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Congradulations Badeye on a big 48, Sounds like a great celebration. Would have loved to been there and jammed Workin Man Blues, a favorite of both of ours. Back at you with a Take Care and have a great day


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Hey there Jeff, I too am self taught and what I can tell you is that figuring out tunes is an ability that one gets better at like any thing else the more you practice at the easier it becomes. What I do is use bar chords to help find what fits while the tune is being played and then if you choose to swich them over to open chords, Learning how to play bar chords would be my first step in your case if you want my opinion.


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Very well put , Bootlegger


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I have yet to be impressed with any acoustic guitar made by fender, although I do love both the strat and tele (US made) made electric guitars. there is no comparison in what gibson makes as far acoustic guitars go and I dont think any one would dispute me on this


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I went to a guitar show this past summer. it was more like going to a museam tan any thing else. I saw guitars that I new I would never own, but dont get me wrong it was most defintly a treat to see such beautiful works of art


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wow, who is this guy


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to me this is as normal as normal can be.


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how about anabelle


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Look up the gibson websight and there will be a section that wiil locate a gibson dealer in your area


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Hey there Phil, Yea I have my new guitar, a D-42 Martin. After decieding on Martin it took me a month to deciede on which model I wanted. I found that the D-45 had a bit too much bling-bling for me and I also felt that the D-42 had a sound that I preferred. As far as Santa Cruz and Collins go I am not familar with these guitars.


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Allman Brothers..... Mellisa.   You can find how to play the riffs on the guitar tabs here on chordie


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WeaserP wrote:

I know I could get skewered by some purists but take a look at Ovations.  If you can get by the plastic/round back thing, they're great guitars for the money.  IMHO, Martins, Taylors, and Gibsons are great guitars but there are others.  Takamine makes a great, reasonably priced guitar as well.  Play a lot of them and, if you're on a budget stay away from the McPhersons or anything on that level - there is a difference but you'll pay for it too.

Hey there Weaser, I was just thinking back, I mean way back in the 1970's. I saw a concert it was Jethro Tull. It was when they came out with the alblum Thick as a Brick. I don't know if you are familiar with this , but anyway The lead singer / flute player did an an acoustic part and he was playing an Ovation. I can distictly remeber how great that acoustic guitar sounded. I must admit that I kinda forgot how good an Ovation can sound.


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I don't think it is something I would take a chance on my guitar. A new set of strings is not going to break the bank. I don't beleive the fact that there is any fish oil in WD-40. I have been told that the name WD-40 comes from the the fact that it took the chemist who invented it 40 tries to get the formula right. Who knows what is in that stuff


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Sounds like it might be good for your strings but I would be leary about geting it on the wood of the neck of my guitar. Question is how would one apply it


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I do not know for sure but I have been told that an Ovation does not age well and that they tend to fall apart over the years. Any one out there have an older Ovation who can give up the facts on this subject


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Which would you choose and Why


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Tell me mrjay which model Guild did you choose and how do you like it ?   As you know I love Guilds. As far as my new Martin I took my time and did a lot of shopping around. Even after deciding on a Martin it took me a good mounth to decide on which model. It was a long process because I figure on this being my last 6 string acoustic guitar purchase. Maybe a 12 string further on down the road


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sumelton1 wrote:

I know - but I have to narrow it down to the big three or I''ll go mad trying to choose. Martin, Taylor, Gibson seem to be the big three at the moment ---- with the hummingbird out in front because I am really more poppy than folky - but I do admire the electronics on the Taylors. I thhk these are also always going to hold value.

I went through the same choosing my Martin.I also had it narrowed down Martin, Taylor and Gibson. I found the Taylors and the Gibsons were nicer looking but when it came to tone the  Martin won hands down. My advise is to take it slow hit every guitar shop available to you. Don't be afraid to bargin. Play as many guitars as you can before you choose. In the end I found that by taking my time (a couple of months) there was a $1,000.00 difference in the highest and lowest prices quoted to me for the Martin I chose. Remember never pay the list price


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mrjay wrote:

patrickjacques, you're a danger to people's wallets =P

Btw, how is that poor Guild doing?

First of all mrjay a guitar in that price range is an investment. This is not money thrown away, and second of all I am only giving my opinion (which was asked for) I am sure sumelton is quite able to make up his own mind. And to answer your question about my Guild. I am not able  at this time to have it repaired as I have invested all I have in my new Martin. This Martin by the way is the nicest acoustic and best sounding guitar I have ever played


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Welcome back. Glad to hear eveything went well


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Woody Gutherie once said...." If you are playing more than two chords then you are just showing off "


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hey there sumelton, I know exaactly what you are going through. I have been there done that twice in my life now. 1976 I spent $650.00 which I could not afford at the time  on a Guild F-50. It was painful for a few months but I enjoyed that guitar for over 30 years. Last month I dished out $4,000.00 on a martin D-42. The thing I know is I will recover from the money soon enough. I also know that I will be enjoying a top of the line guitar for the rest of my life. I say buy that guitar of your dreams. It may be somewhat painful for a while. But in a year from now you will be glad you did.

there is a version of the song all things must pass on one of the beatles anthology alblums. that is also where they got the acoustic version of while my guitar weeps for the love alblum.

I too am a huge fan of George Harisson, most definatly my favorite Beatle. All of the songs that you listed (and more) are songs that I play almost every day.


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I prefer using a pick myself but thats just me. A pick is not nesserary. If you are getting the reults you want without a pick... Hey it is all about the enjoyment of the music. If you feel that you want to introduce the use of a pick, it's always an option.