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My husband bought me a new Gibson SG Special (wine red) on boxing day.  Not exactly a christmas gift, more like an early anniversary and birthday gift (both in January).  Very cool, indeed.  smile  Cheers to all who received or gave a musical gift.  The best gift of all!  Happy New Year everyone!


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I was lucky and found a great guitar teacher, right from the start.  He teaches me everything from scales, theory, tab, strumming etc.  We started out learning songs based on my skill level.  Now I usually take in songs I want to learn and we sit and learn them together.  It's great.  He always has something new to show me or throw in, so I'm always challenged.  There's stuff he's taught me that I'd never have learned on my own.  And because of that I think I've progressed much faster and farther.  And I always want to impress him the next week so I practise, practise, practise.  Good luck!


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I dated a musican over 25 yrs ago.  He was teaching me how to play.  We'd jam with his family, who all played.  It was great but I was at a very beginner level.  Broke up with him and never picked one up again till 2.5 yrs ago.  Walked into a guitar store, bought a guitar and signed up for lessons.  I'm going into my third year of lessons.  I have an acoustic and a electric now, amp too.  The lessons are definitely worth it if you can afford it and find a teacher that you gel with.  And since I don't have anyone else to play with and learn from.  I still use books, cd's and dvd's I pick up as well as the internet.  That internet, it's gonna be big someday.  wink


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My first acoustic was a Takamine G Series, baby model.  Was just under $500.  It was great to start out on but after 2 years I hated the sound of it.  Because it was a baby model the neck was even narrower than most.  So it was very hard to play.  I traded it in for a Taylor 214CE this past August.  WOW. What a difference.  Easier to play, sounds heavenly.  smile  I know there are better Takamine's out there, you just have to spend the money.  At least I bought one with a solid top, not laminate.  That's my advice to you as well.  A solid top will be better for resale or a trade in, plus it will be a better lasting/quality guitar.  Spend as much as you can!  To get the best guitar for your buck, like everyone else says, go try them out. 

AccoustikNoyz, that's really cool that you have a Takamine signed by the Wilslon Sisters.  smile


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My Bogner Amp has the same kind of tuner built in.  I'm hoping I'm going to get one of the pedal boards for it, which also has a built in tuner, for my birthday in January.  smile


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upyerkilt wrote:


You just said something that I never realised i done. I put my vids on and tell my dad and cousins etc in america, some have never even met me, others have not seen me for over 17 years so this is a very good way for them to see me and hear me.


Absolutely Ken!  Most of my family and friends live far away from me as well.  It's a great way to connect.  Cheers!


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Well I have to agree with everyone.  Any place people can leave a comment without it being monitored you're gonna run into "Trolls".  I have a you tube channel as well and you can modify who can comment under "Edit Channel".  You can set it so that the comments will show only with your approval.  I haven't had any problems with "Trolls" yet so I let everyone comment.  I do believe in free speech but sometimes people are just plain mean.  They have no life so they are hell bent on destroying everyone else's too.  As the nursery rhyme says, "Leave them alone and they'll go home, wagging their tails behind them".  smile 

Now on to alvee33 and upyerkilt's performances!  WOW guys.  Way to go.  Awesome jobs.  I think uploading vids of yourselves is a great way to share with family and friends who may not be close.  I also find it helpful in seeing what I can improve on.  Here's my channel if you'd like to check it out.  http://www.youtube.com/user/chefheather  My husband is playing bass with me.  We have allot of fun jamming together.  I've been playing and taking lessons for about 2 years and my husband started playing last year and just started lessons in the fall.  So we're real beginners.  I also tried to sing and play on a Tom Petty song, Night Driver.  Yikes!  But again, just putting yourself out there like that takes allot of balls.  I applaud everyone who does it and encourage those who haven't to do it! 

Anyone else have a you tube channel with vids of themselves playing?  I'd love to see 'em!  Cheers!


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Thanks Micky.  I might have to invest in one.  My ear has definitely gotten better in the last two years of playing but I still haven't learned to tune by ear.  Soon I hope.  smile  Cheers!


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cytania wrote:

Other way to approach this is to get a contact tuner like those used on acoutstics, they still work when clipped onto an electric and use the body vibrations.

Seriously, there is such a thing?  I have a tuner built into my amp but sometimes I wonder how accurate it is.  Or even my stand alone tuners.  Learn something new everyday about guitars and equipment.  Thanks.  Cheers


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Anything that's done well and sounds good.  In other words, "Music Baby!"  Check out this private radio staion in Alberta, www.ckua.com  "A World of Music" and they mean it.



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upyerkilt wrote:

my night out was the best i had this year so far, not that there has been many nights out lol
The meal I had was the tastiest meal I tihnk I have eaten, if not the best then it was really close to it. I dont even know what it was called that I had. I even took a photo of it lol yes I know I am a saddo! lol But it looked perfect.
It was a slice of haggis on the bottom then a slice of apple then a slice of venison then a slice of black pudding then another slice of apple and on top another slice of venison with a peppercorn sauce all stacked up and measured mabye about 10" high. served with mashed totties and veg.
hmmmmmmm, I want to go back now and get it again.

Then after that in the pub there was a 3 piece band, guitar,violin,mandolin playing all sorts. Irish,scottish and poppy sort of stuff done in a folky sort of way wit hthose instruments.

A very good night it was thanks.


