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The one thing I loved about it Russ was the simplicity ... not to much ... not to little ... just very soothing ... it'd be interesting to have two versions ... the original like you have and then the one with the lead

Either way, again, outstanding!


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Wow Russell ... I love it!  I kept closing my eyes and imagined sitting at a margarita bar on the beach listening to it ... you did great on it!  Get that thing on an MP3 download!  tongue


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Astro ... agree with KAP and NELA ...

Everyone has their "achilles heal" chord ... for me its still the "C" ... I can get my fingers there without looking but I have a tendency to hit other open strings and it isn't "clean" ... I would include the "B" since I can't barre to save my butt but that one I just cant flat out play yet

This is something I'd like to hear ... what amp settings do you guys use on your amp?  What effects do you us most often?  More specifically, what is "Your" tone?

I know that's one thing everyone looks for is the "perfect" tone they love ... Id like to see what you guys use and how it sounds

Granted I know everyone has different amps, etc ... but I find that is the HARDEST thing to find ... that perfect tone that you love and use almost always ...

I have my Line6 Spider III amp with presets, etc ... and so far I've only been able to find a classic rock tone for my Les Paul that is about 80% of the tone I'm looking for ...

For the most part of my settings as follows:
BASS - 6
MID - 8

I'd like to hear your guys opinion on your settings for YOUR tone and what you love ... even if you've found you're "perfect" tone ... Im just curious to see how long it took you to find it

Shawshank was good ... Morgan Freeman was awesome in that movie ... Cool Hand Luke is a classic ...

Another one I love is Schindler's List ... VERY powerful movie

Lol crow ... I saw that movie ages ago and wondered what happened to Part II as well


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I think EVERYONE hits that point ... where some days you dont feel like playing at all ... maybe weeks on end ... the one thing I've learned like John said is I have a buddie of mine and we usually get together at least once a day on the weekends to play, whether it be learning new material or fixing old stuff ... some days we'll play just acoustic sets, others we'll do electric or a combo

Gnome ... actually I was suprised to learn ALOT of metal and rock guitarists credit Prince as an influence

Breakfast Club is a classic John Hughes '80s film ... love it ....

My favorite has to be Ben Hur ... LOVE it!

Your too much Roger!  tongue

Russell_Harding wrote:

Jimmy Page solos like nothing? you have a mp3 of your musical talents you could upload?.....say to a website like "OURSTAGE" if your as good as you seem to think you are you can enter this masterpiece of shred and let fans judge your talents you just might recieve a reality check. and if you need the URL email me and i will be more then happy to provide you with this.

madmaxGarcia wrote:

Well im Max, and im 16.  I like listening to the old rock like led zepplin, frank zappa, black sabbath..etc
i also like punk rock, the sex pistols, ramones, the clash, operation ivy etc....

I only play acoustic so that when i jump on the electric the strings are way easier to manuever. my hands will just shred on the electric. 

Im self taught, so i think im doing pretty good since i can play jimmy page's solos like nothin.

Lol .. love it Russ!

I'm 37 and didnt really start playing until 2 years ago ... I've come along pretty well in a short span ... just wish I had started in my teens or at least my 20's!  I listen to a wide variety of music; everything from old MoTown, to Blue, to Classic Rock, to Metal, to Country, to Folk and back again ...

I primarily play Classic Rock, Metal, Country, and Folk


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Lol you instilled anxiety in them now!  So bad but so fun!  I need to do that in my office wink


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Thanks bro!  That Bm you pointed out seems easier ... I'm going to have to get that one down now ... I still cant tackle Barre's ... on acoustic it sounds horrendous but I can get by on electric if I wanted to ...

Thanks again!

You're welcome Detman!


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Great place to learn strum patterns w/video


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KAP ... man your not kidding when it's dead quiet is when you hear it the most!  I guess after years and years of having it I've grown accustomed to it so I hardly notice it lol

The bad thing is when I'm in a room with standard "Office" noise around and someone from like 20+ feet away asks me something, I'm always saying, "huh?" ... I'm sure it gets annoying to those on the other end


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Ahhh thanks Roger!  I didn't know it was a 7th chord ... but sweet nonetheless!  NELA I'm going to try that finger roll for the F ... I never thought to do that before and agreed on the C to F to G ... I saw that pattern recently on the song, "Pink Houses" by John Mellancamp but it was F to C to G ... still sounded great though!

