backpack riding home on a long board Isn’t something I’d recommend. Falling wasn’t a big deal. I jabbed my hand straight into the ground, exactly where I had bruised my skin a week ago falling, as if to say, “Buddy, I was meant to bleed. "  I was more concerned with the guitar that I carried in my soft case. I didn't really care for the guitar itself, I needed a new one and I was already prospecting around for a new one. It had seen its last days. She made in that moment a very unpleasant sound, and I knew, I may just end up buying a new guitar sooner than I thought. Luckily, it was fine. I left the guitar where it was, right outside about ten feet from the dorm entrance. If anyone stole it they’d be doing me a favor. I went to address my wound.

As exciting as this of this sounds, when I came out I found someone playing the guitar I had left behind, which was absolutely fine with me. I sat and listened for a while. I heard nothing special, but nonetheless, it was interesting to watch someone else play. He asked me to play and he said, with a heavy accent, “my guitar wasn’t as good as this one "  He was a foreign exchange student and didn't want to take along his guitar for the plane ride. I played for a while and nothing that required any real skill, but he asked me if I’d play a song for him that he wanted to look up on his computer. I said yes, and ended up playing a very simple chord progression to some Turkish song(it almost sounded like a (nursery rhyme). I didn’t mind.

He seemed blown out of the water. He loved it. He liked it so much, he went inside to get his camera and record it. We hung around for a while until he had recorded the song and loaded it onto his laptop. After that it was time to go. The wound on the edge of my palm was beginning to bleed through the edges of the band aide. It was time for a new band aid.


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Eh, I won't worry about it. So far I've been playing most of the music in generic first position. I'm going to have to work through them in other positions (providing that they fit).


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Actually, there's no tab. It's just the notes written out with two parts, a bass and a melody.


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Recently I've started practicing on my site reading. I don't really find anything online that isn't classical and occasionally, on the musical scores, I come across numbers above the notes. I've seen numbers like "2" or 4" and I've generally assumed that it stands for the finger you're supposed to use to press down on the fredboard to make the note.

But then I stared coming across numbers with an added negative sign such as "-2" or "-4"
I'm not too sure what this means. Could someone shed some light on this for me?
Maybe it has something to do with the position on the fret board your supposed to play the note (I.E. playing a note in second position rather then first). But this doesn't really make any sense to me, it wouldn't need a minus symbol to notate that. Would it?


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Only two days ago did I find out that there was a store close by where I could buy strings at. Yesterday I gave it a look and decided to buy some Ernie Ball electric guitar strings. To my surprise I saw the exact same model guitar on the wall; Just the same as the one I had just bought. It had a 325$ price tag marked down from retail. It did look like it had a spot where someone repainted over some damage in a liter color of red. I picked it up and played it for a while. I think, regardless of the fact that they're the same brand, I like how the one I bought plays more than the one in the store. This didn't really come to a surprise to me really.

I would've put the strings on as soon as I got home, but my brother offered to reset up my bridge to the right length for me. He said he needed the practice. So I guess I'll wait until the next time I see him.

Part of the reason I was asking, was because I bought a Multitrack recorder, which was part of the reason I was looking for an electric guitar. After plugging it in I realized it was exactly what I was looking for. I was curious as to how much a Head amp would affect the sound if I ran my electric through it and into the recorder.

Ah, I see what you mean. Thanks for the explanation. I see how that can be useful.


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Hey thanks. I'll post the picture of the guitar in a little while. Most everything is in good condition. I'd say the body is still perfectly together. It's got a few chips on the side and I might have to replace one of the pickups, but it definitely was a deal. He also gave me his stand, a handful of guitar picks, two straps and the case. I've played quite a bit with it today and I really like it. I'll have to get new strings. I'll also post a picture of it as soon as I find a camera. It's a 006 Deluxe Maroon Schecter Diamond Series with a red body, it was their discount version. It works great.

I've been working with acoustic guitar for a few years, but I've never really gotten into the electrical aspects.
I know what the use of a regular amp is for, but what does the Head Amp do? I really feel like a noob asking this question.


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If you hit the notes on your keyboard...they strum the notes separately and there's also a record button.

Try a d g h j j k l
I'm not sure if its the major scale or not. I had a little fun with it.


