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There's something about lonesome
music, especially at night when you're up way too late guitar in hand. The dark edge of folk/bluesy stuff is what makes it cool, and there's an array to choose from. I like Dylan's angle of insatiable wander lust, and Cash's "Man in Black" character (carrying the darkness on his back).Some of my fav Iron and Wine songs are about death/dying, and the whole Bon Iver album (the first one) feels a little depressing to me, and yet I like it. It fun to play that kind of minor key stuff on guitar, it makes you feel cool and mysterious lol.


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As Much As I Ever Could by City and Colour, and To Make You Feel My Love (Bob Dylan's version) is always fun to play smile


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Obviously Jerome
knew his stuff on this one, thanks for the post it clarified alot of things. I read a brief congressional summary of the bill and i guess my
main problem was the general term used to describe the offenses which the Department of Justice could take
action against. Taking
everything Jerome said into account I think its the bill itself (as worded) thats the problem and not its intentions. Its
the open endedness of the terminology that sacred me for Chordie's sake but maybe a more specifically written bill could help the problem?


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dino48 wrote:

Hi hanna,I for one think the government shoud be working on Important issues like our economy and jobs the unemployment  the national debt. Right now we do not even have a budget and they keep stalling that,they need too adress those things ,not fooling around with cencorship. I think chordie has been abiding by the laws we have now.

I agree dino, I was just curious how this might affect chordie if it went through. I def think they need to focus on the economy right now though for sure. Its interesting how politics work, whenever someone gains popularity by talking about the economy wveryone jumps on the bandwagon, then when that person isn't a threat anymore its back to the old run around. Anyway not to rant but this bill is exactly the kind of thing we cant afford to mess with right now, but maybe thats the plan? To sneak it past us while we're all concerned with bigger issues?


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Any political minded chordians care to comment on that internet cencorship bill? The way I understand it, it would give the government the right to ban american access to any site they decide contains copyrighted material. Doesn't Chordie fall under that kind of thing? Several sites are blacking out in protest, most notably Wikipedia...


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Its all about which notes can be played over which chords, knowing scales and understanding the patterns in music. I have to know a song really well to break loose at all, but someone with a rly honed understanding of  it could probly freestyle over anything they wanted to.


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Lol! Will have to see if Bm7 works, and also try the middle finger thing. My hands are small to begin with and my pinkys quite stubby and weak, but I have been using it for the C#. I agree that you need the bassy sounding note because you should hear a clear step down. Thanks for all the help guys will play with it some more and see how it goes smile


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Well without having any idea what sort of music you like.... Can you make an "E" chord? There's a Kings of Leon song called "ragoo" that sounds way more impressive than it is because you just slide the E chord up to 5th fre, 4th fret and back and it sounds pretty cool even though basically you haven't changed chord shapes at all! You should also check out some super simple tabs (like "Come as you are" by Nirvana) and start impressing your buddies smile As for chords, there's a plethora of 3 chord songs out there. If you like Johnny Cash, they make great beginner songs because it becomes super easy to add in that bass bounce, which adds alot to the song. Check out "Walk The Line". I wish I knew what kind of music you were into, I probably could think of something else...


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Ok so I've been working on this song called " Winter Song" by the head and the heart (they have some cool live videos on youtube by the way, along the lines of The Beatles meets Bon Dylan lol). Its basically pretty simple, fingerpicked and you play those chords where you add a note: D/c# D/B and then an open D, G A back to D. Conceptually its no problem but I've been trying to do a low B on the "a" string, by rolling up my thumb which smarts! Do I need to get over it or is "thumb rolling" just improper guitar posture? Is there a better way to do this?


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Welcome to chordie! I think you'll be surprised how much you'll grow as a player if you spend enough time on here!

Lol got my vote with that one!


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mekidsmom wrote:

I have a 4 year old little girl that is high functioning autistic.  I've just recently begun delving into that "world" - from therapies and doctors, to the educational and health laws and regulations around this disability.  I think I've found a good place to put my "skills" to use in a way that will benefit me (my family) personally.