Now the dreaded "B" is the next for me to tackle ... but currently on some songs I can get away with XX2432 (one example is the song, "What's Up?" by 4 NonBlondes ... instead of playing a B I can get away with that B above


Definitely go to the local guitar store and try them out ... Also, they usually sell starter acoustic packages and include an amp as well (sometimes under about 150 quid) ... I've seen them here in the states going for $199 and that includes the guitar, picks, a 15 watt amp, carrying bag, etc

If you have the money though, I'd suggest going in the store and trying different ones and seeing which one your drawn to ... I like Ibanez and Takamine myself ...

And whatever you do, don't buy a guitar on LOOKS alone smile  Play one and it will talk to you and make your heart smile ... that's the one you should buy


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Your welcome KAP ... one thing is for certain, when we get older we can still "HEAR" the music and that's what counts tongue

Kenny Wayne Shepherd / Stevie Ray Vaughn
Chuck Berry / Jerry Lewis


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I can speak from personal experience ... I was gonna chime in but saw Dr Zurf beat me to it ... I've had operations on both my ears (eustachian tubes) and suffered tinitus due to wearing my headphones and blasting music in them (damages the tiny hairs in your inner ear, as Dr Zurf eluded to, cylia) ... blasting music in your ear over time will damage the hairs, they dont move and cant trap the sounds, and the ringing bounces around endlessly ... now I have the fortunate opportunity of having NO middle ear bones in my left due to recurring ear infections, etc growing up ... I had an operation to fix it and they did, had perfect hearing ... then a few years later complications came and they had to remove the prostetic piece from my middle and my hearing went again ... suprisingly I'm not deaf, just cant hear great out of that ear ... but I WISH they could have captured that d*mn tinitus in my ear and sucked it out!!!


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Like you I had the hardest time with the F chord ... the one thing I did was to learn the C chord first and play songs with C specifically to get me to LEARN it as second nature ... the next thing I did is kind of what Guppy said except I do a "cheater" F chord (xx3210) ... it's close enough and got me by until I could do the "mini-bar" efficiently


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Wow you're not kidding ... that chart is amazing!  I printed out a copy as well ...


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Line6 has the SpiderJam that does this ... it has studio drum tracks, etc programmed in (not electronic mp3s) ... you play your rhythm, or lead etc and loop it with whatever tracks you chose ... you dont need a band, it's all there ... not saying Id use it over a band, just saying smile



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Same here Ken ... I listen to the song and the tempo and go with what I feel right with ... case in point; I listened to Neon Moon by Brooks & Dunn ... with the tempo of the song I matched my strum pattern to the rhythm guitar and it sounds really sweet

I think it would be harder to try and find what strumming pattern they're using then to listen and just go with the flow


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Hey Meeliissaa ... these are a few I worked on when I was first starting out:

Blue on Black - Kenny Wayne Shepherd
Free Fallin' - Tom Petty
Jane Says - Janes Addiction
Southern Cross - Crosby, Stills, Nash
Straight To Hell - Drivin N Cryin
What's Up - 4 Non Blondes
Venus - Shocking Blue
You'll Accompany Me - Bob Segar
Colorful - Verve Pipe
Adalida - George Strait
Stars on the Water - George Strait
Drivin My Life Away - Eddie Rabbitt
I Go Back - Kenny Chesney
Please Come to Boston - Kenny Chesney
Live Like You Were Dying - Tim McGraw
Neon Moon - Brooks & Dunn
Seminole Wind - John Anderson

Hope this helps you!


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NELA wrote:



This strum patterm can get very boring UNTIL you play it in a "shuffle" beat. Thats when you get the old time "Honky Tonk" sound or even a "Boogie Woogie" sound.


NELA ... would that apply "Boogie Wonderland" by Earth, Wind and Fire?  tongue