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Google wasn't too much help for this one and I really don't have enough information to tell how much of a deal I'm getting myself into. I'm going to go see what the guitar looks like (and hopefully get a chance to play it) before/if I buy. The offered price was 100 dollars. Based on Maroon Schecter's Retail prices, they don't offer in the Diamond series a retail under five-hundred. Obviously, most guitars are sold quite a bit under retail by the time they get to the consumer.

I'm also getting the amp along with it, which I heard was torn to bits. He mentioned a little body damage, but that it plays fine. I suppose there's really no way of knowing until tomorrow...

I Actually bought a Vostex multi-tracker(Steal!) at a garage sale a while ago and I've been recording on it. I just don't like the sound I get from my acoustic. I'm hoping it will sound a better with an electric. Quite frankly, I could care less how the body looks as long as it plays fine.

But what do you think?


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Above all else nothing motivates me more to play, or do anything else, then to write it down, say, "this is something I need to do" and slowly work on it piece by piece.

It takes time and I constantly have to rewrite the words I've said to myself over time, but little else works.
Sure, there are other ways to feel self motivate. going to concerts, playing with other musicians, and dreaming about being so unrealistically(or is it...) great ect.

I hate writing down a to do list, but nothing helps me more then that to get it done. I clean my room annually(I'm a little over-due as it is) and I never seam to get it done until  I make a mental note, write it down, and decide not to do it later. Do it Now.

Lately I've been in a rut. My acoustic guitar lays under my arms as I write this and I've never felt more distant from it. Because for the last four days I've barely practiced. I need to make a mental note and do it now.

Wish me luck.

P.s Now that I think about it I did clean my room last December....


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I'm probably the only one here that intentionally doesn't buy locally. I would except for several reasons.

Everything is overpriced. No lie. We visited Seattle and I got the same type strings 50% cheaper. The one guy that works there doesn't want to help. He owns the place and he's not interested. If that makes anything worse any mall that sells guitars will have a large selection then they do. I know too many people who wish that place would go out of business (Music teachers and other guitar players who specifically tell people not to go there).

Way back when before I played guitar there was a shop that was much much better. I think they closed down four years ago, probably moved to a better location. They had fair prices, they were ten times nicer and much more helpful. They gave you all the time in the world. (that was long before I picked up the guitar, but my brother did so I tagged along.) So good I still remember them from six years ago.

I guess they considered John Lennon's poo, "Holy Crap" haha


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There are a lot of companies that sell quote, "cheap guitars" That doesn't necessarily mean that they hired monkeys to build them. A lot of those people want to make high end guitars and their willing to start out working for cheap(er). There's always as chance that someone who build your $100-$250 will be making those $500-$1000 guitars three years later and they're just waiting for someone to notice. Its the maker of the guitar that's makes 40% of the difference. another 50% is personal preference and at least 10% is the quality of the wood ect.

I own an Epiphone, a cheaper end(but not the cheapest), of acoustic guitars and I think it plays just fine. I don't absolutely love it, but it was worth the buy and I constantly get complements about it. It mostly from people saying, "nice Guitar"

My avatar is me playing my mom's guitar(another Epiphone). Except for a string that buzzes it works just as good. (my guitar is made of a darker wood)


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I need help doing some Deadpan/ Dry humor (for two very stupid reasons)

I understand the concept of Deadpan and dry humor, I just have two questions:

1) How would you use deadpan humor in an everyday conversation

2) How would someone use it in a song (Is that even possible?)
(I'm not talking about a stupid song. I mean a song that actually sounds good...something a little more complex then weird Al making fun of, "just beat it")

If you would also like to elaborate on deadpan humor and what you think of it,
that would also help (just as long as its a little more specific then the dictionary definition)

I'm pretty much the pun-King. I can turn a lot of the things people say into one
and most of the time it just comes to mind. Frankly I'm starting to annoy myself (as well as others)
I need a long break.

I'm ready to take on another challenge. Goodbye "yo moma"
Goodbye Chuck Norris and I'm done with the knock knock jokes.
(your moms so fat her bra size reads: Parachute)

Subject: Dry/Deadpan humor


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Thanks for the heads up guys. I'm definitely going to write down some notes on the book before I turn it back in (mostly on Chords)

I always knew that there were, for example, three different positions to to play a tried Chord
(1 3 5, 3 5 1 and 5 1 3) in the same way that the piano has a first, second and third position.
I just didn't have them memorized. Not just the majors, but also the minors ect.


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I....I... I almost don't know what happened.

