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Not sure how to chord it out but this is a good looking video for picking the chords and even though the names are big the chords look fairly easy



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Thanks Russell. I leave one little step and it all goes to hell. :-)


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If anyone can tell me where I am going wrong with my ChordPro, I'd appreciate it.


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This song is about a couple who after may things in life end up together.  Originally played with a moderately fast tempo (120 bpm) it can be slowed down to a more thoughtful deep thinking version.  I recorded an earlier version (since adjust a few versus and layout) that will give you an idea of tempo.  It can heard at:


Might be us againTom Rogers



Intro:  / G - - - / G - - - / G - - - / G - - - /

[G]Sitting in the summer breeze   

[C]Watching the sun go[G] down

[G]Laughing and having fun

[C]Spending the night on the[G] town


[G]We go across a sunset bridge

[C]Walking alone to[G]gether

[G]Not a care in the world

[C]Thinking of each [G]other

[G]A glass of[D] wine maybe two

[C]Sneak a kiss now and[G] then

[G]Holding hands on[D] a moon lit night

[C]Might be us[G] again


[G]Looking out feeling hope

[C]The future [G]that we see

[G]Where we go, our hearts only know

[C]Together you[G] and me

[G]A glass of[D] wine maybe two

[C]Sneak a kiss now and[G] then

[G]Holding hands on[D] a moon lit night

[C]Might be us[G] again

[Em]The world about[D] us moves

[C]Our invitations de-[G]clined

[Em]We ask, with [D]no answer

[C]Maybe it’s a [G]sign

[G]A glass of[D] wine maybe two

[C]Sneak a kiss now and[G] then

[G]Holding hands on[D] a moon lit night

[C]Might be us[G] again


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I am also trying to figure out the pick thing.  I have tried a thump pick.  Doesn't move. Have to see if they have them in different thicknesses.


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Thanks Roger. I will try site owner. While it may use the same version as ipad, they dont work the same.  I get auto-scroll on my other "i" thingie (iphone) but it does not show/work in the ipad.


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Just another shout out to get the auto scroll to work on the ipad (ideally) and the iphone.  Use the iPad as my music book and it would be a great addition.


Thank you so much.  I will sit down and run it through.  I will have to practice both F as I try to avoid when all possible but I think I could make it work once in a while :-)  I will let you know my thought on the major to minor on the F#

Looking to see if anyone has or can decipher the chords for this song from Stacia Petrie.  I have heard the song on Sirius Coffee house but have not found much information on any tabs or chords.  Here is a link to the song from YouTube  http://youtu.be/vC9MLpwXAVU 

Any help would be appreciated.  I am not real good at figuring chords out yet from a song unless I'm  playing around and go "hey that sounds like..."


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I love this place.  I look around forever with no luck.  One post and in 15 minutes two links.  Thank you.

I am trying to figure out the music to It hurts so bad by Susan Tedeschi.  I found a YouTube video of her playing it but the guy filming starts moving all over the band so a lot is missed.  Has anyone tried chording this one up or at the least can give the the progression and perhaps I can figure it from that.  I am not real good at that sort of thing but "a man has to learn to fish".


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I am looking for the chords or the tab of "I wont be around" by Janiva Magness (a great blues singer if you ever get a chance to see her)

Toots-I would love to get a copy of the song as well.  Thanks.

I was watching Josh White Jr.'s video on how to play his father's music on Homespun video and he opened with a song that he said was his dad's signature song.  From the chorus I believe that it is called "My guitar is 1000 years old". I have looked and searched everywhere but I can not find anything on this song.  Nothing on albums or online search.  Has anyone ever heard of this song or similar if I might have the title wrong?

Not bad.  Playing sounded good but I think she was just a ran a bit too fast for the tempo you were playing.  Probably nerves.  Good job.

This strap was created by Ed Tall Bear.  Custom made straps.  It is currently on its way to me.  You can view some of his other straps and work at http://earthspiritpartnership.com/instruments.html



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Thanks for the information and site.  Found what I needed.  I have a 1991 model.  Almost time for my guitar to drink legally.


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Thank you for the link.  When I first looked at Wasburn's site, I could not find this.  Actually the whole site looks different; wonder where I was looking :-p  I will have to search again for a sticker or plat somewhere.  It wouldn't make sense but it might be in an area that is hard to see without feeling around a little inside.  Although to be honest I thought it might have been stamped on the wood bracing.  If all else fails I can try piecing it together via all the components.  Thank you both.


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Is there a way to figure out what year a guitar model was made?  I bought my Washburn used but was curious on finding out more about it.  I tried the Washburn site but not really any help.


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Thanks.  I have been trying to use You Tube to see how Willie Nelson plays it but, like a piano player, sometimes you have to have the right finger size.  I am going to go Bensonp route and do what I can do comfortably and correctly.  I guess what really matters in the end is that it sounds good.


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Very nice song.  As I was reading it the melody came perfectly to me.  Can't wait to get home to play it.  Question I have though is how did you get it written in the Chordie form?  I have tried to write my songs this way but I can never get it to work and have had no luck finding a program shareware/free preferred that works.


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Thanks bensonp.  That is what I am trying to do now.  Sometimes makes me use a finger or two that are not as easy as the index finger but as I practice more and more I am hoping that it will get easier.


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I decided to take up the challenge of learning to play Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain by Willie Nelson, more than just the chords and strumming that i do now on songs that I play.  I understand when finger picking you use certain fingers on certain strings, and the same for chords.  However when you are playing individual notes is there some rule of thumb on what finger to use or is it really what makes you comfortable?  I have seen where you use the first 4 fingers on the first four frets but I am not sure how accurate that is or what to do when I start moving up the neck.  Nor how it is done when you play one string up and down the neck.  Looking to see what others do concerning this.  Thanks.


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I believe that their are some copy write issues with the Beatles catalog, so they have to take it off.


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Good point on learning the correct way from a instructor.  Who wants to learn to play a guitar upside down?!?  Bad example.  I guess in the end it really comes down to practice and the time I give to it.  At least with an instructor I will get chided if I don't learn my lesson.