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Zurf wrote:

THUNDERBIRD, BABY!  Be the coolest cat to slap a plank and get you a Thunderbird.

Up the neck and tonal range?  Come on!  It's a bass. It's supposed to be low notes. You don't need anything above 14. If you do, use a guitar.

You go all up 14  I was thinking 12     


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Phill Williams wrote:

i thought i'd give bass a go 2 decades ago. so bought a bass and joined a band who played a bit of everything, but i played it like a lead guitar, and missed my timing quite a lot with the result that i got a lot of telling-offs from the drummer. if i was standing too close on stage i got a drumstick across the knuckles. so my advice; keep it simple, stay in time (listen to the bass drum) and don't try to be too clever

That's been the problem with the last bass player


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I've decided to learn to play bass luv my GuiTars, by but  Can't find bass players who want to play country  so think I will give it a try..... any thoughts could be help full


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Could be the B string is in fringer crease or your not pushing the string down hard enough either way it's just practice try 2 beats of and 2 beats of G bar chord back and forth and to A  and B  at the 7 th fret  good luck and don't give up it will come

Josh Jackson hole wy


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Pick me up my first tube amp today used blackheart 5 watt 12" playing Epiphone Es 175 vs through it sounds AWSOME

She just glad it's not another horse


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Long time no post still playing remember pass word so thought I'd say hi.

Zurf wrote:

Dishwasher leaks. 

Washing machine has a worn down gear.

Kitchen drain has been a problem for a long time.  They keep running a snake down it and saying there's nothing there.  Well run the darn thing further then because "nothing" doesn't stop water, and the only one that doesn't drain is the kitchen, so it's a partial clog somewhere between the sink and where the drain connects with the main stack. 

Everything else but the kitchen sink comes to the main stack elsewhere. 

Oh, and the hose bib on the front of the house started to leak enough to discolor all the brick around it.  So, now there's another water thing. 

And the passenger window on my truck stopped working, so that's at least an anti-water thing. 

All this in the last two days. 

- Zurf

Be a water thang here its raining


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Really 2 new amps. I bought a 15 line six two weeks a go great load little amp. Was in the guitar store and some one had put on consignment 150 watt line 6 head and cabinet he wanted 400  for it but i could hear a bad speaker they gave the owner a call offered 300 for it as is he bit unplugged suspect speaker work great i canrun wife kids dogs cats out of the house shake the blinds its awesome


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Oops i see its a two finger move


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Welcome from jackson hole wy I have learned a ton from this group


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Just had one of those ta DUH MOMENT'S You can play breakdown by tom petty with one figer move in A minor learning to luv bar chords


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Im glad you were all here and have always helped me out isay self taught but thats not true im where im because of this site      thanks


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Its been 4 weeks play every day but not ready for barr chords but i keeo trying doing real well with tthe first 4fretts


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Ngd are the best

I think i just found a new jam partner but hes on vacation for the next week ive played solo at the hootenanny several times but haven't in months 23 miles of bad roads hope to start again. Keep playing


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At fiftyone now fiftytwo i would find music and enjoy it .l ownen 7 guitars 5 acoustic  2 electrics i play at least 2hrs a day and 2 or 3 guitars. Old country western and new luv learning to play rock on that kit Les Paul i just finished. I have to give this web site i big part of the credit thanks guys and gals

Im 52 been playing just over a year and like you whish i would have started years ago  i luv guiTar and singing and listen to other players at all levels let no talants go un used

I took it to my luther he double check my set up he gave me an A. Had 2 strings that i had to adjust the scale lenth it plays, great i just have to learn to play it. I could not be happier

This us the saga guiTar kit and i finished it.
Im sending Rodger the photos if he be so kind as to post them  for me


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Shoulder was a mess what wasnt torn was growing horns started physical torture six week in the sling pain pills work but they make me sick good news is i can play SLOW no bar chords life is good


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I go in for shoulder surgery this morning oh for the joy fretting arm


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Mr z guiTar was right there was n wood under the seal i black ink it and  green stain looksx awesome ecept in a few spots that rhe sealer was deeper then the maple laminente which has left a  couple of ugly yellowed spots near the bridge on volume knobs  which i think i can fix or at least make less noticeable iv been taking photos and will post work in progres thread when i figure out knew camara clould thing a Bob


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Thank ZGUITAR I that makes me feel much better.. i was sanding with 600  because i did not want to go to deep. You just saved me from having to eat crow