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I have long been thinking of the idea of developing a collaborative website where contributors could work together to develop a complete recorded song.

Its a while ( 12 months ) since I have visited chordie, but it struck me when browsing the recording section that there are a lot of members here that have the desire but maybe not the expertise to complete recordings. I have a reasonably well kitted out studio and can do basic mixing and mastering and as well as that have enough programming skills to put together a website which could handle the file transfering and management aspect of each recording project.

Before I start pouring hours of work into developing such a site I would first need to know of there was sufficient interest among chordie members for it to be worthwhile.

Please register your interest in this project by posting a reply in this thread. Your reply should include the following

- Willingness to be involved
- Areas of musical competence
- Recording Equipment Available
- Level of recording experience

Obviously the quality of the finished product will rely heavily on four factors

- The level of each contributors recording ability
- The level of each musicians playing ability
- The quality of the chosen material to record
- My ability to finally mix the various components together and master the final take.

Please let me know if you feel this project would be worthwhile pursuing.


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I take your points regarding budgets. The multimix I purchased was NZ$550.00 and I guess that would equate to about US$300 but I am guessing.

Any buying decision must be made with budget in mind, but I would be reticient to pay close to this sort of figure for a product that you may well grow out of with 6 months.

As for computer requirements, I think any computer less than a few years old and with 2gb or more of RAM would be sufficient to run most recording software. Vista is a resource hungry beast, XP is better but I am hearing good things about Windows 7 though have no personal experience with it my self.

I have my studio wired for use on a semi permanent basis as it serves not only as my recording base but also as a practice room for my band. I have a couple of mics wired to the mixer full time, an accoustic, electric and bass plus drum machine so I never have to worry about pluging equipment in, just pick up and play. Convenience is a great factor to consider. And of course multiple use with the mixer serving its purpose at small to medium gigs as well. For me, It was money well spent but of course cost is all relative to what we have to spend.

Good luck with what ever you run with. Its all great fun and I am sure you will good good resukts and have loads of fun with whatever you get.


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If you want to record drums and also jam sessions, you may find two inputs restricting. To mic up drums successfully you may nbeed to use a couple of mics. Also you can get some nice effects by using a DI for an accoustic guitar and also mic at the same time. This way you can blend the sounds to get some different tones and add some depth. If you are jamming with a friend then you would deffinately want more than two inputs. Probably 2 mics, and a couple of DI's for the instruments. Also you may want to plan for more expansive requirements in the near future. No need to buy equipment twice, thats a costly exersize.

For all of the above reasons I recommend more than two iputs with your device.

Another thing to consider is latency. The best way to combat this si to ensure that you have fast communication between your hardware and your pc. Especially when recording multiple streams and using plugins or VST i's.  The fastest is USB2 very closely followed by firewire, USB1 is outdated technology and should be avoided ( apologies to those who still use USB1 hardware smile  )

My personal set up is with an Alesis Multimix8 USB2.0 it provides me with 8 inputs ( 4 stereo and 4 mono), mic phantom power on 4 of the inpouts,  built in effects, eq on every channel, send and receive on all channels, main out, control room out, line out, headphones out.  It is flawless and acts as a good mixer as well as soundcard. I can take it and gig with it.

I am sure there are many such beasts out there that would be as good as this one, but I hope this gives you some idea of what to look for.


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That is a great song Phill. Some nice chord touches and embelishments in this one and the melody is very catchy. The opening line is a good hook too.


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If you having problems getting sound on cubase check the following:

1. That you have installed the drivers for the presonus interface you are using.

2. That you have set the presonus device as your VST Audio system. To do that

   a) Click [Devices] in the top level menu
   b) Select [ Device Setup ] from the drop down menu
   c) The device setup window will now appear and you should click on [ VST Audio System ] in the left panel.
   d) Now select [Presonus] as your ASIO driver. I dont use presonus so can only presume that is how it will appear. and I also presume no further settings need to be changed in this area.
   e) Click [ OK ] to confirm and this windo will close.

