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thank you all for commenting, I`ll visit your websites and leave a note.

hey Phill, I have the music track in true C, but I pitched it up..6.072...lol thats a lot, I`m just learning tech stuff, and having with it all. trying to teach myself how to harmonize now, and mix it.


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thank you for taking a look at this, hey J, as soon as I believe I think its finished maybe you can guide me through that process. I`ll leave it on awhile, and just dump it. I have to find a real singer to do this, male/female not decided that yet. 

Nice to meet you..bluejeep, thank you for commenting.


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Ive been trying to write this song for some time now, the music is a little generic, but i`m more interested in you all being critical of the verse and chorus. I put chords on I see thats what most of you all do. hopefully the song explains itself [buried a very close friend, She could have been more]

I used a capo on this..second fret. I don`t sing much and this is me..forgive that, I`m not pretty.

under a wave

https://soundcloud.com/lane1777/under-a … e2/s-YrK6k

The memories               
have not always been kind.
The time for crying...
the time We walked away.

There was a softness,
We held the night.
There was never a promise,
G                      C
and I said good-bye.

It was just like thunder

G                        C
just like the rain.

a heart without love

G                       C
ship without sail.

It's all like thunder,

and so hard to explain.

it is Just like falling,

G                                   C
and going under a wave.


Time is a desperate thing,

hearts can survive.

Remember the fragile things,

and the tears people cry.


Look at Me wishing,

on every star above.

Look at Me praying,

G                                 C
She were here to love.


Here I am
among the polished stones,

  C                                   Am
leaving notes in the bitter cold.

Here I am,

                   G              C
saying good-bye again.


and It is just like thunder, 

G                       C
just like the rain.

a heart without love,

G                       C
ship without sail.

It`s all like thunder,

And so hard to explain,

It is just like falling,

                       G            C
and going under a wave.


it is just like falling
                       G            C
and going under a wave...


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I`m shocked others have not commented on this..what a fun little song. really put together very well, I honestly enjoyed the music, and content.


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listening J..its just a work track but  I did comment on it, chords and music great stuff, and the lyric is good. at first listen I had a little trouble with the meter" words to music, but as you relaxed with the song it all came together for me. but thats just me...lol and its a scratch track, I maybe should not have commented on it, but I thought it was good. You should hear some of the work tracks I do..they would scare you!...lol


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the song was a little edgy at first [hope thats the right word, as it went along and I found the rhythm
and it really was a very easy song relaxed maybe a better word.


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hi TIGLJK, I really like the lyric in this, I`m not a very good guitarist, that being said I`d like to hear you do this, or maybe someone else here to get a better feel for it, and that style. that kinda interests me.


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nice acoustic Jets60, good lyric and was very easy to listen to. Lane


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thank you guys for taking a look and giving this a listen, I don`t have many songs so I feel pretty good when I do get one finished.


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I`m more of a writer than a singer, I wrote the lyric and melody and had a friend perform it.
the clips in the video are friends that I know and write also.

we all have lost someone...in love, in life.



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my goodness thats a big family, I would guess there is always something your fixing..lol
have a great day.


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Jet, that is such a touchy subject..in my day my father was the law and the truth..but he had time to teach me. if I was wrong he stood me up and said...you take a look, you want to do that again? [gulp] the world today is 100% faster. you know what that means..others and other things are guiding our youth... [video, internet, music] parents do the best they can I like to think but there is that fast lane for them too. they can`t afford to slow down. Dads don`t take wrenchs out and show sons how to fix bikes...they buy new. can`t build tree-houses anymore, the preditors will get your kids, or the e.p.a. will take everything you have for stressing a tree out.  sounds like I`m blaming "tech and population, the more we advance, the more moral we shave off.
I`m just blab`n don`t pay no attention to this....lol


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they do seem a little lonely..but just thoughts. I`m a happy guy...lol  Hey T" that is not a new ststement for me to read..all kinds of folks have said..damn thats pretty..what the hell are you trying to say..LOL  you have a great day and thanks so much for taking the time to read and comment.


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Come closer,
do you think of me
in your Winter rains,
grays touch the ocean.

Come sit,
my hands are warm
merely empty.

