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henryb wrote:

Are solid state amps the same as tube amps ?

No, they're completely different.
I found this useful, before I read that I thought that Valve and Tube amplifiers were different types.



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bigrinwv wrote:

Is this someting I could really mess up?

The worst that could happen is you'd need to replace the saddle. Assuming the saddle isn't glued in place, I'm not sure if they are.

bigrinwv wrote:

Should I get another saddle to have standing by in case I make a mess of the old one? Should I maybe just get a new saddle and try and shave that one down? Help please!

Probably better to buy a new one and use that, and least then if it does go wrong you can always put the old one back in.


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Zurf wrote:

Listen to someone who is so incredibly talented that it makes you either want to pick up your guitar and practice or smash it on your desk.  Don't smash it on your desk.

- Zurf

That happened to me a couple of weeks ago when I heard some of Joe Satriani's songs for the first time. yikes

When I get bored with playing, I tend to just try a different style.


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last_rebel wrote:

Okay I've been having two problems with printing tabs,
  1) not all the pages print, when I printed out stairway to heaven I only got the first and last page and the others just ran through but stayed blank. My ink's full I know because I just changed it.
  2) When they DO print the tabs aren't aligned right, is there something I can do to make it print excatly like I see it or is everyone else's doing the same thing?

Make sure it's set to NOT scale the page. If it scales the pages it sometimes makes it go strange.


Electric - Ernie Ball Regular Slinky.
Acoustic - Ernie Ball Earthwood Medium-Light.

I tend to try a different gauge of strings on the Electrics each time I change them.

Zurf wrote:

So I figured I'd write a song called Boss Hoss...

Have a look at this:


Doubt it'll be of any use but good for a laugh at least.
A V8 Motorbike?!:O lol


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I've got one of the Cort acoustics...the cheapest one. I've forgotten what it's called.
It sounds good and I haven't had any problems with it, other than that I put the wrong gauge strings on it.

A little info from Wikipedia:

Cort’s main production focus is not on Cort-brand guitars, but rather on contract work for numerous other companies. Generally, large companies contract Cort to build lower-priced guitars that have that company’s brand on them. Ibanez, Parkwood, Schecter, G&L Tribute series line of guitars are among the most well-known brands that Cort produces. In recent years, small companies known for extremely high quality (and high-priced) guitars have begun contracting Cort to produce budget line models. Avalon, based out of Northern Ireland, sold 8,000 guitars and more than doubled their income from the previous year when they contracted Cort to build a lower-priced guitar for them.


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I sent an email a while back...did it arrive?


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Hold on a minute...if you mean this disclaimer:

The song below is NOT stored on the Chordie server. The original song is hosted at ???? Chordie works as a search engine and provides on-the-fly formating. Chordie does not index songs against artists/composers will, but it is impossible for an automated search engine to manually validate every song. If you want to remove this song from Chordie please click here.

Then it's on all of the songs, and it's always been like that.


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tunedeaf wrote:

All Praise to Chordie and Poop to Coldplay for being so avaricious and short-sighted.

I'd think it was more likely to be their record company that removed the songs.


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The main thing that makes a difference is the scale length (the distance between the nut and the bridge). If you have smaller hands a smaller scale length is more comfortable, as a rule.

Telecaster, Stratocaster = 25.5" scale length
PRS = 25" scale length
Les Paul = 24.75" scale length
Mustang, Jaguar = 24" scale length.


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I've only noticed this on Chordie, so I don't think it's one of the bugs in Firefox.

Whenever I go to print anything, both on the final printed copy and on the print preview the song title is moved across to the right. So it prints the first 1 or 2 words in the title then prints the rest on the line below.

I can sort some screenshots out if that would help.
I've tried deleting the cookies but it hasn't worked. Anyone know how to fix it?


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Sorry for the long post but it's either this or split it over three. :(

Montana W. wrote:

i want a no fuzz or static amp like i said in other post , but i want to be able to use destortion also and i want it to sound good to even if the amp is really clean, i dont want it to have so little fuzz or static that it will mess up the destotion. or is that even possible.

If you want a good clean tone then you'd be better off with a Fender or Fender-style amp.
If you want a better Distorted tone then you'd be better off with a Peavey. If you have a look at this:


it seems pretty versatile. The demo is for the 2x12 100watt version, but the 1x12 50watt version should sound pretty much the same.

I tend to go through the youtube videos to find out about the tone of the different amps, pedals, etc. since the "local" music store is an hours drive away and doesn't stock any amps other than the cheaper Laney amps.

An example of the "buzz" on tube amps:


as soon as he starts playing the buzz disappears. If it really causes problems you could always buy something like this:

http://www.musicstreet.co.uk/boss-noise … db5df7f0c5

I use a Zoom G2.1U which has the same effect as one of the options, and it works brilliantly. Unless I put my strat-style directly in front of the amp there's no hum at all. :)
I still end up using the Amp on its own most of the time though as it doesn't have much of a hum anyway.