3. Now you need to set up your VST connections so that cubase can identify the various input channels. In your case there are probably 2 incoming channels and cubase needs to be able to differentiate between them.
   a) Click [Devices] in the top level menu
   b) Select [ VST Connections ] in the drop down menu.
   c) The VST Connections window will now appear. This window has two tabs, [INPUT] and [OUTPUT] tabs. Lets do the output one first. Click on the [OUTPUT] tab.
   d) If Presounus does not show under the heading Audio Device, chnage this setting so that it does.
   e) Now click the cross next to Stereo Out unde the first column entitled [ Bus Name ].
   f) This will split the Bus into two chanells, left and right. Under the heading [Device Port] ensure the settings read Out_Left and Out_Right. If not change these settings.
   g) Now click on the [INPUTS] tab and we will set up the input for your two presonus channels.
   h) Click [Add Bus] and select Mono.
   i) A new channel, [Mono In] will now appear. You can change the name by double clicking [Mono In] and giving it a name of your liking. You will be setting upo two of these channels. I have a USB 8 mixer so I have 8 channels permanently set up and connected to various instruments so mine are called [ Mic 1 ], [ Condenser ], [ Les Paul ], [ Takamine ], [ Bass ], [ Keyboard] etc...

   j) Close the VST connections window, and you should now be set up for all your future Cubase Projects.

4. Now start a new cubase project. And set up the tracks you will be using. I have a blank project set up using all of my normal tracks, drums, midi, vocals, lead, rhythym, bass etc and have it saved as a template. This way each time I start a new project I dont have to set up the tracks. To set up the various tracks for the first time perform the following for each track....

   a) Right click the dark vertical panel in the working area and select [ Add Audio Track ] from the popup menu.
   b) A new track will appear in your project. Click the (e) button which stands for Edit Channel Settings.
   c) On the right side of the Channel Settings window, directly above the vertical volume slider there are two routing options. Input routing and output routing. Click the input routing option and you will see the two settings you configured earlier using the VST connections. You can now select which of the two presonus inputs you want this track of your project to listen to. The output routing should be ok, normally just stereo out.
   d) You can now close your Channel settings window.
   e) There is a small speaker button on the trackcontrols panel that you can use to toggle the sound on and off.

Once you have set all of tracks up save it as a template for future project use. You can set as many tracks as you need to each VST input connection, but you are limited by presonus to only two simultaneous recording channels at any one time. I would suggest having one set to intrument and the other to microphone. That way you can leave you mic permanently hooked up to one chanenel and set all of your guitar, bass, keyboards etc.. to the instrument channel.

Thats all there is to it and once you have completed this it should be a breeze for the future.

If you strike any problems just repost, Ill have a look and see if you need more help.




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Another good un phill. Great words that paint a  moving micture, I also like the small change in pace near the end of the chorus.


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Beautiful song Phil. And capyured with some nice guitar work and a great voice !!



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I really like the lyrics on this one and also the way the Dm works in ther chord progression is very well done.


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Old Doll said she liked this song sohere are the chords for her and anyone else who wants to have a go at it.

Thanks for the positive feedback guys smile

Flat Broke Blueshttp://www.myspace.com/allankilgour::

Flat Broke Bluesby seriousfun

[G] Heyeayay, If [D] money could talk

[B7] I wouldn’t have a single [C] word to say

[G] And if I could [D]make the change

[B7] there’ld be no difference [C] any way

[G] And if my dollar could [D] make any sense

[B7] I’d climb down offa my [C] high horse fence

[G] I got principals that [D] I cant afford

[B7] Im flat broke and I [C] cant make board

[G] [D] [G] [G7]


[C] Yeah I’m flat broke [B7] can’t pay the rent

[G] aint got a nickle [G7] yeah it all got spent

[C] but Im still friendly [B7] with the guy above

[G] cause he’s left my heart [G7] rich in love

[C] [D] [G] [D]

[G] Heyeayay, If [D] I had some cash

[B7] Id be no better off [C] and that’s a fact

[G] I got all I need [D]waiting at home

[B7] My true love is a [C] first class act

[G] My life’s all riches [D] even though I’m dirt poor

[B7] A lifelong lover [C] I need nothin’ more

[G] Show me the money [D] that I don’t need

[B7] And show you happiness [C] not built from greed

[G] [D] [G] [G7]

repeat chorus


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Thanks Old Doll, I have posted Flat Broke Blues today, just for you smile



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I am in agreement with the others on the song needing to be a bit more uptempo but wonder if you could also aid this by singing a little crisper as well, just shortening slightly the time you hold each word. Not a lot, just tad to sharpen the vocal line alittle.

