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Has anyone run across one?  Is it any good?

One of my favorite songs by The Doors ... I'm not sure about being over-rated ... most of what I've seen, heard, and read didnt seem to put them in the icon status like Led Zeppelin, The Beatles, etc but maybe it's predominant in other areas of the world


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NELA wrote:

Tim, everyone was laying on their backs, breathing hard, grinning and smoking cigarettes.


Lol NELA ... I bet you could have used a cigarette after that!


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Check out www.justinguitar.com

A GREAT site for beginners to watch video and learn the basics, i.e. chords, powerchords, strumming patterns, scales, etc

I still go there to pick things up


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How was the ending NELA?   tongue


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No worries SP ... I know a lot of people have differing opinions on cops lol ... I'm a military cop so I dont get it as bad as civilian cops ... it's actually a pretty thankless job; whenever your around your hasseling them, and when your not around and something happens they think your off somewhere ignoring society  ... but GREAT story on your Maverick lol ... my Dad's was a gold color Maverick ... I remember that thing like yesterday!  And the Schaefer referrence was top notch!  That's what my Dad used to drink, but at the time of the Maverick it was Pabst Blue Ribbon tongue

Anything by Joe Satriani would be easy for you tongue


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Thats true SP .. I always wondered why school buses don't have seatbelts ... now me, I've never pulled someone over for not wearing a seatbelt (then again I've never encountered that) but the idea of driving WITHOUT  seatbelt IMO is nuts ... I dont know how people do it ... but I do remember back in the 70's when I was little tyke that we'd be jumping around in the backseat of my parents Maverick and up on the back dash waving at cars ... my Dad would hit the breaks and we'd go flying to the backseat and get up and tell him to do it again

Funny I wouldn't be caught dead doing that these days neutral


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I'm sorry to hear about your predicament ... I feel for you ... I'm a cop and the majority of the time you have people say they did nothing wrong ... I commend you for owning up to your mistake ... a cop has grounds to pull you over for even the most minor of infractions, i.e. crossing the double line (all you have to do is cross it once), failure to use your directional during a lane change or when turning, failure to stop completely at a stop sign (california roll), not dimming your lights to oncoming traffic, etc ... there a literally HUNDREDS of violations they can use to pull you over ... I actually drove behind a friend of mine one time long ago and he asked me to tell him what I could have pulled him over for ... after he got to where he was going, I told him I could have pulled you over for 4 things ...  and he had only driven about 2 miles ... but in your defense you might not have done anything wrong or thought you didnt do anything wrong ... the world is full of "bad" cops I know and they give the decent ones a bad name ... I hope Ontario is lenient on you but as you said, I hope this was a wake-up call for you ... I know how drinking and driving can effect a family first hand ....

Now my alcohol lecture lol

Alcohol effects people differently depending on their size, ability to handle alcohol, etc ... some may feel like they can drive but the BAC (blood alcohol content) in their blood won't lie ... and some people fail to realize 0.12 is 12% of your blood is alcohol ... when you put it into context it makes you realize that's quite a bit and it does take a while for it to get out of your system ... the rationale is 1 drink (unit) = 1 hour out of your system ... so if your hammering beers the alcohol isnt getting out of your system ... and contrary to popular belief, slamming caffeine wont sober you up ... now me, I'm a light weight ... I drink 3 beers and I'll start buzzing ... and I'm 6'2/205 you'd think I could handle more but not true whereas a friend of mine she can drink twice as much as me and will start buzzing ... go figure!


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Sweet thanks South ... I'll give that a go and see if it works better for me


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I watched some of it (a little when Pearl Jam were on and then some of The Who themselves) ... oddly I've listened to The Who a little bit and liked some of there songs ... but after learning a few on guitar I liked them a lot more ... I want to catch the whole thing though when I get a chance ...

Did they do "The Seeker" and "Baba O'Riley"?


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I know if I try to press my palm against the back of the neck my thumb extends to far out and I can't "crimp" the low E ... if I move to far out my thumb is barely hanging onto the string


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Is this a hard chord for anyone else to play?


