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I love anything by James Clavell but especially Tai Pan and Noble House.

Shogun by James Clavell was an excellent read! The story is very similar to the movie The Last Samurai with Tom Cruise but the character development is way more interesting.


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Thanks for the link Russell. Good to know that people are keeping his vids alive.

For the copyright issue, I hope that record labels will eventually figure out the benefits of people enjoying the music and sharing their enjoyment with others in the form of covers. I still feel that this would encourage people to buy the originals which would allow the companies to make their profit. There has to be a reasonable balance between making their music accessible and making their money. Let's hope they find it and stop all the useless litigation.



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I've noticed this type of thing increasingly on Youtube. Actually, I was recently surprised and very dissapointed to see that Fretkillr (one of my favourite youtube musicians) got his channel banned because of copyright issues. I thought maybe it was because his covers were often more appreciated by the viewers than the originals themselves...

I find this really sad. Especially in the case of Fretkillr. He was covering older songs that many people today have never heard of. You would think that this would help the original artists more than hinder them. Covering another artist's songs is a great way of keeping their music alive and popularizing it IMO...

Rod & Gab are awesome. I especially love Gabriela's rhythmic style. I found a couple of lessons on youtube if you're interested in learning :


nice Pix! I really like their sound. Thanks for the share.


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Hey Chordians,

Came across this band and really dig their style. Kind of like a cross between country/rock/soul/christian.

Check it out: … re=related


Carter Beauford (Dave Matthews Band)
Buddy Rich
Phil Collins


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"I can't get no... satisfaction..."

Belting that one helps me a lot when I'm down. And the blues like Badeye.

I'm sorry to hear about your troubles PapaTom. I've been in dark places myself and have felt like nothing could ever go right again. But then they did. Things actually became better than before. You just keep your head up and ride out the stormy weather. You'll come out a better person because you struggled, and this I guarantee. All the best to you and hope you get out of this funk soon.


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awesome link! I've been looking for drum beats to practice to instead of just regular backing tracks. Thanks for the share.

If anyone wants some guitar jam tracks, check out :

They've got a bunch of backing tracks for all type of artists.


Hey Zurf,

A family member recently left his Epi EJ-200 at my place while in the middle of a move. I got the chance to try it out and I gotta say it's a great guitar for the price.

I normally play a Guild GAD-50 that has rosewood back/sides and a spruce top so I'll compare it to that. I'd say that the Epi is pretty bassy but still stays in a more mid-range tone compared to the Guild. I think the Epiphone has maple (laminate i believe) back/sides with a spruce top which probably accounts for the more treble-y tone. In any case, the mid-range sound blends in well with other instruments and you can also make it cut through in your leads. It's pretty versatile in terms of sound.

For the neck, it's a little wider and more flat than I'm used to, but it isn't anything that I couldn't get used to after a few songs. The neck is decently fast for picking/lead and I'd recommend the extra width if you've got bigger hands. However, if you're used to something thinner, it might not suit your taste.
For the action, the set-up was pretty well done by the store where he bought it from. Just the right tension for no buzz and not having to be Hercules to form a chord. Of course, that can vary, depending on the luthier...

All in all, I felt it was pretty comfortable to play but I'm not sure if it would be my first purchase for that price range. I think you can get a Seagull S-6 for about the same price, if I'm not mistaken. I recommend checking the Seagull out too if you can find one. I think the best thing to do after you get some more info is to go out, find one, and give it a strum or two.



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Wow! Both versions are beautiful & original takes on the song. Thanks for the share.

Wlbaye, that Martin's sound is incredible. Wish I could get my hands on a hd-28...


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Hi Tony,

If you're looking for an acoustic with a wider neck, Guilds could be a good choice. I have a GAD-50 that I find very comfortable to play.

I don't have the exact measurements but here's a link to the site: … 3810500837


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Hey Tony,

When I try to get the rhythm of a particular song, often I'll play the song on radio / computer and play along with it on my guitar.

My first step is simply to try to get my right hand going while muting all the strings with my left. That way I concentrate on the strum solely and not get distracted by trying to remember the chords. This way, it'll sound more percussive and you can work on matching your beat to the song's without trying to hear the melody.

Once you got that down and feel comfortable with your rhythm, make sure you know how to form all the chords in the song and try to play with the chords.

