Just a few days ago I bought a brand new, Fender Stratocaster. My next purchase will be a Gibson Les Paul, Then either a Taylor, Martin or Takamine. I currently have two Acoustic/electrics and three Electrics but I don't think you can have too many guitars.



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Astronomikal wrote:

Glad to hear everything is OK with you and yours, and prayers to all who are suffering loss.

I don't want to get on a soapbox, because I could rant for hours about this topic.  I'll just say that regardless of your race, color, creed, religion, sexual orientation or whatever, I would like to believe that there is a special place in hell for anyone who knowingly and (especially) willingly harms the innocent.

I couldn't agree with you more. Seems like the innocent are always the ones to suffer. I would also add that it's too bad we can not find any news media or Law enforcement agency with the intestinal fortitude to report the truth of what really happened. I'm worn out trying to decipher truth from fiction, and then only to find they changed the story or added their supposition to make it more exciting. There's so much BS going on right now a body don't know what or who to believe.


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Wow, I play that way all the time. I guess I Just couldn't put it together when looking at it on paper. It's hell getting old. Thanks. I knew it was going to be something simple stupid.


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I have run across a paper showing several songs with strumming patterns, But whoever authored this, added something I can't for the life of me figure out what he/she intended. The following is an example:

Blowing in the wind: B DUDU, B D UDU or DDUUDU

Long December: B B D U or BB D DU

Me and Bobby McGee: B D UDU

These are just a few. There's more but they have the same patterns as these.

My question; What does the "B" stand for in the strumming patterns shown above? I can not find the meaning of it anywhere. Not that I'm all that experienced, but I've never even seen it before. Does anyone know what it means and/or how it is used in the strumming pattern? It's probably something really simple and will make me feel the fool when I find out but I'm at wits end over this. And really, it's not that it matters that much,,, I'm just now on a mission to find out.



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Fire Art,

Been training horses most of my life. Performance stuff mostly. I specialized in starting young horses. I've trained everything from Warm bloods and quarter horses to Mustangs and just about everything in between, except Mules, donkeys, etc. I don't usually offer advice outside of an instructional setting or working one on one with someones horse, because I have found that people can be kinda sensitive about this subject, especially when it concerns their horse. However if you Would like some ideas for correcting this bucking behavior I would be happy to suggest a couple of things you can do.

But then, you know your horse better than I do. Maybe I'm reading too much into this. Anyway the offer stands.


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Why is she bucking? Sounds like she needs to go back into the training pen to get her head right.


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Spring has arrived, Honey do season is here. I'll be quite busy and quite wore out for the next few weeks. My lady has been waiting all winter for this time to come. Just like every year. Yesterday I spent all day on my John Deere Dressing up the roping arena, round pen and garden area, all the while, humming out songs I'm trying to learn.

Ditto to every one.

Raining here, Smells great, looks great, feels great, is great. Perfect day for us. Sorry that it may have disrupted other peoples activities for the day.

Kinda funny how what otherwise can ruin one persons day is just what the Doctor ordered for another person.

There's good in almost everything, Just depends on how ya view it.....

Springtime needs the rain, we're happy that it came.

Have a great day everyone,



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bensonp wrote:

We've all been inspired by many here on Chordie.  Thats the beauty of it.  My wife also catches me singing throughout the day when I get off of Chordie or YouTube.  She tells me I am happy.  When I practice I just keep singing the song no matter where I am.  I really don't notice it most of the time.

Ain't it cool!

By the way Pete, I really like your YouTube videos. Sometimes I use them to help me keep time with another person. My favorite is "If you could read my mind" by Gordon Lightfoot. I just open one up and start playing. You sound better than me though.


