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Soul Asylum

31 Ogos (3 versions)
99% (3 versions)
Anthem for Doomed Youth
April Fool (7 versions)
Bittersweetheart (7 versions)
Black Gold (15 versions)
Blood Into Wine (3 versions)
Book of Love (2 versions)
By the Way (3 versions)
Can'€™t Go Back (2 versions)
Cartoon (8 versions)
Close (4 versions)
Closer to the Stars (5 versions)
Cradle Chain (3 versions)
Creatures of Habit (3 versions)
Draggin'€™ the Lake (3 versions)
Eyes of a Child (4 versions)
Frustrating (3 versions)
Gravity (3 versions)
Grounded (3 versions)
Gullible'€™s Travels (2 versions)
Homesick (7 versions)
I Did My Best (4 versions)
I Will Still Be Laughing (3 versions)
Just Like Anyone (4 versions)
Keep It Up (3 versions)
Lies of Hate (3 versions)
Misery (13 versions)
Never Really Been (4 versions)
New World (8 versions)
New York Blackout (4 versions)
No Man'€™s Land (2 versions)
No Time for Waiting (3 versions)
Nothing to Write Home About (3 versions)
Open Up Let the Light In
Promises Broken (6 versions)
Put the Bone In (4 versions)
Runaway Train (21 versions)
See You Later (3 versions)
Shame on Me (2 versions)
Shut Down (2 versions)
Somebody to Shove (13 versions)
Sometime to Return (7 versions)
Spinnin'€™ (2 versions)
Stand Up and Be Strong (3 versions)
Stranger (2 versions)
String of Pearls (8 versions)
Success Is Not So Sweet
Take Your Guess (2 versions)
Tell Me When (3 versions)
The Game (3 versions)
The Sun Maid (13 versions)
The Way That I Am
To My Own Devices (2 versions)
Veil of Tears (3 versions)
We 3 (2 versions)
Without a Trace (9 versions)

Soul Asylum is an American alternative rock band formed in 1981 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The band began using their official name in 1983..

The band originally formed in 1981 under the name Loud Fast Rules, with a lineup consisting of Dave Pirner, Dan Murphy, Karl Mueller, and Pat Morley. Morley was replaced by Grant Young in 1984. The band recorded three albums with Twin/Tone Records and two with A&M Records, with little commercial success. In 1992, they released the triple-platinum album Grave Dancers Union, featuring their Grammy Award–winning single "Runaway Train". The band played at the inauguration of President Bill Clinton early the next year. They also scored a platinum record with the album Let Your Dim Light Shine three years later.

In 1998 they recorded Candy from a Stranger. Mueller was diagnosed with cancer in 2004, and the band organized a benefit concert on his behalf. Mueller died a year later.

In 2006 the band released The Silver Lining. Their most recent effort is Change of Fortune, released on March 18, 2016.