I've come to accept that working with children is my "calling". Being the very oldest out of four (with a 2 year, 7 year and 16 year gap) I was kind of catapulted in that direction, but have come to find it really inspiring and satisfying. I teach an afterschool class as my paid job, and am the "Assistant Children's Director" at my church (fancy title for a volunteer position lol). Recently I've found myself in charge of taking care of a boy diagnosed with high functioning autism, in a seperate class on sunday mornings. I've kind of fallen in love with the kid over the past couple of weeks and am looking forward to the learning experience. "Kid Stuff" keeps me pretty busy because I'm dedicated to coming up with cool and exciting activities for them, but I find time for guitar and a couple of other hobbies now and then smile

I'm pretty artistic in general, but drawing seems to be my niche'.  I have a thing for sharpies, fine point pens, and prismacolor art markers. I'm also really interested in collage work, but can't seem to get around to working on anything substantial, despite  huge collection of clippings and scrap materials. I flip flop between cutesy characters, illustration-esque pieces about fairies owls mysterious women etc., and abstract line work. I guess I'm pretty good at art, but I suffer from crippling self criticism and the completion of a piece is usually accompanied by a momentary high, then complete deflation of self confidence. I'm learning how to get past that!

I also collect "vynyl art toys", namely DUNNY's,  which is a really cool new medium. (You can check out kidrobot.com to get an idea.) What happens is they make one "blank" white figurine, then send it to different artists to "customize" (paint, scribble on, add clay things to etc.). They come up with some nifty stuff!

I love to read, so you can add book collecting to the list. I like to write too, but again the self criticism comes in and have always been embarassed to let anyone read anything I've written. (I'm such a silly one sometimes! Oy!)

I also have a thing for animated films, photo taking, hamsters, poetry, and hanging out on Chordie.com!


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I saw on the news that yesterday was the anniversary of Lynyrd Skynyrd's infmaous plane crash. Being that its so close to halloween, I was reminded of an article I read once in Guitar World (at least I think it was guitar world), about one of the surviving members being (supposedly) visited by Ronnie Van Zant's ghost in a weird preminition type vision while in the hospital. This was before any of the unconscious band members learned that Ronnie was killed instantly (hit a tree I think) but apparently in the vision he told him he was moving on. I don't neccesarily believe in ghost stories, but this one's pretty interesting. (Watching the video of those guys getting into the plane at the end of thefree bird dvd always gave me the chills anyway.)Anyone else know any good music related ghost stories?


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Permission to adopt "life is a terminal illness" into my catch phrase cache? Nice one! smile


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Well I bought the iphone 4 and have yet to see it go into into "4g" mode even whwn i made a trip to houston, which supposedly has 4g. Beats me!

Zurf, my parents "made" me take piano, but I dropped it around middle school. Worst decision ever. They should have forced me to finish because now even though I love guitar, I'd chop my left arm off for the chance to have 8 years of music theory back. I always try to encouragw kids when their parents want them to take, it really does apply to everything.

I'd just really love to have an understanding of music theory. I've comtemplated taking up piano again to learn it, I feel like it applies to anything. I've always loved the sound of a violin/cello, but thats a pipe dream for sure! After you memorize guitar patterns its a pain to relearn a fretboard.

Walking with a ghost- The White Stripes, they also have a song called "Little Ghost" I think, and you gotta love the"Nightmare before Christmas" songs lol


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I always wanted to do something like this! He should do these and sell them on ebay or something theyd make rly awesome home decor items smile Great pics!

manicbassman wrote:

Oh Lord, It's Hard To Be Humble (When You're Perfect In Every Way)...


completely forgot that one! and humbles my last name! for real!


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attitude I mean ha


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I think the kind of thing people are talking about here is the opposite of our materialist problem: people are finding value based on experiences instead of monetary worth. I think the problem with the world is we always want sometuing new so we can throw all the old stuff away. Being setimental about a guitars, cheap or expensive, old or new, is pretty much opposite to society's "make it newer make it more expensive" artitude.


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There is a special connection between player and guitar I think. I've never played a guitar, but there's def something special about the familiarity of a guitar that you've played for a long time.
Music is such an emotional force, and the instrument associated with all of those emotions and memories is going to feel really special to you.

Wish I lived close enough! This sounds like it would be lots of fun, I hope you have a good turn out.

to the forums! Looking forward to your input smile