If you do have any chance of trying some amps in this price range out before you buy them then do it, the last thing you want to do is end up spending your money then finding an amp you like more for the same amount.

As for the Valvetronix, it depends whether you want an amp that's designed to sound like a load of other amps. The VT series just seems to complicated for me, but plenty of people like them. It all depends on the player. As long as you get an amp that you like that's all that matters.

Roger Guppy wrote:

Liverpool has to be amongst the top cities for music as it is home to:

The Beatles,
Gerry and the Pacemakers,
Frank Goes to Hollywood,
The Lightning Seeds,
Billy Fury,
The Searchers,
Cilla Black,
Elvis Costello ,
The Fourmost,
Swinging Blue Jeans,
Orchestral Manouvers in the Dark,
The Merseybeats
and lets not forget The Wombles.

These are just a few of the bands and artistes from that city


And the Wombats!
Unless that's what you meant by "wombles". (I thought they were from Wimbledon?)


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If you get a recording amp like this one:


it will have less as it's designed to be as quiet as possible for recording. If you need to have a mic next to it you don't want any fuzz/static from it.

The thing is though those amps are quite low powered, so they might not be suitable for gigging.

If you're willing to settle for slightly worse distortion a Solid-State amp should have less background noise than a Tube amp. Mine didn't, but it was 15 years old.


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Why no fuzz or static? There's always going to be a slight amount with any amp and you won't be able to hear it if you're playing live.


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06sc500 wrote:

Also, I might add that for $400 you can get a sweet solid state amp with tons of effects and power for a lot less cash than a tube amp with no effects and less power.

30Watts Tube is equal to 100Watts Solid-State.
I bought a 5Watt Tube amp and it's louder than the 25Watt SS amp I replaced.


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Have the Forum settings been changed? I thought the "[ img ]" tags were disabled?


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fredluvsnirvana wrote:

I've already asked about the most underrated band, and i didnt get many responses so this one might be easier because there are many overrated bands in my opinion. here are 3 i could think of.

My Chemical Romance-i like a couple songs but they're so friggin dramatic! and the way they look, they are just trying to hard!

Green Day-their songs are so simple! and not in a good way, even i can play their songs, and i suck at guitar!

Fall out Boy-yeah, they have some pretty good music but they're not THAT great! i can think of many better bands that aren't as famous!

You're just listed two of my favourite bands.
One thing I always find helps is to play the songs yourself first, then decide if they're overrated or if they actually deserve it.

And you may be able to play some Green Day songs, but can you play them exactly the same as they do?


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Sworch wrote:

Those are massive generalizations. A tube amp derives it's sound from vacuum tubes where as a solid state amp uses transistors. The net result is that tube amps tend to have a more "natural" sounding compression where solid state amps tend to be somewhat more abrasive sounding when distorted. When played clean (no distortion) solid state amps can be more "accurate" in their reproduction of your guitar's sound. One example of this would be the Roland JC-120, a horrible distorted tone but one of the cleanest (if somewhat cold)( clean tones available.

I generally play acoustic instruments and while a tube amp can "warm up" my sound in a nice way, I generally gravitate toward solid-state amps for their range and versatility with my application.

While that's true, it doesn't really suit his style. He did mention he plays Rock, so he would be using distortion more than a clean tone.

I have read that Solid-State amps are better for acoustic. I haven't actually played an Electro-Acoustic though so I don't know much about it myself.


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Drop D is when the low E string is tuned down to D.
I think the one geoaguiar mention is called something like double drop D.


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Tube amp: Sounds better, almost all "Pro" amps are tube amps. You can control the amount of distortion by strumming and picking at different strengths. Cost a bit more but they are worth it.

The other amps are:

Solid State: Your old amp will be one of these. Fairly basic and cheap, but they sound worse than Tube.
Hybrid: These are part Solid-State, part Tube. The VOX Valvetronix series are hybrid amps.

You might want to read this:


I read it shortly before buying my second amp, a Harley Benton GA5, which is exactly the same as an Epiphone Valve Jr.
(I bought it to replace my 13-15 year old Yamaha Solid-State amp, which was hissing like mad.)


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How about these:


I've read a lot of good reviews for the Agile LP clones.


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£1.20 a litre for petrol here. (UK)
That's about twice the price that it is in the US.


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Montana W. wrote:

i dont want it to be over 450 dolars

$400 gets you one of these:

Peavey ValveKing 112 50W Tube Amp
http://www.musiciansfriend.com/product/ … sku=481442

Crate V Series 112 50W Tube Amp
http://www.musiciansfriend.com/product/ … sku=487054

Worth checking them out in person first, if possible.