That sound just about Purrfecct to me.  smile


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The Stampeders, in a wee small town in the maritimes, Sussex NB.  They came out from Calgary in the 70's and were playing Fair's across Canada.  I barely remember.  The one I actually spent money on to see was Trooper, later in the 70's.  Those were both in small venues.  The first Arena concert I ever saw was when I was 15 yrs old.
Rush - Hemispheres Tour
Max Webster AKA Kim Mitchell opened up.  It was way cool!  cool


And here's my husband's for the Bass.  EADG



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bonedaddy wrote:

I live in Grimsby, which is a pimple on the ass end of the UK!


Hey Bonedaddy, my Dad's from Grimsby!  He used to play Trumpet in a Jazz Band called "The Riverside Jazzmen".  Circa 1956.

Songs my husband (he's learning Bass) and I are working on:

Cocaine - Eric Clapton
Maybe - Collective Soul
Savin' Grace - Tom Petty
Don't Get me Wrong - The Pretenders
Brain Damage/Eclipse - Pink Floyd
Lost Together - Blue Rodeo
Back to Me - Kathleen Edwards
How Long - The Eagles

First one I bought was:

Elton John - Captain Fantastic and the Brown Dirty Cowboy.  I think that was his and Bernie Taupin's greatest.  And the artwork on the album was fabulous.  I used to just sit and look at it while I listened to the album.  I miss album cover artwork.  sad


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Calgary, AB and baby it's cold outside today!  But our Groundhog came out of his home last weekend and saw his shadow, so that means and early spring!


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I bet you're right Cytania.  Already I find can play barre chords much easier on the electric.  That's funny you mention your "bad habits" on the Bass.  I found a site for my husband today on some basics and they said the same thing.  Ha. Ha.  Here's the link if you're interested.  Free advice and stuff.   http://www.studybass.com/lessons/basics … ners-make/   



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I agree.  With the acoustic I have to take a day off in between sometimes, from the pain.  I also cook allot, so my hands are in water constantly.  Makes it hard to keep the callouses in tune.  I'm hoping the Electric will make it a little easier.  All part of the fun of playing though, right?  Cheers!


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Thanks Cytania and Bootleger.  smile  Yeah, Adam at the store already lowered the action a bit for me.  Might get him to lower it a tad bit more today after my lesson.  Man, am I having fun with this.  Sooo much easier to play.  (although I've been sick the past two days and haven't played much) My husband was fooling around on it the other day.  Having a great time doing some bass lines.  Sounding like Pink Floyd etc.  He said he might like to get a bass.  He currently has a Tabla type drum, tambourine and chicken shake to play along with me.  Sooooo.....yesterday I had to swing by the shop to pick up a stand for my new "baby".  I got talking to the manager about a bass.  Well they had this sweeeet deal on a box kit.  Comes with a Fender Squire Jazz Bass, Fender bass amp, strap, gig bag (Paul figured that must be filled with two bottles of axe deodorant spray, rolling papers and pen and paper to write down all the "babes" numbers, well I laughed when he said that), bass tuner, instructional DVD and cord.  Got it for $309 plus tax. Got him a stand as well and we're off to the races.  I phoned him at work when I got home.  Told him I did something crazy and he actually guessed that I bought him a Bass.  I guess we know each other pretty well.  He was so happy and very excited when he got home last night.  Said the song, "Big Bottoms" from Spinal Tap kept running thru his head all day.  Told him it was in mine too!  I said I also wanted to paint the number 11 on his volume control.  LOL  Now I need to find some Bass tabs for him to some or all of the tunes I already know.  cool


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I just bought my first Electric Guitar, a Highway One Strat HSS.  Sunburst.  Very cool.  Got a little Fender G-DEC Amp to go along with it.  I bought my first acoustic about a year and a half ago.  I take lessons and love playing it but man, it's hard on the fingers.  I'm hoping the electric will allow me to be able to practise and play longer.  smile  I'm so excited.  I was just going to get a Mexican Strat but did some research in these forums and around the web and figured I'd rather get an American made Strat for lots of reasons.  Glad I spent a few hundred more on this one.  I'll have it for years.  Wish I had done that with my Takamine G -Series Acoustic.  Although I love the Takamine too.  OK, going to go play now.  Rock On!


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Hey Old Doll,

I'm 43 yrs old and just started playing the guitar a year ago.  I  found the strumming part very frustrating at first too.  I wanted it to sound like the recording but I was too "busy" with my strumming.  All I could hear was the entire band in my head and I was strumming like mad to make it sound rich and full like that.  Doh!  My teacher really helped.  He started me out with simple strumming patterns and chords on songs and I've really progressed.  I've always used a pick, even for picking styles of songs.  Sometimes the pick feels really foreign in my hand but I just try to keep at it.  I use Fender Medium picks.  Good luck to you.

Another older girl (43) out in Calgary.  Originally from Halifax.  Bought an acoustic a year ago.  Found this terrific site shortly after that.  Started lessons last September.  Love it!  Should have done it sooner.


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Hey Paul,

I have the same problem, especially at my guitar lesson.  Nervous and wanting to impress my guitar teacher I guess.  smile  Anyway, I just put on a set of "Elixir Light for Acoustic" strings and I love them!  Easier on the fingers and less squeak.  Definitely worth the extra cash.  Especially if they last twice as long.  I still wipe my strings after I play too. 


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Hey Everyone!  What a melting pot we have here.  It's great.  I've been living in Calgary, AB, Canada the past 17 yrs.  From Halifax, NS originally.  43 yr old female been playing almost a year now.  Actually played about 25 yrs ago as a beginner but broke up with the guy who had all the guitars and finally bought my own last year!  Wish I had done it sooner but better late than never.