The drums a lost in the mix and as you have no bass I feel this is an important part to adjust. I would through a compressor in the effects and push the eq up in the bass area a notch and even experiment with some high eq to try and pull out the hats as well.

As for the guitar try pulling the high eq back slightly so it doesnt interfere with the top end of the drums and also pull it back around the 2khz area so as not to compete with the vocals.

As for the vocals they could be pushed a small amount around the 2kh area and then put a gate in low down. Also gate the guitar low down and these gates will then leave room for the bass areas of the drums: ie the kick, to gain some deffinition.

Hope it helps get a better mix for you, still a nice song all the same would love to hear what you end up with after taking everyones comments on board.



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I havn't been on the forum for nearly a year and it is great to come back on and see all the old regulars are alll still alive and kickin'. I just finished a song I would like to share with you all.

Weekend Cruisehttp://www.myspace.com/allankilgour::
Please scroll down on the playlist, it is currently the fifth song on the list.

I have only included the chords for the first verse, there is no chorus simply a couple of instrumental verses to break things up. Each verse follows the same chord sequence.

Weekend Cruiseby seriousfun

[Bm] Friday night and he’s heading on down to the [F#m] lake

Got a [Bm] Picnic hamper and hes gunna rattle and [F#m] shake

[Bm] Lady on his arm music in his sack

[F#m] Gunna sleep the night in his ovenight shack

[Bm] Forget about work and dig the [E] weekend cruise

In his sack he got a Bottle of wine, some crackers and cheese

Away from his work and he gunna do as he please

Throw a blanket on the shore and hunker on down

His lady comes in and then they make that soun’

Forget about  work and dig the weekend cruise

Under the stars as they spend that night, smiling laughing making delight

Looks in her eyes see her smile a wonderful sight

He Wants it all for the rest of his life

She wants him all, and to be his wife

Forget about  work and dig the weekend cruise

Monday dawns hes back at work doing his job for a week of pay

Working for a living and saving for a rainy day

But he don’t care, living on dreams,

Friday coming a week of extremes,

Forget about  work and dig the weekend cruise


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A classical guitar is designed specificaly for picking with the fingers and not strumming so this may help describe its 'crappy' sound if you are trying to strum it.

On your easy to play question I would recommend an accoustic over a classical guitar. Classical will take years to get any good where as strumming an accoustic you will quickly be able to play your pieces once you have learned the chords. Classic guitar is not chord based so much as fingered positions which are changing constantly. It is a beatiful sound once mastered and you will have skills which will transfer over to picking on an accousticv guitar with conrtemporary music. I learned classical for a couple of years when I was a wee nipper and I had a private tutor, I would never contemplate learning it without one. Classical has so many technical issues associated with it and like most things if you learn the wrong way you will never be able to master the more difficult concepts further down the line.

With an accoustic, almost everything you do will advance you down the road to stardom and fame ( sigh! if only I didnt talk so much crap )


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My appologies, I was not intending to spam just trying to offer some samples of work using the basic techniques I was describing. I have replaced the link with another which stores some of music which is not for sale. Hopefully this is acceptable, if not please remove the link and I will refrain from inserting links in any future posts.


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My two cents worth are as follows:

Get a program that allows the use of plugins VST effects and instruments. The good ones are the likes of Pro Tools and Cubase but there is also a good cheapo out there called Mixcraft which comes with a ton of drum loops etc to help you along.

I always start by putting in a drum loop through the entire track. This will at the very least keep you in time. You can always delete after if you want a track with no drums. Alternatively you can insert some fills and things later on as the beat matching will be very easy as you have eliminating all timing issues doing it this way.

Second lay down your rhythym guitar track or piano whatever you are using and this will give your song some structure and allow you to see where it is going and add vocals etc.

