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Brilliant as always, Sir. You're becoming quite the video "stud" !!!


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Happy New Year Y'All


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Welcome back...been too long!!!!!!!!


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so sorry


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So sorry for your loss, it's hard to have to say good bye.

On the bright side the event inspired some tasty blues for us all to enjoy smile


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I'm with you...I'm not much of a metal guy but I really liked that song and have never heard of them...so thanks!


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good luck!


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Zurf wrote:

alcoholism (Gordon Lightfoot's Early Morning Rain).   

- Zurf

Isn't everything Gordon Lightfoot does depressing? IMO The Wreck of The Edmund Fitzgerald" is most depressing!!! I don't dislike his music but not really a top down 1st day of summer kind of performer....


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change your strings. Whenever I get that feeling I switch to a fresh set of elixirs...or the electric!!!


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Well done...excellent job. A great cover of a great song

Prayers sent.

usually play the ipod but I think Little Feat Waiting for Columbus has been in there for about 6 months. Previous 6 months was Tom Waits Small Change


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I'm glad you went back and added fills...those fills were TASTY!!!!!!

Well done... as always


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Wow....banjo player is ripping it up!!!!!

Nice work. Quality was fine. Thanks for sharing



good reviews; I've bought other stuff and it's always been a great value


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Sorry for your loss Russell


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beamer wrote:

look at AXL strats and Rondo.  dont know what you feel like spending.   W/ a good set up and fret file (which every guitar needs no matter what) the AXLs are pretty nice for teh low cost.



+1 on Rondo....I have an SX SST strat copy. Better than most Mexi Fenders I've played


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bushy243 wrote:

Thanks for your comments folks. These banjos are not that easy to find second hand but I will keep looking. One will turn up some day.

All the best

rondomusic.com has them now and again. check them out. Chinese made but generally pretty good with an excellent returnpolicy.


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I tried Cakewalk; it was way too complicated for me, the home studio hack. There's lots of other options out there.

As far as Adobe goes....same deal.

The level of customer service you received is unacceptable. And you're doing the right thing by spreading the word about how much they suck and giving them no more business.
If I ever get tempted to buy Cakewalk (I use Mixcraft and I like it alot so not likely) I will remember your words and opt not to.

Their loss. I hope your post propogates to thousands in lost sales.


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Black Sabbath War Pigs and Paraniod
Taj Mahal Leaving Trunk

If Leaving Trunk doesn't keep you going...nothing will smile


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Big fan of Mixcraft. Been using it for 3 years now. Very "unbuggy" smile


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Ethanol Free Live Shrimp by itself is a fantastic band name


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real unhappy with Dean Markley Pro Mag. Consider micing it....


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Baldguitardude wrote:

D/B contains the notes D F# A B

Bm7 contains the notes B D F# A

You'll note they are quite similar. smile

Just play a Bm7.

Now there's some advice!!!!!!! Sometimes good enough is good enough!! Thanks BGD. That advice keeps it fun...it's supposed to be fun.....  smile