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You people are very inspiring. After reading this post it makes me want to Play and sing. But that's not unusual. My women told me one day that she notices every time I get off Chordie, no matter the time of day, I go straight to my Guitars. I didn't realize it but she's RIGHT! That, in and of itself, places a huge value on this site, for me anyway. I can attest to the fact that my guitar playing has improved loads since I first joined this site. My bride says shes also noticed the huge improvement. You bunch of inspiring people you!!!!!!! See what you've done! Now if I can just get my voice to catch up!


60 hours a week in a job that's stressing you! Maybe it's time to consider cutting back on some hours and getting R&R time. I have a friend with the same type of issues. Doc ordered time off for about a month and then light hours to ease back into the job. His doing much better now. Any chance you can do the same? I'm hoping for a positive outcome and that you don't have to go on the pill.. Whatever it takes, Take care of yourself man.


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Some really good advice guys. I'm going to keep at it till I find what works. More than likely I'll be trying them all. My women doesn't really like the Brandy trick though. I tried it last night!....I was singing though!!!!:lol:

I'm going to look into that Metrotune (MT9000)

EDIT: Forgot to say thanks to everyone, So thank you all!

Still in Saigon---Charlie Daniels Band


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Thanks Topdown. I just checked it again and I'm still experiencing the same problem. If I go from Forum, resources, etc to Artists I get this error message. I have to either use the back button or go to my bookmark pull down and reenter.  I don't seen to have any problems with any thing else. I'll give it awhile and if it doesn't correct itself I'll do as you suggested.

Thanks again.


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An error was encountered
Error: Unable to connect to MySQL and select database. MySQL reported: Lost connection to MySQL server at 'reading authorization packet', system error: 0.

I get the above message every time I hit the Artists button. I've never seen this before. I can only maneuver using the Arrow back/forward buttons to get to the Artists page. It actually took me all day to figure out how to even get Chordie to come up. Is Chordie experiencing problems?


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Hey Thanks for the encouragement Guys.

A long long time ago in a land far away I had people tell me that I had an ability to imitate    Charlie Pride, George Jones, Conway Twitty and a few others when singing a couple of their songs. The one that scares me, is I was told numerous times that I could imitate Tanya Tucker singing Delta Dawn.  Man! I can't believe I just told you that. :0  (just voice-wise mind you)

Anyway, Now I can't even imitate myself. I do like Phill Williams advice. I think I'll try the brandy until I can either sing or not give a rats rear.  At least I'll have fun! smile

PETE: thanks for wanting to research this. You can bet I'll be interested in anything you can find out. I'll be looking into it as well.

Topdown: I like that, Crank up the volume!------ then I'll whisper the lyrics. However I would be extremely happy with your Rule No. 1

Man! I just want to play and sing. Doesn't have to be great just good enough to keep horses from bucking.


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I guess this is the place to post this. I don't see anywhere else that would fit it.

First off Let me say Mekidsmom, you have an absolutely beautiful voice. You are very gifted. Thanks for sharing some of your songs. I really enjoyed listening to you sing.

Now, in my younger years I had a fairly good singing voice. After years of abuse, ie operating heavy equipment, chain saws, shooting guns etc. I suffer from high frequency hearing loss even though I did wear hearing protection most of the time. Basically, for the most part, I can't hold a tune in a bucket anymore. I can still do kinda OK with a few old songs I grew up with and know really well, provided I don't sing one too many times in a row. Don't know why, but if I sing a song too many times I lose my ability to produce the proper tune. This is very frustrating and often times takes the wind out of my sails which results in me putting my guitar away.

My question is: Does anyone have this same problem? Does any of you know if there is anything I can do to help me be able to sing without making my dogs run away and my wife's brow get wrinkles in her forehead? I've heard that hearing aids don't really help with high frequency loss in the area of singing. Does anyone know if that's true? Also Hearing aids are very expensive.

A lot of songs I play don't really work without the words. Maybe I Should I give up the singing altogether and just enjoy plunking around on my guitars. Any suggestions?

Warning Note: take care of your hearing. It's a bummer when you start losing it. I've also learned that a lot of hearing protection,,, really isn't. Make sure you have the type that does protect. Everyone looses hearing with age, but you don't have to help it along. Protect yourself always!



