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ps   I'll drink a frostie for all the June sprogs, i could be quite smashed by month-end


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2-6-1947 - - where does that put me, with the dinosaurs or punk rockers


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The most entertaining game so far was between Japan and France, superb pace and running rugby, almost no kicks to be seen, it was a great game. The Japanese did themselves proud, the final score was not a real reflection of the game. Our team, the Boks, need a HUUUUUUGE wake up call, our performance against Wales was dismal, to put it politely.


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Pre world cup nerves, that's all, i'm sure that they didn't mean any harm

Hiya Pix, i reckon that swell must have travelled all the way round the globe, yesterday, the spot that i like nearest to me works best at 3 to 6 foot, well, yesterday it was 12 - 15 ft on the beach break. One of the other spots which gets lots of open ocean swell was 25 ft. A big wave spot called dundgeons, tow in stuff, as it's faaaaar out to sea, was monster mash. All the mad men were out. Sadly at 64, i can only dream of being younger


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Great pics and scenery, definitely an ''up'' for a blues fest


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It's Sunday morning, and i rest my case, but, well played All Blacks, superb pace and ball handling


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We've won it TWICE, and right now we are just lulling everybody into a sense of false security by playing badly in the Tri-Nations. Tomorrow we play the All Blacks in Port Elizabeth, and we are going to plant them deeeeeeeeeeeeep in the mud.
Phil, yes all of you guys are invited. England did themselves proud last time around. BRING IT ON

Excellent stuff, a really feelgood write. Very uplifting and warming to the soul.


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A somewhat historical and philosophical write, poignant as well. Nice, I like it - well done DC


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Short, but oh so sweet. A nice write, well done.


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Oh so very true, spot on the button. Nice stuff. Well done to you Phill.


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What a great write, it really is excellent, nostalgia and a way of life that is now gone.


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An extremely inspirational write. Well done.


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Hi Ken, another great write, excellent stuff.


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I saw them at the Bath festival in 1970, AND, believe it or not, i got on stage, behind the band for a short while, i conned my way up there claiming to be a reporter from a Cape Town newspaper. It was awe-inspiring to see thousands of lighters and matches being waved in the air as Zep played. The highlight of that festival for me were Pink Floyd and John Mayall with the one and only
Peter Green, guitar playing  of the absolute highest order.


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Great words, Ken, more power to your pen, and to you and your health.

Atta boy Toots, you are never to old to rock, or to roll, i'm a mere sprog at 63, so, you're an inspiration to us all,
someone said that old rock and rollers never die, they just fade away, but i reckon that they good one's will always leave their shadow behind, keep it up.


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Hi jamier, i'm further down south from you, in Cape Town, i have more than one song written about banks, some of them completely unfit for Chordie posting, BUT, i certainly felt better after writing them. The banks must be every persons pet hate right now, one song is called Banking Swine,  enuff' said.


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Another  good  write,  well  done  Dolly.


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Hi there Butch, all's well that ends well, it's only a pity that we are so far apart
Hi Gabby, feel free anytime, if you browse back in the songwriting section you will find a few of my songs. Let me know if you find anything that appeals to you, lots of my songs are slow and ballady.

Many thankx, Old Doll,  i  hope that  you  enjoy  the  read, paypal and all these funny internet things can be very 
c-o-n-f-u-s-i-n-g,  wellllll,  they  certainly  are  to  me??!!


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I have an Ibanez 12'er and x-lights work perfectly well for me,  i have small mitts, and battled with lights. She also stays nicely in tune without any probs, plus, ALL guitars do go out of tune in varying degrees over time, weather changes help in this department.  I have also done only one small truss rod adjustment in the last few years, and the tuning is standard.
Ibby also gets played A LOT

Hey Oz, was that Peter, Paul and Mary, or the Kingston Trio. If it was, I know it was an early 60's group, I wouldn't worry  tooooo much about copyright. by now they're all waaay  tooo old to remember who did what in those heady days.


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i got dem low down dirty blues
I saw my bank manager
he just told me
go take a long snooze
'cos sure as hell
my interest rates
will give you the blues
i got dem low down dirty blues
and all i can say is
let's hit the booze
let's walk the streets
let's sing together
just me and you
'cos we're birds of a feather
oh yeah - the whole world's
got dem low down dirty blues
'cos my computer and chordie
have just gone for a snooze