Just bought a set of Dragonfire Phat Humbuckers for my guitar.  Have not installed them yet.  Been reading alot of good things about them on Youtube.  Just wondering if any of you have tried them yourself ?  Does anyone have an opion on these pickups ?


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Do you have a tattoo of your guitar, drums, keyboard, horn or anything having to do with music ?  Maybe a musical note tattoo ?  I myself am a biker and have biker tattoos.  I'm thinking about getting a tattoo of my Fender Strat.


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What is the toughest song you have ever tried to learn how to play on your guitar ?


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joeyjoeyjoey wrote:

Fender Stratocaster. Just an all around good utility guitar. Affordable, built like a tank and can do pretty much whatever you need it for (Rock, country< blues etc). I think of it as the Ford Pickup of guitars

I fully agree with this.  The Fender Stratocaster was made to fit my body with just the way it was cut.  Add it to my Fender Twin Reverb 65' reissue amp and they are just a great set up.


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The best beer I ever drank was when I was in Germany and in the Air Force.  When I got back to the States I drank all kinds of beer and they all tasted like colored water to me.  I finaly setteled on Miller and now I like Miller 64.  It's all I buy now.

I prefer a wide strap around 3 1/4 inches myself on my Fender Stratocaster because of the weight.  On my acoustics I like a narrow strap because of the light weight.  What's your opinion ?


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Do you have a favorite song that you have played over and over again, but you still never tire of it ?

Sometimes I don't quite like the message in a song, but the beat and music grab me so much that I don't care.


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Thanks dino, sounds like a plan for me.


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Thanks dino, I didn't know you could argue price at Guitar Center.  Great tip !  I have three guitars but I'm still always looking LOL.  Oh ya, thank you too christopaul.  I guess I'll just do a lot of shopping yet since I can't afford a Martin if you know what I mean, Ha Ha...........


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Ya, thx dino.  I think I'll check out Guitar Center.  Up till now I've only been checking them out on line.


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Hey, Thanks so much Russell for the youtube link.  That really helped me make up my mind.  The action on the strings is a definate downer, way to high for me.  I also agree with with you Roger about the shallow body.  Thank you very much for your comments.


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Thanks for the comment bro, but I'm not talking about a Fender Stratocaster.  I've owned one of those for a long time.  I'm talking about a Fender Stratocoustic which is an acoustic electric guitar.  Any thoughts on this particular model would be appriacated.  Thx.

I been thinking about buying a Fender Stratacoustic Guitar.  Do any of you own one ?  Is it worth the money ?  Are there any problems with it ?

Maybe you should try a seatbelt, LOL


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cj-5 wrote:

Well there you have it folks. If ya wanna know how Our Country really feels about the Vietnam Veteran in general, all you gotta do is tune into CBS and watch their new reality show called The "Amazing Race" It highlights Communism and spits in the face of every American solider who served during the Vietnam war. It makes me sick to my stomach to see one of their war monuments of victory being a downed B-52 where two of it's pilots/crew taken as POW and others MIA, presumed dead. They use this monument for a spot to hide clues for their stupid race. Contestants are also treated to communism propaganda parties and songs. If CBS did this in Iraq or Afghanistan they probably would be run out of our country. How about if they did something like this with the USS Arizona in Pearl Harbor. Do you think our country would have tolerated that! Oh Hell no!!!

Where's the outrage over the courts requiring the removal of crosses put up decades ago to  commemorate fallen Vietnam Soldiers? Yeah, we're appreciated alright.

How come Vietnam Vets are the only soldiers in American history who basically are made to feel like an abomination to our own country. What did we do so wrong? Yet most of us old farts would do it again if called upon to do so. My heart goes out to the families of those lost in the downing of any B-52. I hope they did not see that stupid, stupid, stupid reality show. CBS can stick it!

Someday I'd like to share why we at Ft Bragg years ago, use to refer to Fayetteville North Carolina as Fayette-Nam. But that's another story of bad memories.

I had a real dilemma on whether or not to post this. Often times I write things out then just delete them. This time I did not. I apologize if this is felt by any to be inappropriate. Sometimes I just vent and most of the time I regret doing it. OH WELL!


I'm with you cj-5 !   The way our country has treated the vets of the 60's and 70's is a disgrace.  They act as though we were some kind of joke to be hidden and forgotten.


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What do you call a duck that flies upside down?  A Qwack Up.


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I could never make my guitars sound as great as I think they look.  I could own thousands of them and I would still be looking at them in the music store.  Most guitars are shaped like a beautiful woman to me. LOL


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I have the music in my head and even play it out on my guitar.  The lyrics, now that's another story.  I guess I'm just not a good poem writer.  But, I keep telling myself to never give up anyway.


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I don't need a holiday to have a Miller, LOL


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Hi fireman, I'm 64 myself and theory still leaves me with ????? too.  Right now I just started working with power chords.  They can be fun.


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Good band, really like their beat.


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Metal or Glass guitar slide?  Which do you like better and why?


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Guitars and motorcycles, I can never have enough of both !


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We used to call those big joints stogies, Te he !