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The Avett Brothers

40 East (3 versions)
A Father'€™s First Spring (3 versions)
A Gift for Melody Anne (3 versions)
A Lot of Moving (2 versions)
A Lover Like You (3 versions)
All My Mistakes (4 versions)
And It Spread (8 versions)
Another Is Waiting (5 versions)
Apart From Me (8 versions)
At the Beach (2 versions)
Beside the Yellow Line (2 versions)
Bring Your Love to Me (3 versions)
Closing Night (3 versions)
Colorshow (3 versions)
Dancing Daze (4 versions)
Die Die Die (8 versions)
Distraction #74 (3 versions)
Divorce Separation Blues
Do You Love Him (2 versions)
Down With the Shine
Famous Flower of Manhattan (4 versions)
February Seven (6 versions)
Fisher Road to Hollywood (2 versions)
Four Thieves Gone
Geraldine (2 versions)
Gimmeakiss (3 versions)
Go to Sleep (4 versions)
Good to You (4 versions)
Hard Worker (2 versions)
Head Full of Doubt/Road Full of Promise (2 versions)
I and Love and You (5 versions)
I Killed Sally'€™s Lover
I Never Knew You (4 versions)
I Would Be Sad (7 versions)
Ill With Want (3 versions)
Incomplete and Insecure
It Goes On and On (2 versions)
January Wedding (7 versions)
Jenny and the Summer Day (2 versions)
Kick Drum Heart (2 versions)
Laundry Room (8 versions)
Left on Laura, Left on Lisa (5 versions)
Letter to a Pretty Girl (2 versions)
Life (5 versions)
Live and Die (10 versions)
Love Like the Movies (6 versions)
Matrimony (3 versions)
Morning Song (2 versions)
My Last Song to Jenny (3 versions)
My Losing Bet (2 versions)
Never Been Alive (2 versions)
No Hard Feelings
Nothing Short of Thankful (2 versions)
November Blue (4 versions)
Offering (4 versions)
Old Wyom (2 versions)
One Line Wonder (3 versions)
Open Ended Life (5 versions)
Paul Newman vs. The Demons (2 versions)
Please Pardon Yourself (2 versions)
Pretend Love (3 versions)
Pretty Girl at the Airport (3 versions)
Pretty Girl From Annapolis (5 versions)
Pretty Girl from Cedar Lane (7 versions)
Pretty Girl From Chile (3 versions)
Pretty Girl From Feltre (5 versions)
Pretty Girl From Locust (2 versions)
Pretty Girl From Matthews (4 versions)
Pretty Girl From Michigan (4 versions)
Pretty Girl From Raleigh (4 versions)
Pretty Girl From San Diego (6 versions)
Salvation Song (6 versions)
Shame (2 versions)
Signs (2 versions)
Sixteen in July (2 versions)
Skin and Bones (2 versions)
Slight Figure of Speech (5 versions)
Smoke in Our Lights (2 versions)
Sorry Man (4 versions)
Souls Like the Wheels (2 versions)
SSS (3 versions)
Swept Away (8 versions)
Talk on Indolence (2 versions)
Ten Thousand Words (8 versions)
The Ballad of Love and Hate (9 versions)
The Clearness Is Gone (2 versions)
The Day that Marvin Gaye Died (2 versions)
The Fall (2 versions)
The Lowering (A Sad Day in Greenvilletown) (2 versions)
The New Love Song (2 versions)
The Once and Future Carpenter (5 versions)
The Perfect Space (2 versions)
The Traveling Song (2 versions)
The Weight of Lies (2 versions)
Through My Prayers (3 versions)
Tin Man
True Sadness (2 versions)
Vanity (6 versions)
Victims of Life
Walking for You (3 versions)
Will You Return? (3 versions)
Winter in My Heart (4 versions)
You Are Mine