It all started when we decided to take a trip to the Library (we were on a budget). Most of the time we were just browsing around. First I looked at the magazine section and then I hopped over to the comic section to see what I could find; nothing. It then struck me to look in the music section.

And there it was, almost as if it were a sign from God. It was the book. While I was at the library I only had time to read the introduction, but my first impression was that, "this book means business" It did.
The name of the book was plain and simple. "How to Write Songs on the Guitar"
I wanted to check it out I really did, but I didn't own a library card...I had to come back the next day.

Now, after going through 25 pages I feel like my Pool of guitar knowledge just turned into a very small glass of water.....with a crack at the bottom.

Seriously!!!! All the book had a chance to say were some tips on how to "start" writing some songs and go through the basic built structures of chords. I think I stopped out of amazement at the Minor chords with the added major seventh chords (Ex: Am/major 7) Even though I was familiar with most everything in the book...this turned my world upside down. it just presented everything so clear to me when it was fairly vague in my mind.

I now feel like I know nothing....And I love the feeling. Its almost as if I can start learning all over again.
Ever felt this way? I feel inspired to learn. Its like someone just handed me a Road map when before I was driving where ever the wind took me.


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Playing something new and playing with someone better then you. Usually when I get in a rut I don't exactly have someone go play with.

Some other things to try as well are to stop playing, take a breather, I like to go onto youtube or a pop on a CD  that I find inspiring.

Also a good thing to try is to change where your practicing. I find that simply changing where I'm practicing to somewhere more comfortable will make all the difference


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Four or five years ago my sister left her guitar in a really stupid spot (I think it was in the laundry room behind a door or something) Someone opened the door on it and the neck snapped in half. My dad still has the guitar to this day. I've never actually seen what it looks like, but from reading all the post I think it might actually be fixable.


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I've gone pretty far into indie rock as it is.
And I currently have a pandora and a Slacker account.
Some indie I've listened to...its too long, I'll get back to you on that one.
But a good Ska band I always like was Five Iron Frenzy, some of their songs were just pure gold, only from their final album though, I didn't really warm up to any of their old stuff.


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I've heard some pieces of ska I really liked, but I'm glad some people brought up jazz because I've been really warming up to that style as well, and I guess I shouldn't have said that I hate all country, I just don't know if I want to look into it that far when I find myself loving an almost full genre I've been listening to (I'll make sure to look up Americana though, it sounds interesting). I guess I just have to keep growing. I'm a 90's baby(being 18, duh)

If anyone wants to send me some music you've found interesting over the years feel free to do so.
taylorwalton18@gmail.com I might change it sometime, because this email address says a little to much, but it will stay the same for now.


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Two things have slowly been changing inside my brain when it comes to listening to beautiful music, maybe three.

One, I'm slowly becoming more judgmental about other musicians. If I'm in a particularly bad mood I can be particularly cynical. When I listen to the lyrics I start writing down words in my head might have thought sounded better in the song. I've been singing for about five years(choir singing and voice lessons) slowly it started to ruin styles of music that involved bad singing habits. I didn't like country and most of the current pop out there, but now it sounds something like nails on a chalk board. I think the same thing is happening to me with the guitar. If the guitar part isn't interesting the song is now boring. Nothing can be simple.....
Which brings me to the second rant. The genres of music I enjoy are changing completely. Is it me just getting old(is 18 old)? Because I'm really starting to enjoy classical. Not just guitar, Classical everything. Last week I listened to some music from the Baroque period and I fell in love it with. Is this normal? Radiohead amazing, ever since six months ago when I started listening to them (I'll always love smashing pumpkins, that won't change). There is very little that's main stream I enjoy anymore. I listened to some 70 rock...that put me in a good mood, which was weird, because before that any band that wore extreme amounts of makeup automatically sucked (even though that was more of the 80's)Is this normal? I'm starting to enjoy folk guitar....when will the changing end? (answer, never)

*sigh, I guess I just have to follow where my ear listens. Does anyone else go through this? 
did you get cynical about other people's music of the course of learning your instrument?


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Itzhak Perlman was the name of the first violinist. He is considered to be the best.
The second was Jennifer Koh.

In any case I didn't understand what practicing slowly meant until I tried going through a couple of pages with a metronome(I set it at about a beat per second). I was surprised to find that I got in three practices at that pace each one lasting about three hours... It was awesome.