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That's the same cam I have. You'll like the wide angle of view that it has especially if someone else is playing too.


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You should have it now. I did it from my phone so if you don't get it let me know and ill send it from my computer when I get home.


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Ive got some google+ invites if anyone is interested.....Dont know how many I can send out...If you have a gmail acct and want to try it out just email me and put chordie google+ invite in the heading and I'll send you an invite...If you dont know what google+ is read here http://www.google.com/+/learnmore/ Its kinda like facebook but different..


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theres an app called "my songbook" that i use on my ipod touch ...it works with chordie..you might try it....gave 1.99 for it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EoyRrpuI5fc


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heres a VERY GOOD tutorial for learning the chords to this song


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Sounds really good Mark.... Accept Your Fate is my fav so far...Outta Time has a "U2" feel to it ...Job well done guys...


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I decided to wait till closer to the gig to wish you good luck with the gig. From what i've heard from your youtube videos you'll do just fine. Try to squeeze in the song "balance" in your set smile A video of your 1st gig too would be cool. Good luck and have fun.


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I gotta 10-100

Now im gonna have to try out that realplayer. I've stayed away from it too because of the way it used to be. Ill give it a shot when i get home.


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try this
http://www.musicnotes.com/sheetmusic/sc … =SC0007932


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That hurts just to look at it...


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Another good one Mark.


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DOH!!!! I didnt realize I was a Senior Member too...lol


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Sorry selso.  No discount. But us youngsters will help you cross the street.


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Sorry to hear about your mom...Roger


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Mediafire is the way to go with large files...me, Russell and several others on here use it...you can also password the files so only people you give the password to can download it......



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Have you tried a different browser...My blackberry browser will let me into chordie but the opera mini browser i also use on my blackberry takes me to the iphone page..

There is another one called third hand capo http://m.youtube.com/watch?desktop_uri= … &gl=CA

I hope I put the correct link there...I'm on my cell..but it should be a youtube video demonstrating it...if that's not the right address just do a search in the chordie forum for capo and under author type riddler and you'll see the correct link..


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I would try connecting the laptop to a friend or familys or neighbors network and see how it does.....with permission of course..If it does ok on another home network then theres something fishy with tghe router..You can also search through the forum at http://www.dslreports.com/forum/belkin seems like others are having problems too..


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Is this a newly purchased router or have you been using it for a while and its just now acting up?


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I will have to wait till I get home and get on the puter to check out this new fangled add on to chordie..


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I was trying to be funny Russ..lol..so don't deletus this postus!


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Maybe you should name it detus feletus...that way it doesn't sound like an abortion song smile haven't got to listen to it yet though...

I ran across this tutorial vid that i thought some of you might be interested in...Its one of the better youtube tutorials ive seen...