Guitar Tabs, Chords and Lyrics
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10:15 Saturday Night (10 versions)
39 (3 versions)
A Forest (12 versions)
A Letter to Elise (10 versions)
A Night Like This (19 versions)
A Reflection (6 versions)
A Short Term Effect (2 versions)
A Strange Day (10 versions)
All Cats Are Grey (2 versions)
Apart (4 versions)
Ayah Dan Ibu (3 versions)
Before Three (4 versions)
Boys Don'€™t Cry (14 versions)
Catch (9 versions)
Close to Me (10 versions)
Closedown (3 versions)
Cold (8 versions)
Disintegration (2 versions)
Doing the Unstuck (9 versions)
Doubt (4 versions)
Dressing Up (6 versions)
End (5 versions)
Faith (6 versions)
Fire in Cairo (8 versions)
Friday I’m in Love (13 versions)
Friday I'm in Love
Friday I'€™m in Love (5 versions)
From the Edge of the Deep Green Sea (5 versions)
Give Me It (4 versions)
Going Nowhere (2 versions)
Grinding Halt (4 versions)
Hey Laura
High (3 versions)
Homesick (2 versions)
How Beautiful You Are… (3 versions)
If Only Tonight We Could Sleep (5 versions)
In Between Days (11 versions)
In Your House (3 versions)
Jumping Someone Else'€™s Train (12 versions)
Jupiter Crash (3 versions)
Killing an Arab (2 versions)
Kyoto Song (4 versions)
Last Dance (2 versions)
Lovesong (17 versions)
Lullaby (7 versions)
M (5 versions)
Maybe Someday (7 versions)
Mint Car (2 versions)
Never (7 versions)
One Hundred Years (6 versions)
Open (6 versions)
Out of This World (4 versions)
Pictures of You (12 versions)
Piggy in the Mirror (3 versions)
Plainsong (4 versions)
Plastic Passion (2 versions)
Play for Today (13 versions)
Push (9 versions)
Secrets (7 versions)
Seventeen Seconds (7 versions)
Shake Dog Shake (2 versions)
Siamese Twins (10 versions)
Sinking (4 versions)
Six Different Ways (3 versions)
So What (4 versions)
Strange Attraction (4 versions)
Switch (2 versions)
Taking Off (6 versions)
The Baby Screams (5 versions)
The Blood (3 versions)
The Caterpillar (3 versions)
The Drowning Man (3 versions)
The End of the World (3 versions)
The Figurehead (7 versions)
The Hanging Garden (2 versions)
The Holy Hour (3 versions)
The Hungry Ghost (5 versions)
The Last Day of Summer (8 versions)
The Only One (6 versions)
The Real Snow White (3 versions)
The Same Deep Water as You (5 versions)
There Is No If… (6 versions)
There Is No If'€¦ (3 versions)
This Is a Lie (2 versions)
Three Imaginary Boys (11 versions)
To Wish Impossible Things (6 versions)
Torture (3 versions)
Treasure (3 versions)
Trust (4 versions)
Underneath the Stars (2 versions)
Wailing Wall (4 versions)
Wendy Time
Where the Birds Always Sing (2 versions)
Why Can'€™t I Be You?