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Right now I am playing a Golden Gate. When I get money I want to get a Bluechip(KS50)...right now a $35.00 pick has to wait.

Golden Gate:
http://www.playbetterbluegrass.com/gold … 8_prd1.htm


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It was humidity. He adjusted the truss rod for me...the neck bent back or swelled and formed a hump. I still don't blame the set up as it played fine for a while before it started to buzz.


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No, I need a humidifier during the winter. The wood stove dries everything out, and when its 20 below outside I care more about being warm than having good humidity for my instruments.

Another rainy day here...the sun has only been out for a few minutes in the past two weeks, and we only had one day in the pas three weeks without any rain.


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It is not not new, just new to me, but I will bring it back to have them fix it. It's buzzing from the first fret so the nut could be too low, it just seems strange that it keeps getting worse though.


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I have had the same problem. It felt like a stomach cramp...like those mushrooms I ate may not have been the right kind...improving my posture and not sitting too deep in my chair fixed it. It would stand to reason that standing up would fix it too.


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I got my new guitar set up a few weeks ago and it played great for week or so. I noticed last week that the A string had a buzz only when I hit it hard or played it over the sound hole...it's a parlor guitar so I play finger-style below the sound, I figured  I would not worry about the buzz because it almost never happened. I started playing tonight and found it unbearable. Now I can't play the A string at all and I noticed a slight buzz from the D and G strings as well.

Could it be the set up? It seems funny that it did not buzz when I got home and it keeps getting worse.
I have not put a humidifier in the case yet, could it be too dry?
It has been raining and humid here everyday for the past 3 weeks, could it be too humid? It lives in a case, not on an outside wall.



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I don't own an electric, but it is on my list. I would say if you have cash to throw around buy one...even better play around with a friends, or test one at a guitar store, then decide if you want one.

Some people seem to assume electric means loud but I don't see why that has to be the case.
Just because you have an electric guitar does not mean you are playing like the annoying kid in the music store testing out all of the effects-pedals. I can not see why playing an electric means you need to be on a stage or impersonal. Other than the inconvenience of an amp why could you not play an electric in your kitchen same as you do your acoustic?


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The book store just ordered that book for me, it should be in...eventually.

What are these special tools I will need? I would like to know so I could start looking for or making them.


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I was going to recommend "God be With you 'till we Meet Again" but that just would not be appropriate.
All seriousness aside, you need to give us and idea before we can give any to you.


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drypilot wrote:

...I'm trying to keep up with my very talented 16 yr. old daughter who is classically trained since 5 yrs old and has been an Irish fiddler for the last 5 yrs. also...

Haha, good luck, you may need it.


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I know I am bringing up an old topic here but...

What about hymns or other songs that don't necessarily have music with them or music that breaks in near the end? Some
A cappella gospel-bluegrass songs ring a bell. "Wayfaring Stranger" is one that I just listened to.

You have to wonder though, seeing as how this is a guitar forum, how often would somebody post an A cappella song?

Really I am just playing devils advocate here, but it's something to think about.
I liked the idea of the poetry section anyway, you just need to be careful when you say what is or is not music.



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Does anybody use wooden guitar picks? I have never seen one in person but a google search brings up some.

How does it change the sound? Harder to play? Is it like using a heavy pick?


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I have a lot of maple and ash available, some mahogany and a little ipe left too. I'll probably stick with just maple or ash though. It will have a solid, contoured body like these http://www.flatearthguitars.com/Flat_Ea … Line.html.

Would it be worth it to do a shorter neck, I don't remember the model or the name but Ibanez had/has a more compact hollow-body electric out. My biggest complaint with most guitars I play is that the neck is to long for me.

Any body do necks that go through the body like this mando has? http://www.manndolins.com/DSC00298.JPG
It's a hollow body I think so I'm not sure it would even serve a purpose for my solid...it looks neat though.


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Thanks. I found a few website that talked about different pickups and other electronic things. I Like to know how things work before I get into them.I do them


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Thanks, this should be a fun project.

I have been looking at this site.


It does not seem too bad.

I don't know the names of all the electronic gizmos or the difference between any of them, it looks like little pieces of plastic to me. Anyone feel like explaining?


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I've thinking of building an electric guitar lately. I would rather not go from a kit, seeing as I have the wood available for the body. The problem is I have only held two electric guitars in my life...and one was a hollow body so it's not good example for me.

Any recomended resources...perferably free ones... that would help?
My biggest worry is the neck, how hard is it to make? I feel I might be better off buying that piece.

I have a pretty good wood working shop above my garage and I have done a few acoustic instrument projects (various flutes and a lyre).



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The only thing I worry about is the battery exploding, but that does not stop me from using it. I would say even if you could find one that does not use batteries it would not be worth the extra price.
Maybe someone could rig up a Pickup that uses solar power, or maybe wind power from your picking hand. Just a thought smile

And Headcase, I hope you meant SPARES not SPEARS. You would look awfully funny sticking a spear in you batter case. Not sure how good it would be for the guitar either.


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Maybe I am not so lucky. What happens when I have 2 tracks I want to play together?  It is not the speakers either, because it does it with headphones too.

It seems like the static is always there even in the mono recordings but not loud enough to notice, when you add other tracks onto it it gets louder.

I will check out the Audacity forum to see if someone has had the same issue.


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I figured out what the problem was. I had the program recording on stereo and not mono. No funny noises anymore.

thanks for the help everyone.


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Russell_Harding wrote:

yes exactly as I discribed the computer acts as an amplifier the Audacity program acts as a recorder and the adapter is the means to transfer the signal from your instrument or microphone, keyboard whatever. and the tutorials show you how to do it smile

lone-woodwose wrote:

Bypass the preamp? you can do that on an acustic/electric?

Would it help if I gave you a sample of what it sounded like? Maybe static is the wrong name for it...


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Bypass the preamp? you can do that on an acustic/electric?


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I have it going from the preamp into the mic port on the computer. The battery is new so I don't think it is that. While experimenting I found that lowering the treble and uping the bass on the preamp makes less static. Why is that?


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Any tips on getting rid of the static for beginning recorder on a tight budget? I don't know if it is the computer, the chord from the guitar, or the guitar but it drives me nuts.

Any tips on recording an acoustic/electric bass? I borrowed my friends bass but the computer does not seem to pick much up from it. It picks up a little but not enough to hear without the speaker volume turned all the way up.



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Haha. nice. you forgot to mention the bandanna on his head though.