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Thanks bro!  That Bm you pointed out seems easier ... I'm going to have to get that one down now ... I still cant tackle Barre's ... on acoustic it sounds horrendous but I can get by on electric if I wanted to ...

Thanks again!

You're welcome Detman!

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How many times do you strum each chord in the song -time for me to fly- by the Jonas Brothers?


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As a beginner myself, I too used to avoid songs that had the F (and B) chords.

In addition to practicing chord changes, I take songs that I really want to learn, and, providing I can play all the chords fairly well, and if there is an F or B chord (or any other one that I am avoiding), I look at it as a way of practicing those chords while learning to play a song that I love. I practice the chord progression in that song, and then, after a few minutes of that, I try the whole song out.

I love practicing to begin with, but this way, it's an added fun element, as I am learning 2 things at the same time.

And if I find those chords slow me down, I use alternate shapes... whatever feels most comfortable to me.

Hope this is helpful.


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Dude's and dudette's, if ya'll can find a song by Floyd Cramer (Skeeter Davis does a great vocal version) called My Last Date it can be used as a good "trainer" for the chord progression of "C", "F" and "G". The song is in 3/4 time so it is nice and slow with the chord changes. The strum is D...D...U...D...U...D

The chords are C (1 measure), F (3 measures), C ( 1 measure), F (3 measures), C (1 measure),
F (2 measures), C( 1 measure), G (1 measure), C (1 measure), F (1 measure), C (1 measure), G (1 measure), C (1 measure), G (1 measure), C repeats as 2nd verse.

As you strum these chords while making the changes (C to F to G) pay attention to your ring finger. Form a C chord then change to the full barre F chord. NEVER MOVE YOUR RING FINGER! Your ringer finger can stay in position, keeping preasure on the string. Now in the change to the G chord. Again, use a full barre G chord. IT DON'T MATTER IF YOU ARE GOING FROM "C" TO "G" OR "F" TO "G". Your ring finger STAY"S in position. It just slides up 2 frets!!!!!!!

Use your ring finger as a KEY to form these chords. This will be your anchor point and everything will flow from there. This will work for any 3 chord song in the key of "C". This has helped me with my barre chords and I find that the barre chords are easier to practice if I am practicing them to a song. Anyway, try this and see if it helps with the barre chords.


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Hello, All!
Been off-line for ages cos our PC died!
Thanks for all the advice regarding the chord F.
Tried n tried, but I STILL can't get it!
Guess I'll have to keep trying......
Respect to all.

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I remember the days of trying to learn the F and B. The frustration  oh the frustration. But one day it just clicked like managing to strum down and up.

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Am I ever glad to find out I'm not the only one struggling with F and B chords!
I thought I was some kind of mutant with an overly rigid left hand. But contrary to a few posts I've seen here, I actually LOOK for songs with F and B in them. Might as well tackle the enemy, ya know? And it's helped tremendously. I'm now reasonably comfortable. Not yet good at it, but comfortable.

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Roger Guppy wrote:

Hi Meggity,

I would suggest you start by playing it as a 4 string chord. Do not strum your two bass strings and play it as xx3211. Use your index finger to play a mini-barre on the first fret for the B and e strings, middle finger on the 2nd fret of the G string and your little finger on the third fret of the D string.

Later you can use your ring finger to play the third fret of the A string and make it a 5 string chord.

Finally from there you will need to stretch your index finger across all the strings on the first fret for the full barre chord.


I do the same thing, as my fingers are double-jointed and completely unable to do barre chords. I much prefer xx3211. It's so much better for me!

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One thing I have found with the f chord is to use my 1st finger first fret and only press the b string instead of e and b. This does not work in all occassions. But if you are playing along with someone else you cannot notice but you can play along and participate. But you will still want to learn the proper way. Because who wants to follow for ever. It is fun to take stage every now and then. Plus the proper first position does sound better. This is how I taught myself and moved on from there. When you come down from a C chord you only drop you second and third finger down a string and your there. I too am double jointed so barre chords are basically useless for me. But if you can learn to play a barre E hop to it.