When recording vocals I always stand close to the mic to avoid capturing too much room noise. Also I use a pop filter to get rid of the annoying explosive sounds. If you dont have a pop filter make on out of an old pair of pantyhose stretched over a wire hoop. There is an opportunity here for Old Doll to start up a cottage industry using some of her worn out pantyhose, course you may not be able to stand too close to the mic then lol.

I would strongly recommend only recording one instrument at a time ( a voice is considered an instrument ) unless you are after a 'live' sound. The reason for this is to avoid 'bleeding' of sound from track to track.

The main effects to use on mixing are:

compression - used to compress the volume range. Almost always need on both guitar and vocals. Alows you to lift the low volume areas up and stops the loud areas from getting awat from you.

reverb - Should be used on all vocals sparingly. A good rule of thumb is to put it on so you can hear it and then wind it back until it is only just perceptible. Of course sometimes you want more for effect. Also on slow tracks sometimes it is cool to have a delay of a second on reverb for a neat sound. Be aware that too much reverb will push your vocals into the background.

eq - use sparingly, and cutting is often a better way to go than boosting. To seperate sounds out eg: to make the vocal sound better give the vocal track a small boost at around the 1k mark and cut all other tracks slightly here. This stops the various instruments from competing in the same space. If your voice sounds too deep then cut a little un the low end.

To hear some samples of my recording please go to http://mixcraftlive.com/members/133/audio.php
I dont claim to be an expert on this, Ive only been doing it a couple of years myself, but I find these ideas to be effective.


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Put my name in the hat as well.

Ive only been playing for a couple of years so my guitar is not great, vocals are marginally passable but I have reasonable mixing skills.

For samples of my music http://mixcraftlive.com/members/133/audio.php


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Sorry I havn't posted for a while - been just so busy creating lol.  My latest song is an accoustically styled number about the view of the world from the eyes of a reclusive. You can hear it on my sound click page to get an idea of what it is like
http://www.soundclick.com/player/single … p;newref=1


Living Inside Out

[G] [D] [C]
[G] [D] [C]

[G] You will never [D] see me when the
[C] Rain falls, I’ll be inside maybe,
[G] You will never [D] hear me when the
[C] wind blows, Ill be quiet like a baby.
[Em] sittin’ at the  [C] window
[Em] watching all the  [G] storm clouds blow
[Em] keeping my [C] powder dry
[D] in a winters [G] July  [D]
[C] [G] [D] [C]

[Em] I don’t really [A] have any excuse
[Em] They talk about me [A] as a recluse
[Em] and there is no doubt
[F] [D] I’m livin’ inside out
repeat Intro

[G] I don’t like the  [D] sunshine
[C] I can get sunburned badly,
[G] I don’t need the [D] warm air
[C] So I will stay indoors gladly.
[Em] sittin’ at the  [C] window
[Em] watching all the  [G] suns heat rays
[Em] keeping my [C] air conditioned
[D] on summer [G] middays  [D]
[C] [G] [D] [C]

repeat chorus

[G] I will never [D] know you
[C] ‘cause I don’t go outside,
[G] I don’t need the [D] friendships
[C] No one’s ever complied.
[Em] sittin’ at the  [C] window
[Em] watching all the  [G] people talking
[Em] looking like [C] a strangling
[D] while I sit here [G] gawking  [D]
[C] [G] [D] [C]

repeat chorus
[C] Im livin inside [G] out


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I have pretty much a set routine when I write. Firstly I concentrate on a chord progression. Find two progressions that sound good. One for the verse and one for the chorus. Normally I try and start the chorus on a different chord than the verse.

Once I have my progressions sorted out I find a rhythym that or strum pattern that suits the chords and then I build the lyrics and the melody in sync. Starting from the words is very difficult as it posses so many restrictions on your music.

Havinf said all of this, if you have some good lyrics already, I would suggest trying to find a chord progression that suits what you have written and put them to a strum pattern to that works with it then re arrange your lyrics to suit the music you have created.

Hope that helps.


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One from way back that always intrigued me was 'Three Dog Night' I think it stems from a cold night where you have to pull up three dogs to sleep with you to keep warm.

Also friends of mine had a band called 'Cheap for a reason' , it pretty much says it all lol.


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Wonderful lyrics, I especial love the way you linked the verses with the words cries, lies and trys - very clever.  A very strong emotive topic, one which I am sure most of us have unfortunately been party to one way or another in life.