I have a hard time getting my thumb to hold down the low E string ... any suggestions to make it easier?  (besides practice)  tongue


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SouthPaw is right ... I actually went into GuitarCenter and tried the Epiphone Les Paul ... I liked it .. that's the extent of it ... when I saw the Gibson LesPaul Studio I decided to try and see what the difference was ... I hit my first chord (mind you on the same amp setup as the Epiphone) and was blown away ... I bought that Gibson ($1200) ... now I would refer the Epiphone to anyone ... it did sound good ... but you can't match a Gibson IMO (if you can afford it) ... keep in mind there are musicians out there that prefer the sound of the Epiphone first ... it's all on what sound your going for, what you like, the feel, etc ... if I didnt have the means I probably would have still gotten the Epiphone but the Gibson LesPaul was a "once in a lifetime" type purchase for me

Either way ... try them both out ... if you have the means buy the one you TRULY want ... you'll know which one it is when you go to put one back you'll be saying to yourself, "man I want that one bad" ... and there's your answer

KAP is right along with everyone else ... if you can have an experienced person go with you to play it for you (reason being you might not be able to play a chord progression yet, or a song etc) ... if you go in and strum an open "C" chord and then barely strum an open "F" chord you wont be able to really "hear" how good or bad the guitar sounds ... I've had a buddie of mine go with me before when I first started out and he played some progressions and songs and I was like that sounds sweet ... now keep in mind, just because it sounds great when he plays it doesnt mean it will talk to you and make you think its perfect for you ... keep in mind the playability for YOU ... meaning how does it feel in your hands?  against your body?  etc ... that will ultimately dictate if you want that one or not

A couple of points:

Zurf I agree as well ... the song-writers are just that, song writers, they write songs for the purpose of artists picking their songs to record, etc ... that's what they want to do, write songs ... someone has to do it and like you said, as long as the artist gives them credit then it's good-to-go in my book

NELA ... I agree what your saying about the producers, etc controlling too much of the artists ... which is one of the reasons why bands (using this example specifically) cheered when RadioHead gave away their newest CD release for free online ... the record company's were not happy at all where as other artists and bands lauded them for breaking away from the company's that were controlling everything ... one article I read on the subject as well showed that the bands weren't losing money by people downloading the free music ... sales actually went up for the CD's themselves

Jim ... I'd agree with you as far as Garth being a showman ... I'm not big on the "poser" theory ... artists are there for your entertainment ... if they smash guitars, etc it's a show for the fans ... case in point is Kiss in the 70's ... they put on HUGE theatrics in their shows ... granted they DID play their guitars, etc but the whole point was to put on a great show for the fans ... if Garth and the Who smash their guitars so be it ... it makes a show a heck of a lot more entertaining to me ... but then again, I'd be perfectly content in watching George Strait play for hours on end because he's fantastic ... if an artist decides he wants to sit on stage with a guitar around his neck and not play, etc  that's his preference ... I don't care if he plays it or not ... one guitar doesn't make the band behind him ... I'm more interested in how great the song (regardless of who wrote it) is, how great the supporting band plays, and if I'm getting my moneys worth out of the show

SouthPaw41L wrote:
Tim0473 wrote:

NELA I agree ... there are a few artists that I love because they do still write about life, love, sadness, etc ... Kenny Chesney has ALOT of songs that deal with growing up, losing loved ones, living life, finding/losing love, children growing up ... I guess that's why I connect with alot of his music ...

Alot of his songs I can't get through singing all the way because Im constantly thinking of points in my life that the songs remind me of and I get choked up and can't keep going

Kenny Chesney is a poser. He acts like he's playing his $8,000.00 custom delux Martin and when the camera pans away his guitar isn't even plugged in or mic'd. He buys songs from starving artists' and calls them his own creations.

Please do not mention this clown in the same breath as Johnny Cash or Willie Nelson, it hurts my spine and makes me wanna go and break something.

I should have clarified more on Kenny ... the songs he chooses mean a lot to me ... I know the majority of todays artists get their songs from writers and they do write excuisite songs ... but it takes the right artist to bring it to light ... but I do agree that Kenny brings showmanship to a show ... whether or not he actually plays or not doesnt concern me ... it's what songs he chooses to sing and whether or not I like them ... I love the music for what it is ... not if penned it, wrote it, or stole it

NELA I agree ... there are a few artists that I love because they do still write about life, love, sadness, etc ... Kenny Chesney has ALOT of songs that deal with growing up, losing loved ones, living life, finding/losing love, children growing up ... I guess that's why I connect with alot of his music ...

