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(POP)Ular Science (5 versions)
A Rite of Passage
A Synonym for Acquiesce (2 versions)
Alcohol and Altar Boys (4 versions)
Already Gone (6 versions)
Blame It on Bad Luck (3 versions)
Boy (2 versions)
Carry On (4 versions)
Choice Hops and Bottled Self Esteem (4 versions)
Dear Your Holiness (9 versions)
Devotion and Desire (6 versions)
Don'€™t Call Me Peanut (7 versions)
Duality (2 versions)
Enemy Lines
Existing in a Crisis (Evelyn) (3 versions)
Guardrail (3 versions)
Half a Life (2 versions)
Have Fun Storming the Castle
He Loves Me (4 versions)
Head on a Plate
How to Fix Everything (3 versions)
I and I (3 versions)
I Can'€™t Go On (6 versions)
It'€™s Not a Bad Little War (3 versions)
Just Enough to Love You (2 versions)
Killing Time (4 versions)
Landing Feet First (2 versions)
Masterpiece (3 versions)
Moceanu (3 versions)
Mona Lisa (3 versions)
Montauk (10 versions)
No One Understands (6 versions)
Not Fair
On Love, on Life (6 versions)
Phone Call From Poland
Poison in My Veins (3 versions)
Pretty Vacant
Seeing Sound (3 versions)
Sick, Sick, Sick (6 versions)
Sinking and Swimming on Long Island (3 versions)
Talking of Michelangelo (4 versions)
Thankfully (3 versions)
The Ghost
The Ghost of Saint Valentine (4 versions)
The New Flesh (3 versions)
The Wrong Way (3 versions)
They Looked Like Strong Hands (3 versions)
They'€™re Not Horses, They'€™re Unicorns (6 versions)
Tortures of the Damned (3 versions)
Transitive Property (4 versions)
Two Letters
What and What Not (2 versions)