93 You tube views

by Grah1

94 Another Saturday

by Phill Williams

95 the morning after

by Phill Williams


by Timothyalexeyeva

97 How to read the diagram?

by milli.elektra

98 Geographical Spread On Chordie

by Peatle Jville ( Pages 1 2 3  6 )

99Moved: my songlist

by cexolono

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100 Am I Ageist?

by Phill Williams

101 NGD pending??

by joeyjoeyjoey

103 Please Watch This girl

by Classical Guitar

104 cringeworthy lyrics

by Phill Williams

105 Gaming Chair

by Cork_92

106 Blues Friday ?

by Classical Guitar

108 Can we use your data?

by bassdiva

109 Printing

by lpeters56

110 Country Music

by Dirty Ed

111 Fare Ye Well Robert Hunter

by unclejoesband

112 words does not print

by shirleyharvey54

115 Who makes these choices?

by crappyguitar64

116 Who makes these choices?

by crappyguitar64

117 Printing Chordie Song

by First_Shirt

119 New Guitarist's Joy

by Tenement Funster

120 LGD Less guitar day.

by joeyjoeyjoey