Alot of his songs I can't get through singing all the way because Im constantly thinking of points in my life that the songs remind me of and I get choked up and can't keep going


Garth was the "bridge" between "old" country and the new wave of country ... I was never big into the older stuff ... My uncle was big into Merle Haggard, Kenny Rogers, Willie Nelson, etc ... I liked Alabama and that was about it ... Garth came around in the late 80's and had a different sound ... not the classic old country sound ... I dug it ... then a whole new genre of country singes started to emerge ... and the sound expanded to include "rock" progressions, etc ... not just steal guitars, acoustics and fiddles

IMO Garth brought the next generation sound of country to another level ... I like it alot more today since it's more "modernized" than I did back then ... however one thing never changes, and that is George Strait ... same style since the 70's, etc ... I LOVE George Strait ... he has a way of making classic country sound modern without being classic if that makes sense!


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Sweet ... I'll check it out ... just another toy to add to my list of wants tongue


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Ken / Doc

I agree ... you get so many subdivisions of Metal/Rock it's unreal ... maybe it's a sign of the times ... the new "youth" movement, etc ... I grew up when there was just Rock, Heavy Metal, Blues, etc ... no subdivisions, etc ... once the mid-80's came around Glam Rock came out, then Thrash, etc ... granted I know probably when the 60's transpired to the 70's people said the same thing about Black Sabbath/Led Zeppelin etc and were wondering what do you call that?

I think of bands like Sabbath, Zeppelin, Boston, Bad Company, Cream, Foreigner, Queen, Stones, etc as Classic Rock ... stripped down, bare rock sounds

Metal I consider like Ken said, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Motorhead, Dio, Ozzy, etc

I think all of the ones we talked about are the roots of a genre ... a "building block" so to speak that all the new "subgenres" base their roots too ... like Blues is the root to all rock ... everything else is the tree growing from it and you have different branches coming off all over the place

Like you guys, I can't stand music I don't "hear" ... if you can't distinguish the instruments and what the guy is singing it's crap to me


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It sounds like it ... I'm wondering if it's sort of a "stand alone" unit that some amps come with currently ... like my Line6 Spider III has the presets etc in it ... it sounds like it's the same sort of thing only seperate ...

Do you just connect your guitar into the unit, and then run it to the amp and then select the settings you want through the unit?


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Ahhh VERY nice Rus ... subtle and nice ... I like both versions actually!  Make sure you keep em both!  tongue

P.S.  I always KNEW you were a cowboy at heart!  Nice hat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Hey KAP congrats!  BTW ... what does an effects processor do for you?  I've heard of them but dont know how you use em!  The only advanced technology I know of how to use is Boss Stomp Boxes tongue


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Hi ILuvJefferyNeroHardy

All I can say is your among friends in here ... no matter what you ALWAYS have an outlet where others will not judge you ... life can cruel, especially among people and peers specifically ... everyone is their own "unique" individual and some people just dont get it ... never bottle things up inside if you can help it ... always have some sort of outlet (your friend and mother are prime examples) ... you NEED that release ... it helps sooth the sould knowing you have that support that understands you and what you're going through in life in general ... KAP brough up a GREAT point ... music is a WONDERFUL outlet to a point ... look at how many great songs were inspired but events in their lives ... case in point, Kurt Cobain ... granted his untimely outcome was sad but great songs about what you've been through are great release points ... its something that is completely yours ... something you put your heart and soul into and it is REAL ... just like the conversations you have with your Mom and your friend ... if others around you just don't "get" you that is nothing to be ashamed of ... as stated before, you are UNIQUE ... I for one would rather be unique than just be another "face" in the crowd ... you know yourself better than anyone ... ask your friend and your mom what makes you "unique" if you find it hard to find the answer yourself ... everyone in this world is like a snowflake ... each a unique one ... never shy away from who you TRULY are ... it's a unique gift God has bestowed upon you ... embrace it ... no matter how others treat you, be who YOU are ...

God bless