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The Cranberries

Analyse (6 versions)
Animal Instinct (13 versions)
Bosnia (3 versions)
Carry On (4 versions)
Chocolate Brown (4 versions)
Conduct (2 versions)
Copycat (4 versions)
Cordell (4 versions)
Daffodil Lament (5 versions)
Delilah (6 versions)
Desperate Andy (3 versions)
Disappointment (3 versions)
Do You Know (3 versions)
Dreaming My Dreams (2 versions)
Dreams (12 versions)
Dying in the Sun (5 versions)
Empty (14 versions)
Everything I Said
Fee Fi Fo (5 versions)
Free to Decide (6 versions)
Hollywood (2 versions)
How (3 versions)
I Can'€™t Be With You (12 versions)
I Really Hope (2 versions)
I Still Do
I Will Always (2 versions)
Joe (4 versions)
Just My Imagination (11 versions)
Just One Look (2 versions)
Linger (11 versions)
Never Grow Old (9 versions)
No Need to Argue (10 versions)
Not Sorry (3 versions)
Ode to My Family (9 versions)
Pretty (3 versions)
Promises (7 versions)
Put Me Down (3 versions)
Raining in My Heart (3 versions)
Ridiculous Thoughts (4 versions)
Saving Grace (2 versions)
Schizophrenic Playboys (2 versions)
Shattered (7 versions)
Some Days It Rains All Night Long
Sorry Son (3 versions)
Still Can'€™t'€¦ (5 versions)
Sunday (6 versions)
Telegraph (11 versions)
The Concept (2 versions)
The Icicle Melts (4 versions)
The Rebels (2 versions)
This Is the Day (2 versions)
Time Is Ticking Out (4 versions)
Tomorrow (4 versions)
Twenty One (7 versions)
Wake Up and Smell the Coffee (7 versions)
Waltzing Back (3 versions)
Wanted (10 versions)
War Child (4 versions)
What'€™s on My Mind (3 versions)
When You'€™re Gone (6 versions)
Yeat’s Grave (10 versions)
You and Me (7 versions)
Zombie (14 versions)