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I would recommend going to a shop and playing every guitar you can find in your price range, plus a few above, and below.  Get a feel for them see what you like, what sounds and feels best for you and your style.  Strats and Tele's are both great guitars, but SG's, Les Pauls, and many other brands and styles may also fit the bill.
I do agree that if you haven't played guitars with a tremolo like a Strat, it will complicate things, but don't let that stop you from getting one if that is the guitar you like.

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FretShredder wrote:

i hoping to buy a new electric guitar soon.
any suggestions??
(it cant be too expensive)

Hi FretShredder and welcome to Chordie. My advice to you is this; go to your local music store totally blind to the names painted on the headstock of all guitars. Play all of the guitars within your budgeted amount. Purchase the guitar that sounds and feels the best to you.

Peace and Guitars,

I second that. Play as many as you can and don't get caught up in the name game

ditto here,
let your ears, and hands find the best one for you, plug in to the same amp you have or are going to buy too, it makes a difference.


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zuitar, that's a test for the proper bowing on the neck, Capo at the first fret, hold down the fret where the neck meets the body, usually 12 or 14 for acoustics. personally I would use a .010 feeler gauge, but if .005 works for you, that's cool with me.
Too much bow will affect the action, but if bow is correct, you may need to adjust the action independently.
A good guideline for checking action is to use a machinists ruler, at the 12th fret, from the top of fret, the 6th (low) string should be at 5/64 of an inch, or 2mm and the 1st (high) at 4/64in, or 1.6mm, with the rest of the strings falling between those measurements.  Of course some players may want lower or higher action depending on personal preferences and style,  and heavier gauge strings can be set a touch lower. 
A machinists ruler can be found at almost any hardware store, for just a few bucks.


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Hey Doug, there are a couple of different Flea markets in the area that I've been hitting when I have the time,  so I might see him again, but I won't sweat it if I don't, or if that guitar is gone.  I know what you mean about the vendors though, most seem legit, but yea I'm sure lots of that stuff just "fell of the back of the truck".


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Thanks Guitarpix for the info, I was kicking myself all day for not just buying it.  He was only asking $70 for it, and it had what looked like a custom made wooden case with it.  I did go back, but the guy had already packed up his stand and left. 
I'll take it as a learning experiance, and be on the look out for more hidden gems like that.


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Today I found a vintage cromwell archtop at a flea market, it was very beaten up, but most of the damage was cosmetic and it seamed playable.  It's only real flaw, and the reason I didn't buy it was a 6 inch split in the back of the guitar.
Does anyone know if these kinds of cracks be fixed?


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Dude you kind of answered your own question.  Valley Arts designed the guitar, they were two separate companies.  Valley Arts specialised in Custom guitars usually in a Tele, Strat, or Super Strat design,  they were popular with Jazz, Country, and Metal players.  They partnered with Samick for a while, but later they were bought by Gibson.


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I agree the award was excessive, but I want to play devils advocate for a bit here, She did know about the files, or should have, they were on her computer.  She was offered a settlement, for $5000.00 for all of the songs she down loaded and shared.  The standard Settlement for RIAA's law suits are $3000 to 5000, most people choose to settle, She chose to fight, and paid the penalty.

RIAA knows she doesn't have the money to pay, and will probably settle it out for less.  It will be used as an example to get others to settle.


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Brouse through the public songbooks, there are many that have easy songs, and you will probably find a few with songs that fit your style and taste.


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Don't feel bad Zurf,  I didn't know what a Joss stick was either. 

Here I was trying to practice too get better, now I find out all I have to do is grow my hair, and smoke weed.


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Anything by the Ramones,  or Social Distortion.

Practice, practice practice.  Try useing your middle, ring, and pinky fingers to make the open A chord,  this will help when you move it down the neck for bar chords.  when you go to make A and E shape bars start practiceing higher up the neck  4-8th frets,  they are usually easier to bar than frets 1-3. 
There is no such thing as cheating while playing guitar,  if playing B7 or B as X2444X using only your index and ring fingers works for the song go ahead and do it.

