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Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers

A Thing About You (2 versions)
A Wasted Life (3 versions)
Accused of Love (5 versions)
All or Nothin'€™ (6 versions)
All the Wrong Reasons (3 versions)
American Girl (19 versions)
Anything That'€™s Rock '€™n'€™ Roll (4 versions)
Baby'€™s a Rock '€™n'€™ Roller (2 versions)
Blue Sunday (3 versions)
Breakdown (8 versions)
Built to Last (4 versions)
Can'€™t Stop the Sun (3 versions)
Change of Heart (2 versions)
Counting on You (4 versions)
Deliver Me (2 versions)
Dogs on the Run (3 versions)
Don'€™t Come Around Here No More (11 versions)
Don'€™t Do Me Like That (6 versions)
Don'€™t Pull Me Over (4 versions)
Dreamville (3 versions)
Echo (4 versions)
Even the Losers (12 versions)
Fault Lines
Forgotten Man
Free Girl Now (6 versions)
Good Enough (3 versions)
Have Love Will Travel (5 versions)
Here Comes My Girl (7 versions)
High in the Morning (3 versions)
Hometown Blues (3 versions)
I Need to Know (10 versions)
I Should Have Known It (3 versions)
Insider (6 versions)
Into the Great Wide Open (14 versions)
Jammin'€™ Me (7 versions)
Jefferson Jericho Blues (5 versions)
Joe (3 versions)
Kings Highway (10 versions)
Learning to Fly (14 versions)
Let Yourself Go (2 versions)
Letting You Go (3 versions)
Like a Diamond (3 versions)
Listen to Her Heart (8 versions)
Lonesome Sundown (3 versions)
Lost Children (4 versions)
Louisiana Rain (5 versions)
Luna (4 versions)
Magnolia (3 versions)
Money Becomes King (3 versions)
Mystery Man
No Reason to Cry (3 versions)
No Second Thoughts (4 versions)
Rebels (5 versions)
Red River
Refugee (11 versions)
Rhino Skin (7 versions)
Room at the Top (4 versions)
Running Man'€™s Bible (2 versions)
Sins of My Youth
Something Big (3 versions)
Something Good Coming (10 versions)
Spike (4 versions)
Straight Into Darkness (3 versions)
Strangered in the Night (2 versions)
Swingin'€™ (8 versions)
Takin'€™ My Time (2 versions)
The Best of Everything
The Criminal Kind (3 versions)
The Last DJ (4 versions)
The Trip to Pirate'€™s Cove (4 versions)
The Waiting (6 versions)
This One'€™s for Me (2 versions)
Two Gunslingers (5 versions)
We Stand a Chance (3 versions)
When the Time Comes (2 versions)
You and Me (3 versions)
You Got Lucky (8 versions)

Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers are an American rock band from Gainesville, Florida. Formed in 1976, the band originally comprised Tom Petty (lead singer, guitar), Mike Campbell (lead guitarist), Ron Blair (bass guitar), Stan Lynch (drums), and Benmont Tench (keyboards). The band largely maintained this lineup, with a few exceptions. In 1981, Blair, tired of the touring lifestyle, left the band. His replacement, Howie Epstein, stayed with the band for the next two decades. In 1991, Scott Thurston joined the band as a multi-instrumentalist—mostly on rhythm guitar and second keyboards. Blair returned to the Heartbreakers in 2002, the year before Epstein’s death. In 1994, Steve Ferrone replaced Lynch on drums. The band is best known for the hit singles "American Girl", "Breakdown", "The Waiting", "Learning to Fly", "Refugee" and "Mary Jane’s Last Dance".

The band was part of Southern rock but also at the forefront of the heartland rock movement, alongside artists such as Bruce Springsteen, Bob Seger, and John Mellencamp who arose in the late 1970s and 1980s. The genre eschews the synthesizer-based music and fashion elements popular in synthpop and New Romanticism in favor of a straightforward classic rock sound, and lyrics based on relatable, blue collar issues. While the heartland rock movement faded out in the 1990s, the band remained active and popular, touring regularly until Petty’s death in 2017. Their most recent album, Hypnotic Eye, was released in 2014.

Although most of their material was produced and performed under the name "The Heartbreakers", Petty released three solo albums, the most successful of which was Full Moon Fever (1989). In these releases, members of the band contributed as collaborators, producing and performing as studio musicians.