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When I started I avoided songs with F at all costs.  However it's not the solution.  Sooner or later you are going to have to start playing F and other barre chords.  play an e shape as normal but use finger 2,3 and 4.  This will leave your first finger free to make the barre.

Just play the E shape until you are confidant of hitting it.  then slide it up a fret and Barre......

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When I finally got the F chord to ring I was so happy I forced myself to make love to the wife!!
If I ever get the Nasty "B" to ring NELLA, The neighbors better lock up their wives.


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Been such a long time since I logged into this site!

Thing is, that I've been suffering absolute agony from my spinal condition.
It's made it impossible for me practise guitar, because I can't sit, stand, walk, or lie in bed for more than five-ten minutes without being in pain.

I saw a surgeon in August, who told me that I need surgery.

Today, I had an MRI scan.

I must now wait up to two months before I get called back to see my surgeon again.

Thereafter, I have to wait to get to the top of her list......

Meanwhile, I can't play my guitar.

It's very depressing to be so inactive, unable to do even the simple things of everyday life, but I have no choice.

Please, pals, remember me and don't give up on me............

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Hi Meggity,

I am sorry to learn of your condition and it's impact on yoru playing. The QMC is one of the best hospitals in the UK, even Prince Charles had an operation on his hand there some years ago, so I am sure that the best will be done for you.

Wishing you a swift answer to your medical problem and hoping that you are soon out of pain and able to get back to your guitar.


PS. Nottingham was my home town before I moved to Portugal even if it does have two rubbish football teams lol

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Hi Meggity,  I am totally in sympathy with you!

  Have had one surgery and another pending, with two more possible repairs farther up if necessary.... have found a strap a big help as it allows me to play while pacing, as staying in one place more than 20 minutes is unbearable.  Naproxin Sodium is a godsend as an anti-inflammatory, and if you have seen a physical therapist.... keep doing those stretching and strengthening exercises.  They really help.

  The relief after surgery is incredible!  But stay off the pain meds as much as you can.  You will come to regard pain as your friend.... it tells you when you are doing something wrong.

  Here's hoping for a sucessfull and rapid recovery!

  Take Care;  Doug

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Hi Meggity
Sorry to hear of your condition.It must be very frustrating having to wait but as Roger says,take comfort that you are in good hands.
In the mean time... Do you write lyrics for songs you would like to play?
I ask this because we now have a recording section where we can apply our talents where needed. If you have lyrics than there are players that can add guitar or base or keyboard or vocals.
It can help pass the time for you and keep you occupied while you are waiting for your surgery.
Or maybe simply write a song and post it in the songwriting section.I know it made me feel good to see my written words posted.

Thinking of you in Canada

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Haven't looked at all the replies, but I saw a lot of people suggesting you play the open F using the first 4 strings instead of the full barre version. I can tell you that this will definitely get you playing those songs with an F - after 20 + years I still use the open F. But, don't let your progress stall there. If you want to open up a whole world of possibilities for yourself you need to know how to play the barre version because it isn't just F, but the same technique will give you the entire fret board to work with. A good example of a tune where I play the barre instead of the open F is "Sultans of Swing", but then again I play the entire song with barre chords. I do this because when you compare the full sound of the barre chord to the weaker sounding open chord cousins you realize the barres make the difference, plus you can slide into other chords rather than just switching to them which is a whole new level of sweet sounds!

Re: Help!

I had lost track of who posted the original question, then figured out that it was Meggity who is now recovering from some surgery. Here's wishing you a speedy recovery my friend, and even if playing the guitar is a little out of reach for now, I know I can always find comfort in great music. I hope you can too.
Best wishes!

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Hi, Takamine!

Thanks for your messages.

I haven't had my surgery yet, unfortunately and have no idea when I WILL be having it.

I had an MRI last Friday and am now waiting to see my consultant surgeon agai. That's not likely to happen beofre the end of this month/beginning of November. Thereafter, I'll be on her list, waiting to reach the top.
I don't anticipate having my operation before next year, then.

I can't play my guitar at present, but I DOO enjoy listening to music.

Thanks for your good wishes.


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