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hi. My favorite song by him is Voodoo Child and red house. What part are you stuck on?


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I had a washburn. It played well but I recently broke it on my front porch.

When I try to shoot beer out my nose it goes far!! When I went to my friend's party it got on her face. It was funny.


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Learn the smells like teen spirit solo. Way easy. Or you could try the Sweet Child of mine which I learned first.Good luck,and welcome to Chordie.:)


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Nice job. I really liked the title and lyrics.:)

Congrats Scrimmy! Hope things go okay.:)

What are some things alot of people don't know about you?
* People don't know i can write left and right handed
*That I know all the lyrics to California Love(learned it when I was 8 and am trying so hard to forget it!)
I cant' think of many others.

I can't stand anything from bands of today,or country,and rap.


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Does anyone here have one? They are selling for only $650 so I have been thinking about it buying it.:)


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I snorted listerine this morning in Homeroom. It hurt. There are too many to think of. It was a dare. Also I have fell down stairs on purpose and done the lay in the street with friend thing.

Try a Hendrix song sounds great. Or try a clapton song they sound great also.


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It took me forever to make mine.


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I'm pretty sure I wrote it for an ex. Maybe 2 years ago? I don't love him anymore! smile


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I just went and added the chorus lyrics before I had forgotten it.:)


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Thanks for all the input, glad you all like it. I've added chords.:)


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Found this in my notebook I don't remember when I wrote it though. And I will come back and add chords. Sorry it's not in the correct format. Chords for the verse are B,A,C,G. The chorus is D and F three times then one C. That's really the best I could do for now.Hope you like it....:).

Just like that and it's almost summer, wouldn't you know
You're the first to show up on my patio
Check out my garden
Thought you'd be a fan
If you haven't jumped on yet, well you still can
Do you love me yet? 3x

And I'll be singing these songs for about another hour
You're welcome to sit here and listen, it's all-you-can-devour
If you don't like my choice we can pick something brighter
If you can't stand my voice, I've got a synthesizer
Or even better you could sing along
Like me or not I will be admired

Do you love me yet? 3x

And the show goes on...

So let's turn it up, let's get it faster
Sweet summer anthems of last winter's disasters
And they're all behind us now
So let's break it down, a little slower now
One more for every lesson learned, here's what we found out
Yeah, it's all behind me now

Do you love me yet? 3x

And I just have to ask, well, haven't you noticed?
You're back here, showing up red as roses
I picked you out the best
Thought you'd be impressed
It's not too late to crack a smile, no not yet
Do you love me yet? 3x

So come in, take a seat feel right at home, yeah get some rest
Tomorrow we can find out just where we are, where we're going
(Are we in love yet?)
It's been too long but all those gray skies are now gone
And it's starting to feel the way it was when we first met.


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Should I go with the trolls? I got the idea from when Phil asked if that was my band name in my song post.


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You did very well. If you did make a chorus, I'm sure it would be great.:)


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How or why did you chose the username you have? I chose mine because it has been my nickname since fifth grade.


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Been playing for 7 years so that's since I was 8. Been recently trying to play right handed,working good so far. And my first "gig" was in 6th grade. Also have been home recording. I plan on getting a degree in music in college. My first payed gig was last year unless you count a few parties I was paid for.


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Nice. How did you come up with the title? Great chords.:)


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The first amp I got was a Line 6 spider 3 75. It was a good amp. Good luck. smile It has 4 channels,and 6 effects.

get it on bang a gong. try one you've written.


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Old Doll wrote:


Just recently had a great conversation about this very subject.

The next day, the guy sent me this link.  God i think its the funniest.

http://www.octanecreative.com/Parodyvil … um_covers/

Old Doll.

Those sent a shiver down my spine and made me so happy in knowing I will never be that lame.

Good topic. I think the whole michael jackson thing, the Bob Marley assassination attempt, The Gary Glitter thing,
Kurt cobain's suicide or murder, when Dimebag was shot onstage, Courtney Love did drugs while pregnant,
Marvin gayes murder,  when Freddy mercury died, Brian Wilson had a nervous breakdown,
the Milli vanilli Grammy thing, When the government tried to deport Lennon, Kids going crazy while listening to rock around the clock, When Nikki Six was revived after a heroin overdose,
when  O'Connor ripped the photo of the pope, mc hammer going bankrupt,
When john Lennon said they were bigger than jesus, When Elvis met Nixon,
when sid v. killed his girlfriend and his death.  when Ozzy bit the head off a dove,Jimi Hendrix and Jim Morrison's death,
Well that's all but I know I forgot some.