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If Pro is the opposite of Con,

Then what is the opposite of Progress?

Think about it!


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Well there you have it folks. If ya wanna know how Our Country really feels about the Vietnam Veteran in general, all you gotta do is tune into CBS and watch their new reality show called The "Amazing Race" It highlights Communism and spits in the face of every American solider who served during the Vietnam war. It makes me sick to my stomach to see one of their war monuments of victory being a downed B-52 where two of it's pilots/crew taken as POW and others MIA, presumed dead. They use this monument for a spot to hide clues for their stupid race. Contestants are also treated to communism propaganda parties and songs. If CBS did this in Iraq or Afghanistan they probably would be run out of our country. How about if they did something like this with the USS Arizona in Pearl Harbor. Do you think our country would have tolerated that! Oh Hell no!!!

Where's the outrage over the courts requiring the removal of crosses put up decades ago to  commemorate fallen Vietnam Soldiers? Yeah, we're appreciated alright.

How come Vietnam Vets are the only soldiers in American history who basically are made to feel like an abomination to our own country. What did we do so wrong? Yet most of us old farts would do it again if called upon to do so. My heart goes out to the families of those lost in the downing of any B-52. I hope they did not see that stupid, stupid, stupid reality show. CBS can stick it!

Someday I'd like to share why we at Ft Bragg years ago, use to refer to Fayetteville North Carolina as Fayette-Nam. But that's another story of bad memories.

I had a real dilemma on whether or not to post this. Often times I write things out then just delete them. This time I did not. I apologize if this is felt by any to be inappropriate. Sometimes I just vent and most of the time I regret doing it. OH WELL!



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That's terrible, I know I'm not part of the group that got to be involved in the PATW thing, but I did enjoy following where it's been. It was kinda cool to watch, and it was definitely an exclusive Chordie thing. Bummer kinda deal for sure. No way to track it Huh? Hate to see it die that easily.



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OK, I don't know if I remember this right, but here goes;

Three guys who have just died were standing at the pearly gates. St Peter tells them that cars are used in heaven to travel on Heavens highway. He goes on to tell them that for the married souls, the type of car they are given depends on how faithful they were on earth. So, St Peter asks the first guy,"were you faithful to your spouse"?  he answers I was married for 50 years and I was absolutely faithful to the very end. After a quick glance in a book St.Peter says Yes you were, then hands him a set of keys to a brand new Cadillac and said welcome to Heaven.

The second guy was asked the same question. He answered, I too was married for 50 years and for the most part I was faithful, however when I was a young man I cheated once. I asked for my wife's forgiveness and never did it again. After a quick glance St Peter said, You speak the truth but because you weren't completely faithful you do not get a Cadillac. St Peter then handed him the keys to a brand new Chevy Sedan and said welcome to Heaven.

The third guy, Now shaking, approaches St Peter who asks him the same question. In a stuttering voice he says, I as well was married for 50 years and I'm very ashamed St Peter because I cheated on my wife about ten times. But I too asked my wife for forgiveness. St Peter looked in the book and pondered for a moment then said, Yes you weren't very faithful, and even though it was on your death bed you did seek forgiveness from your wife. Because you asked for forgiveness and you were honest you do get to enter heaven but you will drive this used Volkswagen bug. St Peter handed him the keys and said welcome to Heaven.

About two months later the guy in the Cadillac sees the guy in the Volkswagen parked on the side of Heavens highway. He says to himself, "hey I know that Guy". He pulls over and sees him bent over in obvious emotional pain and sorrow. Trying to cheer him up he tells him "hey, don't feel bad, what you drive in Heaven isn't the point. The fact that you made it into Heaven is the real issue. You should be very happy about that, come on, Ligthen up Dude.

The guy answers, no that's not it, I'm very grateful to be in heaven and I like Volkswagen Bugs, I'm bummed because I just passed my wife and she riding a skateboard.