Honestly, I think that the "right" way to do it would be the way that everyone else suggested because, eventually, you'll be able to play any song without having to practice with the music playing all the time. However, I think the method I described above is pretty effective when you're a beginner and are trying to learn proper rhythm and strumming.

Another thing, when you're practicing by yourself (no music playing along), take it VERY slow at first. Strum each chord once and sing each lyric that goes with the chord. This helps you to get used to knowing when the changes should be. Then, once you understand the changes, strum regularly but still at a slow pace. Once you feel confident, bring up the tempo.

Hope this helps.



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The "A" that I like is this one :

x 0 7 9 10 9

It's the "D" (2nd) position. I like it because the "E" chord (079900) is right next to it and both chords have the open strings for a nice bass-y sound along with the fretted notes which are a bit higher in octave. You can also mute the high "E" string so that the chord form is easier.

The 2nd position is especially nice in jams when you want to play a different version of the same chord everyone else is playing. Actually all the CAGED forms are good for that...

I'm sorry to hear that sad. I've been wanting a carbon fiber guitar for some time because winters are ridiculously cold and dry here. CA was well recommended...

Does anyone have any other recommendations for this type of guitar? I know Rainsong is a good brand but very expensive...

Until recently, I've been reading George RR Martin's Song of Ice and Fire. I finished the 4th book (Feast for crows) and have to wait for the next one to come out. It's really a great series but George RR Martin is really taking his sweet time for the next book.

Otherwise, I've picked up Ken Follet's The Pillars of Earth and can't stop reading. It's a novel about medieval times in England right after the passing of King Henry and centers around the building of a cathedral. Lots of action and amazing character development.

I highly recommend both, but please be aware that these books contain quite a bit of violence and other mature themes. DEFINITELY NOT SUITED FOR CHILDREN.


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I second the strat. Good action and very versatile as geoguitar says. I'm actually looking for a nice Made in Mexico strat at the moment. Great bang for the buck.


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Hi tubatooter,

Dave Matthews has a really nice one he does with Tim Reynolds. It's called "Christmas Song". Check it out:

You can get the tabs at




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Hi Gerald,

Check out the d'Addario or Martin "Silk & Steel" strings. They're softer on your hands and have a more mellow tone.

Happy pickin'

What about KT Tunstall? She has great groove and a blues influence:

Another popular band with the teens is Paramore. Sort of the same style as Avril Lavigne but I find their music much less commercial. The singer (Haley Williams) has a powerful voice. Here's an acoustic version of their song "Pressure" (the original is very different with the full disto & etc...): … ature=fvst


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Very Cool. Thanks for the link.

This reminds of the U.K. show BlackCabSessions:

They invite different artists (My Morning Jacket, Beach Boys, Death Cab for Cutie,...) to play a single song inside a cab while it's moving. Very cool to watch and see stripped down versions of artists' music.


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Here's a good one but it takes a bit of practice:

Fool to think - Dave Matthews

You can find the tabs at


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Guitarpix wrote:

In 1587 on Roanoke Island North Carolina over 100 people vanished within the 3 years it took for the others to return to their homeland for additional supplies... They were among the first settlers of America and their disappearance has always baffled scholars. The word "Croatoan" was the only clue found as it was carved into a nearby tree... … atan.shtml

Interesting. I've been reading 100 bullets (graphic novel/comic book) which is a fictional story based on this event. Apparently "CROATOA" means "This belongs to us" in the book.


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hi mikeshead.

check out the "rockongoodpeople" channel on youtube. The videos are free and are from bunch of instructors that gathered together to create the "NextLevelGuitar" website (you have to pay for the website membership though).

The best lessons for your style are the ones from Marty Shwartz. He's the guy who wears a fedora sometimes. He mainly gives instruction in R&B/Blues/Jazz type music. He explains things quite well also.

Also check out for his lessons on blues and jazz styles.


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Hi Lino,

Did you mean beatbox as in making percussion sounds with your mouth?

If so, the best kind of music that first comes to mind is R&B and Soul. But, I think you can go beyond that and try to apply it to different styles.

I found a good example of this on youtube a while back: … re=related

(Skip to 1:30 because these two talk a lot in the beginning =/)