laura laura.... hey for a simpler solution until you learn a F#M.... just replace it with a dmaj7.... Bar the bottom three strings on the second fret. It should sound close enough to play the song you like. Good luck. Sherri. smile
Look under the resource section, then large chord will see it that and it will sound close enough. enjoy your song.


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Hummmm I have been playing for about 6 years....I had the same problem, i just kept practicing. I can now play around 20-30 songs off the top of my head without my large binder! However, by the time you can do the song without thinking about are really sick of the song....So if you are not too sick of the song, you have not practiced it works for me. I found at first I had to stick to just a few and do them over and over, even if I did not want to....if you keep jumping from song to song, you won't remember them. So, if you do the same 5 over a few times each practice....then move on to other songs so you don't die of boredom....then the next the same 5 songs a few times, then move to the other songs....keep this up for awhile and soon you will know the 5 you always play. However if I don't play a certain song for a long time, I will sometimes forget it and need to refresh my memory!... goodluck!

Happy Birthday! Congrats on your new toy.....urrrr sound! My birthday was in Sept and I got a small amp for a I have only tried it a few times when I was home was fun! smile


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Zurf is funny lol   Sometimes the BM can be subsituted by D or EM, but not always. Try each chord to see if one fits ok, however there are times that only BM will sound right.


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Eagles song -  Already gone  G D C through the whole song!


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Baby I'm Amazed by Lonestar....I have been playing that lately. I play it in the key of A. There is also a dreaded BM in the song that needs to be played for it to sound right...good luck smile.

I always use Elixer lights Nanoweb, but like most people I found the cost very high. I now buy them online. There is a great site at    they currently have great deals on right now on Elixer and those new Martin lifespan strings. I tried cleartone and did not like them. Also at strings and beyond, the shipping is free, if your order comes to $35.00 or more. Same deal in Canada for shipping and no tax! They are based in North Carolina, US. Check them out! I love that site, mostly they just deal in strings and small accessories and picks etc. smile  Their service is great and I have never had problems with orders from them, and they often throw in something small for free as a gift!
Oh, and like Topdown said, I also have snapped several G but I love the slippery smooth feel of the strings! Using a heavier string would help, but I like the lights and my guitar is setup for them. I just can't get to carried away banging on them


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I can't do barre chords.... I agree with a Fmaj7 it is much easier, also brighter sounding.


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Once again, I play this chord very differently. I place my index finger on high e (small string) second fret....and just so happens that my pinky finger bends backwards from the tip to the first just enough so, I place the end of my pinky finger on the three strings on the 4th fret...D, G, and B strings......and voila a "B" chord....I also do this for Bb....took a little getting used too, but I do it now with out even thinking about it, and it saves me from using two extra fingers....hahaha smile


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I also use Elixer Nano Web light strings....and get your action (strings lowered) if they are too high....that will help alot! I do find you can't beat hard on Elixer light strings, they will break easily. If you play that way, go with medium or medium lights.

I play it the cheating way..... 2nd fret,  finger on the A string, G string and the High E string (bottom little string)..... I DON"T BOTHER, with the finger on the first fret ( D string) at all.....the difference is so slight, no one will ever know smile  Hope this helps. I tend to cheat with lots of chords and it works fine for

Go to the Resources tab and click on large chord chart and then click on the B7 for different ways to play it.... I can't copy and paste into here sad


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Both Bravo and the New York Pro model are also sold here in NB. They are a cheap beginners model. They usually sell for about $100.00 to $140.00 brand new. I would not know what they sound like. Hope this helps you smile.


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haha these are funny. Now I don't feel so bad.....but I am sure this has not happened to too many people. I have been playing about 4 and a half years. I practised as much as possible. After 6 months or so, I noticed a "dent" forming across my right leg, where I rest the guitar. Probably from holding the guitar slightly on its edge, so I could see what my fingers were has never gone away, and sense I don't intend to quit playing, I guess I have to live with it. Even though I no longer "have" to look at my fingers...and I try to hold the guitar just slips into the I tried holding it on the other leg, but it was not comfortable for me. And I really suck with a strap, so dent it is.... smile


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Zurf.... don't ever stop make me laugh right out loud, and I really am not supposed to be viewing Chordie while at work smile  Let alone hahaing it up...I can't play standing up either, but I bought a new strap and will try it again couch is a way to comfortable to afford the encouragement I need...haha!


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Hi I too am a chick....I post on occasion. I have never taken voice lessons and I am sure they could help me! I did find a capo very helpful and also don't play faster than you can sing and don't sing faster than you can both at your OWN pace. PS: there are lots of women on this site, depending on the topics I guess smile.


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Weird what posture can do!!...... I have a permament dent across my right leg from the way I hold my guitar. Holding it the same way and playing everyday for 4 years..... I just got used to the dent as, I am not about to give up guitar playing....although, I should try out my strap.....haha, as my leg does look funny, especially in


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I absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my Fender guitar.... It is a GA45sce....plays like a dream and sounds great! It is an acoustic/electric, with Fishman electronics. Google the model and read the reviews! Mine has the built in tuner, as some models don't.

That is so much fun.....we did the same thing at my house on Sat. night.....hee-haw.....drinks and fun music....and we had a banjo player who sounded great too! Can't wait to do it all over again... smile


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First song, badly strummed all the way through was Back When - Tim I was sooooooo happy I finally played a whole song...haha. PLEASE beginners....keep at it, if I can do it anyone can smile.


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Hi Jolt....just because the green light is on, does not mean the string is in tune if it is the wrong string showing up. If you are tuning the low E string for example....make sure the tuner is showing the RIGHT string as in the picture of the turner above....same thing for all the following strings...6E, 5A, 4D, 3G, 2B, and 1E. I only mention this as a know a new guitar player that made this mistake. It does happen! You can't just depend on a green light! Happy tuning! smile

Well that is cool, I am self taught too....and my fingers usually give up a way before I do smile I need to invent something to place on the tips when they get that I tried small band-aids once, just so I could play worked for a short while...I swear the stupid things people try when they are learning....and can't get enough....too funny!

Hi everyone, I thought this would be interesting. To start out I have been playing almost 4 years....female and I am from Canada! In my 40's hehe, never to late to learn smile Where is everyone else from? Nice to hear from different people and area's.

Hi DevilCat.....keep at will do it eventually! I agree with GSE....I have a couple of friends who play a C chord like that (one finger at a time) and it is very hard to tell what they are doing until the last finger is dropped....haha. Also if you can  make an AM....then going from an AM to a only have to move one finger....likely your ring finger to your A string. No need to move your other two fingers at all....try it smile. Or from C to an AM..... like you said makes they


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Welcome to the world of guitar players! You happen to be on one of the best sites available smile Check out a few of the public song books for songs you may know! Keep it simple at first! Good luck, just practise lots and you will get better, there are no


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I just want to say....Fender does have an awesome guitar out there....It is a GA45sce.....what a beautiful guitar and sounds awesome....I just love it and can't say enough good about it....check it out if you ever get the chance.....great value and it will put a few big names to shame smile Do a search on the model and read the reviews.....mine also came with a built in tuner....which most don't. And the nut and saddle was replaced with natural bone....they had upgraded it for me (Fender) this guitar replaced a GA45sc plain accoustic model that had a factory defect.....I guess they just wanted to please their customer and boy, did they ever....I will never get rid of this guitar....I LOVE IT....
You absolutely, CANNOT beat the quality and features of this guitar for the price! PS: the action is low and Perfect as welll. It plays like a dream smile.