I reminisce,
incidental moments
remind me....you too?
the paths we walked are the same I`m sure,
void of our impressions.

Do you think of me
when the rains fall?
it`s been so long...

Well better go,
rain is passing.
Thought you might like to know
I think of you..

Rain is that way sometimes.

"question my abilities..never my heart"

© Copyright 2011 Vincent

The wood has grayed
many years of weather,
fighting Winter, July boils,
and the rain.
Comfort on the old back-steps
twisted some, but sturdy.

Dark clouds move across
lighter shades,
or is it the world moving around
charcoal splashes.
Rain..doesn`t it seem searing at times.

I fought the day to bring me here,
the cold minutes spent alone...

no one to watch the rain...

"question my abilities..never my heart"

© Copyright 2011 Vincent


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this is a very good write..I could say more but I better not, scary world today isn`t it?


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I tell my kids some stories of how it used to be?.. they get this worried look in their eyes. as simple as it was for me growing up some great things back then..I like the song..


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nice song daddycool..I have three daughters and nothing I would not do for them. nice tribute to all fathers. I haven`t played it yet...but I will.


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I`ve read the comments here, and we all write so different...for me something in a conversation will trip the switch" something happens during the day. to be honest its hard for me to write songs, I say everything I want to in the first verse and chorus...and then struggle to fill the song in. "great out of the gate" the finish is hard. I guess the advise i`d have for you is "relax it has helped me.

I agree...you cut this up a little and it would make a song, good luck with it.  Lane


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Hi jj ..I like this, its a little sad but thats the kind of music and lyric I do like best.
do you play guitar? I couldn`t find a link" to hear it.

hi Jim..gave this a listen, I like it. 3 chords and the truth always works for me...and so does that motto" you have a great day.. Lane


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thank you Daddycool for looking, I`m hanging in there, but to be honest i`ll never quit, its just there! i`m sure you know what I mean.. Thanks again D.    Lane


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johnnyvitalis wrote:

Very nice piece of work on a very touching and tough subject.
Hope to hear more from you Lane.
The chords with the lyric would be helpfull.

thank you J for looking at this, it was harder than I thought getting it together, I`ll get the chords on.. they are so simple like the lyrics. C Am F G   X`S AND O`S "Em"   I have a few more changes and its finished I hope..I`ll put the chords up so its more friendly. Lane


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I got a songbook?...lol  to be honest I`m working on the songs in this forum, adding and taking a little away, getting opinions. this song is finished as much as I`m going to get it, a few changes in the video and I`ll be good with it, if it works. if not I`ll have her back on!...lol asking people to have another look, but thats what its all about. if you have clicked" on Letters before and its boring you, you`ll know better next time...with any of the writers.
  anyway thank you for taking a look.  Lane


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you have to be a little forgiving this is my first effort. I was going to put a written tribute to all our men and women at the end of this...I`m working on the video to do that. [or should I?]
Anyway..hope you like the idea, and I am working to get better at this. any ideas, and comments are welcome,

this is dedicated to women in War" one person i talked with, He lost his wife, and his little girl lost her mother, he told me still today he writes her letters, and his little girl still wants to write her mother.


Letters [2]


I`ll sit down tonight
try to write You one more time,
between the heart, and the candlelight.
when You come back to Me.

Heres this old photograph,
Your favorite song running through My head,
did I mention..how hard it is
when I have to let you go all over again.

I will sign...forever.
and place it here in my heart.
I will send this in care of..
everyday that goes by....
I will sign it.. I love You...
with all the X`s and O`s...
Baby.. its not so easy
writing this letter to You...


Every now and then
She and I will sit down to write
between the dresses and the ponytails,
Kate`s so much like you.

...and theres that old picture of Us
how long is forever Dad..
a little prayer, and its off to bed
baby we`re doing fine..

..and We signed it...forever..
We both crossed our hearts.
We will send this in care of..
everyday that goes by....
Then We sign it.. I love You...
with all the X`s and O`s...
Baby.. its not so easy
...writing these letters to You.

Then We sign it.. I love You...
so many X`s and O`s...
Baby.. its not so easy
...writing these letters to You.

no Baby.. its not easy
...writing these letters to You...

© Copyright 2011 Second-hand Hearts Vincent


"question my abilities..never my heart"