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Absence Of God  Rilo Kiley


[D]2  [D7]2   [Dmaj7]X      [Dmaj9]0      [Em]0   [F#m]2    [G]3  [A]0  [A/C#]0     [A7]0   [Asus4]0     [Bm]2
3 1 2 2 0 2 0 2 2 2 3 3
2 2 2 2 0 2 0 2 2 0 2 4
0 0 0 0 2 4 0 2 2 2 2 4
X X X X 2 4 2 0 4 0 0 2
X X X X 0 2 3 X X X X X

Chords With Lyrics

[D]   [Dmaj9]       [G]   [A]                        
[D]The absence of G[Dmaj7]od will bring you [G]comfort, [A]baby

and [D]planning's for the [Dmaj7]poor so let's pre[G]tend that we're r[F#m]ich
Bm x 2 Asus4 A
and I'm not my body or what I choose to do with it

[D]Folk singers sing [Dmaj7]songs for the w[G]orking, [A]baby

[D]We're just recr[Dmaj7]eation for all those[G] doctors and those l[F#m]awyers
Bm x 2
there's no relief for their heavy hearts

cause they'll be[Asus4] losing bo[A]dies tonight

[D]   [D]                                  
And [Em]Rob says may[A]be love won't[F#m] let you [Bm]down
[Em]all of your [A]failures are[F#m] training [Bm]grounds
and [Em]just [F#m]as   [G]your [A]back's [Bm]turned you'll [A/C#]be surp[A7]rised he says
as your[A] solitude subsides
[D]  [Dmaj7]      [G]  [A]                           
We could be[D] daytime drunks if we w[Dmaj7]anted,
we'd never get any[G]thing done that way [A]baby
And we'd s[D]till be ru[Dmaj7]led by our due[G]ling persp[F#m]ectives
Bm x 2
and I'm not my story or perspective

or the l[Asus4]ies I'll tell y[A]ou every time

[D]  [D7]                                   
And [Em]Rob says you l[A]ove, love, love and[F#m] then you [Bm]die
I've [Em]watched [F#m]him [G]while [A]slee[Bm]ping [A/C#]and s[A7]een him cry[A] with closed eyes
[D]  [Dmaj7]      [G]  [A]                           
And [D]you're not happy but you're [Dmaj7]funny and I'm tri[G]pping over my [A]joy
[D] but I just keep on [Dmaj7]getting up again[G]     [A]
[Bm]   [Bm]   [Asus4]      [A]                         
[F#m] Teach you how to [Bm]swim
you turn the[F#m] bad in me into[Bm] good again
[D]  [D7]                                   
And [Em]I say there's t[A]rouble when e[F#m]verything is [Bm]fine
the [Em]need to destr[A]oy things creeps[F#m] up on me every [Bm]time
and [Em]just [F#m]as l[G]ove's [A]silhou[Bm]ette [A/C#]appears[A7]
I close my eyes and disapp[A]ear with you[D] tonight[D7]
and[F#m] something's got to c[Bm]hange
cause our[F#m] love's the slowest mo[Bm]ving train
28 Seconds of Tablature

h = hammer on
p = hammer off

[D]       hp        [Dmaj9]       hp        [G]       hp        [A]

[D]       hp        [Dmaj9]       hp        [G]       hp        [A]

[D]                 [Dmaj7]                 [G]                 [A]                         

The absence of God will bring you comfort, baby and

[D]                 [Dmaj7]                 [G]                 [F#m]                         

planning's for the poor so let's pretend that we're rich and I'm

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A A/C# A7 Asus4 Bm D D7 Dmaj7 Dmaj9 Em F#m G
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