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"Your wildest dreams" by Moody Blues is a good one, so is Carly Simon's "Thats the wya I always heard it should be"...keep on...justasinger54


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Hey Meggie, justasinger54 here, I can tell you my friend there are tons, everything from Dylan to U2, clapton, the beatles, and newer bands like plain white tee's, brighteyes and david gray, theres lots of easy stuff out there, I've been "trying" to play guitar for literally 40 years, (my first song "up on the roof " by the drifters, FYI), but I still just play open chord stuff and manage to entertain with it, I am a folk guy, but rock, and pop are doable with very easy chords, I don't do much country but most of its pretty easy as well, so don't lose faith, theres lots of music out there you can handle..,..Keep on....justasinger54 (I tell people I'm not a musician, just a singer)..............justasinger54 (Tim)


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Welcome Mike, Justasinger54 back on chordie after a 6 week hiatus (between terms in school) with no internet, I'm happy to see you have made aquaintance with Doug, he is a great guy and a great guitar player and he and I have become good friends on line and have even met and jammed one, he can help you to navigate around on chordie, this site offers so much more than just chords and lyrics, the workshop format has helped me out many times, especially with obscure stuff, the song request section in the forum is great for that kind of help, and Doug is an excellent resource as well, I'm a ham and egger, a folk singer and a strummer, Doug can help you as he has help me a few times, anyway Mike, I'm up here in Astoria and playing off and on at a bar that can't quite make up its mind what it wants to do musically, right now I'm suppose to start running an open mike on fridays, but generally I'm the only one there, so we'll see, I have hooked up with a few locals to play and I get over to jam with my brother once in awhile, I do play everyday, Doug's wife likes folk, which is my thing so now Doug is bemoaning that she is pestering him to learn more folk and he wants my playlist, 'nuff said Doug I'll send it right out lol, anyway Mike welcome and please do keep in touch, we Oregonians have to stick together..Keep on.....justasinger54 (Tim)


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Hey songsforsarah, justasinger54 here after 6 weeks away, my friend you came to the right place, loves songs are a hobby of mine and I can still get my lady's knees to wobble by singing to her, Wonderful Tonight is a given, Sarah by Jefferson Starship, but to get some really good ones you need to go back further, the Everly Brothers have a few, Let it be Me, Crying in the Rain and All I have to do is Dream come to mind, also, Roy Orbisons Crying is a good one, coming into the 60's, how about Cherish, No fair at all or Everything that touches you by the Association, theres tons of them out there, I got two back to back 10 buck tips playing a gig just for playing Yesterdays Gone and A Summer Song by Chad and Jeremy, the 60's and 70's are a huge pool of great love songs, anyway my friend, good luck, sing pretty for your fair Sarah ...............keep on.......justasinger54


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Some good advice from Doug, as is usual, some lady love songs I know and that are easy to play are Pat Benatars "We Belong" the Seekers "I'll never find another you", you can go back to "Will you still love me tomorrow" a Carol King tune done by the Shirelles, there are tons, but Doug is right, sometimes its just a matter of changing she's to he's, I do Ronstadt's "Different drum" but I do the Mike Nesmith (the guy who wrote it) version which is from a guys perspective, not a great love song, as it is talking about leaving, but an example of what I'm talking about, I do several girl songs, I just do the he/she thing and they usually work..........................keep on..........justasinger54


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Thank you so much Steve, my girlfriend absolutely loves Air Supply and has dubbed this song "Our song", which is cool, I love the song too, and it does fit us, so thanks for your help my friend, I'll see what I can figure out, Gods all this copyright stuff is annoying, is there no end to the greed of people, we all just want to play the music we all love, its maddening huh.......thanks again.......keep on.....justasinger54


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I know a lot of you guys will be rolling your eyes at my request for another love song, but, ya know, new love and all that, anyway need chords for Air Supply's "two less lonely people in the world", as usual the lyrics are everywhere, but no chords, any help would be greatly appreciated.......Keep on.......justasinger54


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Hey selso, justasinger54 here, my two main keys are G and C, with a Rare D, but I'm a folk singer and everything folk is pretty much written in one of the 3, its all good, I sing what I can and capo around the rest.........keep on..........justasinger54 (Tim)


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Thank you my friend, one down one to go, might be able to figure it out, think it has a C, Cmaj7, F, G, progression to start, and is pretty easy, but has a bridge that could be a problem, we'll see...Thanks again my friend........keep on........justasinger54


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Hey fellow obscure music lovers, anyone have chords and lyrics for Three Dogs Nights "Til the world Ends" , pretty sure Dave Loggins wrote it, think it in C, anyway any help would be appreciated, also still needing help with Micheal McDermott's "Whiskey and Water" great closer for bar gigs....Thanks ......................justasinger54


