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Modest Mouse

3rd Planet (9 versions)
Alone Down There (3 versions)
Baby Blue Sedan (2 versions)
Beach Side Property (6 versions)
Black Cadillacs (10 versions)
Blame It on the Tetons (4 versions)
Bukowski (6 versions)
Bury Me With It (3 versions)
Convenient Parking (3 versions)
Cowboy Dan (3 versions)
Coyotes (3 versions)
Custom Concern (3 versions)
Dashboard (3 versions)
Dramamine (5 versions)
Fire It Up (2 versions)
Float On (19 versions)
Florida (2 versions)
Fly Trapped in a Jar (4 versions)
From Point a to Point B (∞) (3 versions)
Gravity Rides Everything (6 versions)
Head South (4 versions)
Heart Cooks Brain (3 versions)
I Came as a Rat (4 versions)
Invisible (3 versions)
Jesus Christ Was an Only Child (2 versions)
Lampshades on Fire (5 versions)
Life Like Weeds
Little Motel (9 versions)
Lounge (2 versions)
March Into the Sea (2 versions)
Missed the Boat (6 versions)
Ocean Breathes Salty (7 versions)
Ohio (3 versions)
One Chance (2 versions)
Paper Thin Walls (6 versions)
Parting of the Sensory (6 versions)
People as Places as People (3 versions)
Perfect Disguise (2 versions)
Satin in a Coffin (3 versions)
Space Travel Is Boring (4 versions)
Spitting Venom (8 versions)
Steam Engenius
Sugar Boats
Talking Shit About a Pretty Sunset (4 versions)
The Best Room
The Good Times Are Killing Me (2 versions)
The View (10 versions)
Tiny Cities Made of Ashes (4 versions)
Trailer Trash (8 versions)
We'€™ve Got Everything (2 versions)
What People Are Made Of