A couple of classic country songs that are great for beginers are

Jambalaya by Hank Williams

http://www.chordie.com/chord.pere/?url= … ranspose=0


Folsom Prison Blues by Johnny Cash

http://www.chordie.com/chord.pere/?url= … ranspose=0


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Caracena wrote:
mixter102 wrote:

Fenders higher quality acoustic lines are Taylor, Guild  and Ovation.

Is this true?  I had no idea that these were "divisions" of Fender.

(Would it be like Lexus is the "luxury" division of Toyota?)

yep, it's true



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Gibson started as an acoustic instrument company, building their instruments by hand with a reputation for quality,  they did the same when they added electric guitars to their product line. 

Fender started as an electronics company building Amplifyers and mass produced electric guitars, when they added acoustics they did not build them but had vendors put the fender name on imports, many from asia.  Fender has always positoned themselves in the market as a lower priced alternative to Gibson, it's main compeditor.  Fenders higher quality acoustic lines are Taylor, Guild  and Ovation.


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The correct scale length for a full sized acoustic guitar is 65cm measured from nut to bridge.  Smaller scale guitars may vary some, but a 3/4 scale guitar will be at or very close to 57cm.
Headstocks and bodys may vary by size based on the brand, so measuring from nut to bridge will be the most accurate way to check.


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They are neat little devices, they can be used as an amp modler for recording, through a
PA, with headphones for practice, or through your amp like an effects box.  You should be able to reset half of the presets too many combos of amp models, and effects. plus it has many other cool features like pick up modelers, accoustic modelers, a drum machine, and a chromatic tuner.

http://www.musiciansfriend.com/document … c=3SOSWXXB

you should be able to get a manuel for it off the web.


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Doc, the "EXPLICIT LYRICS" stickers are selling points to most rap fans.  Rap does get some radio play but only edited versions, because of the FCC standards that stations must adhere to.
While it is dominated by Black artists, rap is marketed to White middle class boys,  I think it's  main selling point is that their parents will not like it.
I do belive rappers perpetuate negative steretypes, as they often trade on thuggish Gangster images, and sell it as authentic. 
The use of "the N word" is controversial among the African-Americans as well,  but a White man saying it will always be percived as insulting, and a  racist.   He will definately get into great trouble.  Some Blacks feel their use of the word is disempowering the word, others feel it's ok for them because it is not meant as an insult or racist.


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Rap Music is designed for and targeted at white addolesent males, to be popular it must scare their parents.

the Foo Fighters, White Stripes,  Red Hot Chilie Peppers, Tool, and Rage Against the Machine all have the chops and popularity to possibly last as long as the Stones.


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The first amendment of the US contitution protects Freedom of religion, and prohibits the State from establishing one.  this lets any preacher who has the means to start his own church,  but most are affiliated with the major denominations.  Almost every church I have been in has a choir or band made up from members,  many profesional musicians get their start in church.  there are a great number of traditional hymns and spirituals that are preformed during services.

It would be illegal (not to mention tacky) to require church membership and attendance as a condition of employment.  Freedom of religion also grants freedom from religion.


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"I have a Fever, and the only prescription is More Cowbell!"

Don't Fear The Reaper by Blue Oyster Cult.


There are some musicians who make music because they have to, its in their soul,  they would make the same music if it was commercial or not. 
Others make music to make money, they hire big name producers (or get hired by them), top songwriters, and top session musicians.  They calculate everything from their look, and sound, to the publicity they get, all so that they will appeal to the lowest common denominator.
For me I almost always seem to find the former more interesting,  they don't have to be the greatest voice, or fastest guitar picker, but they do connect on a personal level that I just don't find from the later.
Every musician wants to be heard, but some want to make sure that what you hear, is really them.


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the Strat tremelo bridges are a ballanceing act.  They may need to be reset when you change strings, they will definatly need to be reset if you change string gauges.  Royce has it right, tighten the screws that hold your strings so that the bridge is flat, when it's in tune.  The heavier the strings gauges are, the tighter your springs will need to be.


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No one has mentioned Brad Delp of Boston.