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Hey kiddo, wasn't by a computer all weekend but can name a few, did some of that in my time too, John Denvers "Gospel Changes" is a good easy strumming song with a good message of faith in it, and ya know, "Amazing Grace", I always Did Some John Denver, Peter, Paul and Mary, Folk songs, sing-a-long stuff, "Both sides Now" is pretty easy, but may be high vocally, I do it capoed on the 3rd, but I'm a guy and a gravelly baritone, so you'd have to try it and see, but there's ton's, I'm sure if you type in "campfire Chords and Lyrics" you should find a free site somewhere. I've got a few off from time to time, but couldn't start to think of the web sites, anyway hope this helps, I've got "Gospel Changes" if you need it and maybe "Both Sides Now", have to look on that one, anyway good luck and hope ya get some singers, it can really bee fun if the kids get into it.....Keep On.........justasinger54


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wanted to thank topdown for the great Carly Simon tune "it happens everyday, perseverance pays off, also got some Donovan today too, I told topdown it felt like christmas, keep on and thanks again to top down..............justasinger54


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Hey Doug, moving last weekend and had no computer access, what this person is complaining about is going way over the top, like quitting this great site is going to get him anything, there are songs that I would like to see on chordie too,but I don't dwell on not having that song, I just find another song to work on, some advice for this person is that when find a song on the site down load and print it, then you have it permanently, depending on the song being here again is a risk, really just a slight one but a risk. I would have a pretty limited music list if it weren't for chordie, With few exceptions chordie has at least one tune by just about everyone, I can't remember the last time I didn't find what I was looking for. As I said I do relate to him, as I am also a great fan of more obscure album cuts, they are very hard to find and sometimes you just have to give up and move on to something else. Please let me compliment you on your diplomacy efforts, whether it works or not is up to the guy who's complaining.....................Keep On My Friend.................Tim (justasinger54)


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Most folk and rock are 3 chord stuff, G, C, and D in one order or another with a Am, Em, Bm, or Dm thrown in For Dylan stuff and really for quite a few others, its good to know accent chord C7, D7 and G7, but you'de be amazed at how many songs are built around G, C, and D...................Keep On..............justasinger


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I agree more with the last person with Action advise, maybe your neck does need adjusting, its worth it to have it checked, my own suggestion is to try lighter strings first though. I play Martin lights, and they are about perfect for me, I have a weak first finger and light strings are just easier to press down. It is important to play for at least a half hour everyday, more if you have the time, it will strengthen your fingers, help you to relax and know your chords and get you some good calluses on your finger tips, this will help with the ease of holding a chord, all these will help you with getting the hang of it, practice, practice, practice my friend..............Keep On.........justasinger54


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This is one of the easiest songs ever to strum, G, D, G, C on verses, most of Claptons actual chords are pretty easy.......Keep On..............justasinger54


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Chad and Jeremy's "A Summer Song" is a good campfire tune and has the right title lol, easy 4 chord tune............keep on.....justasinger54


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"Danny's Song" by Kenny Loggins is a good one, so is Cat stevens "Father and Son" ..................Keep On...........justasinger54


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The Beatles is a good choice, their earier stuff is easier, Dylan is almost all three and four chords stuff, as is most folk, 60's pop is the same, classic rock might surprise you even Clapton's chords for most of his songs are 3 and 4 chord rythm...........Keep On .....justasinger54


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You may want to check with Kingston Trio sites, they did a great cover of it and did well on the charts, its been covered by a lot of folksingers, they all do pretty much the same arrangement, one of Gordons best............Keep on...........justasinger54

One really fun one is the upbeat "Runaway Train" by Soul Asylum, I capo it on the 4th fret so it has a great accoustic sound.if you want something newer, "At the bottom of everything" by Bright Eyes is great for the same reason.............Keep On.....justasinger54


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The song is a Traditional one so check the listings for that, the person above me here has the same chords and lyrics of the same version I have always done, its actually a pretty easy tune.........Keep On...............justasinger54


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Just talked to a friend who suggested you check out Air Supply and Bread, I came up with James Taylor and Carly Simon. Lots of Love songs out there...............Keep On ........justasinger54


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"Wedding song" Peter Yarrow, "Let it be me" Everly's, "wonderful Tonight" Clapton, Love songs are a specialty of mine, I'm Known as the love song guy where I play every week, these three are just off the top of my head, know a lot more if you want, let me know..............Keep On........justasinger54


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Does anyone have the chords and lyrics for this tune?.....Keep On........juistasinger54