Suicide is such a real waste, it may be a solution for one person but imposes so many more difficult problems on all of those left behind.


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I was getting ready for bed last night and started playing around with chords. I liked the progression I had stumbled upon and so I put a slow blues rhythym with it and experimenting with various sounds. Next thing I knew it was 3:00 am. The music was all recorded and so this morning I wrote some lyrics and recorded the vocals. It plays equally well as an acoustic piece and I am sure a finger picker could make something of it.

Just for the record, I guess we have all been there though it was many decades ago.

You can find it here http://soundclick.com/share?songid=6608950::

Hold Onby seriousfun

2 Verse guitar solo

[G] Hold on to me, [B7] baby

[C] Don’t take your arms [A] away

[G] The mornin’ light is commin’ [B7]

Turn the darkness [C] into grey [A]

[G] Hold on to me, [B7] baby

[C] Don’t take your arms [A] away

[G] Don’t leave me cryin’

[C] I Can’t tell your love from [G] play [D]

[G] Hold on to me, [B7] baby

[C] let me touch you some [A]more

[G] The mornin’ light will show [B7]

you walkin’ [C]out the door [A]

[G] Hold on to me, [B7] baby

[C] let me touch some [A] more

[G] Don’t leave me cryin’

[C] or leave me beggin’ on the [G]floor [D]


[C] Hold me [B7] honey

[G] hold me [D] tenderly

[C] Hold me [B7] honey

[G] neverlet me [D] be

1 Verse piano solo

repeat chorus

[G] Hold on to me, [B7] baby

[C] Please don’t walk [A] away

[G] The mornin’ light is commin’[B7]

Turn your lovin [C] into play [A]

[G] Hold on to me, [B7] baby

[C] Please don’t walk [A] away

[G] Don’t leave me cryin’

[C] and leave me heart filled with [G] grey [D]


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Thank you all for the nice words. Its a real pleasure for a beginner muso like myself to have some encouraging words. smile


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Very thought provoking lyrics and a wonderful melody.

Thanks for sharing


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First the preamble:

I am not a religious man but I respect mother nature immensly so I guess she is my God. I also respect every other persons religious viewpoints and beleive that in some way we are all looking to the same spiritual force, belief, God or whatever you want to call it. I dont think it maters how you conduct your spiritual side as long as your heart is true and your actions reflect this.

Now on with the show
You can find it here http://soundclick.com/share?songid=6605653::

Judgement Dayby seriousfun

[Am] There’s a whole lot of people that [C] God is watching

And he [G] don’t give a shit about [D] religious views,

[Am] He doesn’t care for your [C] politics

[G] He doesn’t listen to you [D] rhetoric too

[Am] You don’t need to pray just to [C] let him know

That you [G] been a good servant in your [D] own true way

[Am] Your actions on this planet speak [C] loud and clear

[G]He’ll let you know on your [D] judgement day


[F] [E]

[C] God looks over his [G] family

[Am] just like I watch [F] mine

[C] Live you life without [G] disguise

[Am] In Gods eyes you’ll do [F] fine

[C] You don’t have to believe in [G] him

[Am] just know what to [F] do

[C] you don’t need no [G] miracle

[Am] to know he believes in [F] you

[E] he believes in you

[Am] He’s not impressed with your [C] condo

He [G] doesn’t care for your fancy [D] friends

[Am] Doesnt give a toss about your bank [C] account

[G] He doesn’t ride in your flashy[D] benz

[Am] You don’t have much time in this[C] world of ours

so you [G] better earn some kudos while youre [D] around

[Am] Your actions on this planet speak [C] loud and clear

[G]don’t strew your garbage all [D] over the ground

Repeat Chorus

Repeat verse 1

Repeat Chorus


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Great song and I am sure this will always have very special meaning for you and your family.

I lost my father in-law in january of this year with cancer and whilst he was dying I wrote a song for him which was played at the funeral. He heard it once before he passed on, at least I think he heard it, he actually died as the song was about 70% through. So this song has very special meaning to my family, regrettably its not one I care to share.

Welcome to chordie, look forward to seeing your other work.