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400 slag (4 versions)
747 (4 versions)
999 (3 versions)
Andromeda (2 versions)
Avtryck (4 versions)
Berlin (4 versions)
Blåjeans (2 versions)
Columbus (3 versions)
Cowboys (3 versions)
Den döda vinkeln
Den osynlige mannen (4 versions)
Det finns inga ord (3 versions)
Dom andra (6 versions)
Du är ånga (2 versions)
Du var min armé (2 versions)
Duett (3 versions)
Elefanter (4 versions)
Elite (3 versions)
En timme en minut (4 versions)
Ensamheten (3 versions)
Ensammast i Sverige
FF (9 versions)
Frank (4 versions)
Gamla Ullevi
Generation ex (4 versions)
Gigi (2 versions)
Glider (2 versions)
Gravitation (6 versions)
Halka (2 versions)
Indianer (4 versions)
Innan allting tar slut
Jag ser dig (3 versions)
Järnspöken (2 versions)
Kärleken väntar (3 versions)
Klåparen (2 versions)
Livräddaren (3 versions)
Mannen i den vita hatten (16 år senare) (2 versions)
Max 500 (4 versions)
Mirage (2 versions)
Music Non Stop (2 versions)
Om du var här (2 versions)
OWC (6 versions)
Palace & Main
Pärlor (3 versions)
Petroleum (3 versions)
Protection (4 versions)
Revolt III (5 versions)
Rollercoaster (4 versions)
Romeo återvänder ensam (2 versions)
Ruta 1 (2 versions)
Saker man ser
Sjukhus (6 versions)
Socker (8 versions)
Som vatten (4 versions)
Sundance Kid (5 versions)
Sverige (15 versions)
Taxmannen (3 versions)
Team building (3 versions)
The King Is Dead
Thinner (6 versions)
Utan dina andetag (4 versions)
Våga vara rädd (2 versions)

Kent was a Swedish rock band, formed in Eskilstuna in 1990. With members Joakim Berg, Martin Sköld, Sami Sirviö and Markus Mustonen, the band has had numerous radio hits throughout Sweden and Scandinavia and consecutive number-one studio albums on the Sweden top list (Sverigetopplistan) beginning with the release of Verkligen (1996) and led by the single "Kräm (så nära får ingen gå)". With origins rooted in distorted rock, they found mainstream success through their alternative rock albums of the mid-1990s, 2000s and 2010s, the latter decades during which they adopted elements of synthpop. With eleven number-one albums, five number-one singles, 23 Swedish Grammy Awards, and over 3 million record sales, Kent is considered the most popular rock/pop group within Sweden and throughout Scandinavia. Vapen & ammunition (2002) topped the Swedish charts for 95 weeks. Kent is often compared to bands like U2, Coldplay and Depeche Mode.

Because Kent’s songs are primarily performed in Swedish, they are unfamiliar to most English-speaking audiences. Kent briefly attempted an international career with English versions of the albums Isola (1997) and Hagnesta Hill (1999) and an accompanying American tour for the former, but stopped after finding less success than they had in Scandinavia. Joakim Berg, the lead singer and lyricist, says "there are two kinds of lyrics I write. One kind is based in places and the other is based in feelings. You move between those two whether you want to or not.""VinterNoll2" is an unlockable track in Career Mode on Guitar Hero World Tour. They have their own SingStar called SingStar Kent released on PlayStation 2 and 3.

The band announced on March 16, 2016 that they would release their final album, titled Då som nu för alltid, after 26 years of performing. The album was released on May 20, 2016. The band’s announcement noted that the dissolution of the band is voluntary and is despite their continued success.

Kent’s final concert was held at Tele2 Arena in Stockholm on 17 December 2016, ending a months-long farewell tour that covered Sweden, Norway, Finland, and Denmark.