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I have an Ovation Celebrity and I'm experiencing the same kind of problem. I tried D'Addario's light .012/.053 Phosphor Bronze and absolutely hated them on my Ovation. They sounded bad. I wouldn't even play the thing. I then changed to Martin Lifespan SP .013/.056 Medium Phosphor Bronze. (probably should have tried a light set). Though they sound OK they squeak terribly loud. Your not going to get away from a little squeak but these are ridiculously annoying. I'm using elixir's on my Fender. I really like them. They sound wonderful and have an enjoyable little squeak to them. I'm going to try them on my Ovation. When I do it will be the fourth set of different strings I've had on this guitar. Hopefully the elixir's will do the trick. I would just like it to sound they way it did when I got it. I don't know what strings it had, but I thought they were D'Addario's. With the Martin's I find my Ovation doesn't sound that great when playing some types of songs, however my Fender seems to do OK with any song I'm capable of playing. So I'm going with Elixirs for my next purchase. If they don't work I'll explore some of the recommendations talked about in this post.

As soon as I find what works I'm NEVER going to change from that brand/type. Needless to say it's been a frustrating endeavor thus far. My Ovation seems to be finicky. If my wife hadn't bought it for me I would trade it in. If I can get it to sound like it use to, It'll be a happy day because I really do like playing it.

Just a note: I've had it checked out and there's nothing wrong with my Ovation.  Just need to find the right strings.



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I have both lemon oil and Dunlop formula 65. Lemon oil is good stuff and hard to beat, but it leaves a film that requires a little more effort to remove. Maybe it's the laziness in me, but I prefer the formula 65 because it only take a couple of sprays on a clean dry cloth to do a guitar. It brings back the "like new" luster and IMHO, It's faster and more convenient to use than lemon oil.

A 4 oz spray bottle cost me $5.00 at Guitar Center. I believe it will take care of my guitars for at least a couple of years, if not longer.  A little goes a long way, and that's important to me because I tend to keep everything spotless and clean. Now, that doesn't mean it's the best stuff on the planet. I'm sure there's other stuff that's really good. It's just that Formula 65 was recommended to me by a guy who has, for the past 26 years, been in the business of repairing, rebuilding and setting up stringed instruments. I just know it works well.  I still use light coat of lemon oil on the fretboard once a year or so. Maybe I don't need to but I do it anyway.



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Can't argue with that Russell. 40 years speaks volumes. But what do you do if you live in an extremely dry environment and have no way of controlling humility. what keeps it from drying out? I can't imagine not putting some type of moisture returning product in any of my wood furniture. Is guitar wood any different? Also some people have naturally more acid in their system then others that cause deterioration of the finish on wood and/or metal. Will wiping with a dry cloth keep the acid from eating away the finish?

Not disagreeing with you. I don't have nearly the experience you have,  but it just goes against everything I've been taught about wood, especially in a very dry environment.



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A lot of people will tell you a lot of different things when it comes to caring for your guitar.  Lemon oil is something I've heard on numerous occasions. There is also different and varying opinions on whether or not to take all strings off when changing them out or just take one or two off at a time. I agree with Tyson7 in that I have never experienced any problems with removing all the strings, which gives you an opportunity to thoroughly clean the fret board. Though I'm not an expert by any means, I do however know some who are. Try Dunlop Formula 65 Guitar Polish and cleaner. just a couple of sprays on a clean cloth goes a long way and really makes your guitar look nice, it's inexpensive and you can use it often. Lacking this cleaner, lemon oil is viable option. Just don't use very much and wipe it off thoroughly. Hope this helps.

If others have and advice or opinions on this subject, I would be interested in hearing them. Any information I can get on keeping my guitars in top condition can be very helpful, and educational.  Come'on  pro's how about sharing some tried and true tricks or experiences you've gained throughout your years/careers.

Thanks in advance