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Don't know about the horses but the rabbits, foxes and badgers just pop out the ground!


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Al, BTW "Cum giotar A'cluiche" should be "Keep playing the guitar" if sentence construction is the same in Scots Gaelic!

And I had to look that up too!!!


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Hey Dwayne and Heather (bit late as I've already E-mailed you back!),

Thanks for the welcome. If I couldn't find songs to live inside of I would've been dead long ago.

Sorry Al, not Riverside but River City - Doh!


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The back garden where I live is 42 - 43 acres devided among 6 fields.

We grow horses, wild rabbits, badgers, Carrow (roe deer), foxes, lots of hawthorns and brambles.

I live here but it's not mine. Tis rather lovely tho'.


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Hey RavenLady,

Drop me an E-mail and I'll send you a piece of music called "The Energy Rap" all about Energy Efficiency that made huge waves here in the UK.


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TV Cop Drama, Riverside, not studying that good old way, load aint that heavy the mo.


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My Faith came with Elixir and they recommended only them, tho' I don't know whether they were Nano or Poly.

The shop where I bought the guitar and buy strings told me Faith had stopped dealing with Elixir (12.95) and the shop only had Ernie Ball coated which I bought for about £2 more than Elixir. The tone isn't quite as bright, they are slightly quieter BUT I get no white powder on the guitar - they last.

When I was gigging in the '80s I put on a set of Klondikes (phosphor bronze)every 2 days at nearly £10 a time then discovered Ernie Ball Earthwood phosphor bronze in the '90s and saved myself £2 per pack and kept them on for weeks at a time.


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There are companies that specialise in making backing tracks from MIDI files. You tell 'em what song, key, parts you intend playing e.g. guitar and voice and they send you an audio recording on your chosen format, e.g. CD, tho' I imagine that now there are plenty who sell these online for you to do the burning.

Many people go out live with these and there are lots of pubs here in the UK that expect this from their performers.

Type in MIDI backing tracks in google and see the results!

The lisencing laws here in the UK mean that any pub can have up to 2 people playing live and not need a venue lisence. Any more than two playing at one time constitutes a band and the venue needs that lisence with which it can also charge an entrance fee.

WORD OF ADVICE: Do NOT buy MP3 backing tracks online, buy as CD audio and download then make MP3s from the CD audio but kepp the CD audio file. Do not pay same price for stuff you're not getting!!!


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When I tried then bought my Faith Natural series Venus I was thinking of getting the Jupiter which was only acoustic, but when I heard the tone and volume from the smaller Venus I was sold! Both have Engleman spruce tops, mahogany backs/sides and necks with ebony fingerboard. The Jupiter is now available as an electro with cutaway.

Try this:

http://www.faithguitars.com/productdeta … eb6506f175


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This was a fantastic vid Wlbaye! Until the cutting I thought "So what," but I think every forum participant and lurker will soon be doing this!!!

Why did Faith who supplied and recommended only Elixir strings stop dealing with them, anyone know?


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Can't find the printed tab, but try this link


Time and patience and you could tab it or simply learn it from this video.


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Forecast for Saturday was light wobbles after leaving the Hunters Lodge's Potholer beer followed by a warm front of G and T's in the Belfry with a very heavy head on Sunday lasting until evening!


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Hey Deadstring,

Have you seen what Seasick Steve or even the venerable Willie Nelson are seen in public with? and I'm not talking partners here!

If it sounds good and you like it, it should be like everyone wishes they were like with their partners that "love is blind," if not deaf.

A useful thing I was told by a luthier named Rod Button is that there is 200lbs of pressure pulling the neck of a steel string perpendicular to the strings (think folding the neck in half at the heel) which is why steel strings have steel truss rods and the old classicals had wooden ones.

BTW Rod Button when he was starting out built these "boat back" guitars that used curved strips of wood something like a clinker built boat. The thickest part of the body was just behind the soundhole and was twice as thick as normal dreadnoughts. He even built acoustic basses that could be heard among the band WITHOUT being plugged in!!!

Sadly he went bust, but all I could afford at that time was a full set up on my old Fenix (by Young Chan) electro acoustic. That set up on a ply top made it sound ten times better and ten times easier to play.

Those Fenix guitars were great. Young Chan had an order from Ibenez to supply them with one-piece necks with their trademark sharkmouth pointy headstock but Y C got the long and short part the wrong way round so rather than have a big fire they married it to a semi curved wooden backed body they were doing for Charvel, result - Fenix rising from that ashes that weren't.

While I'm waffling (got back from Monday night gig and need to calm down) my new guitar was beautiful. I was thinking about a Jazz model and wanted a high action for tone and volume so when I saw that little number it was as your Epiphone - love at first sight and sound.

Everything was fine for 2 weeks then it developed a rattle, went back to the company, they said the pick up was incorrectly attached and repaired it and it came back to me. Joy was short lived as they'd done a set-up that lowered the action robbing it of tone and volume. It went back and they sent a number of new models from new shipment for me to choose from. It wasn't the guitar I'd paid for!

I paid for it in August, had the original for 2 weeks then had nothing until the following January but by holding out and sticking to my ground (with some very helpful advice from the Musicians Union legal dep't (the MU also give you £1000 equipment insurance and £10,000,000 public liability insurance as part of membership!!!)) I finally got what I'd paid for!

Some fantastic advice in this thread, thank you all!


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Hey Arkady, Ken, Zurf and Ken (Cam) [Please tell me if it's politic to use online name or if this is OK],

Wow! So many responses, I hope I can live up to your kind words of greeting and welcome.

No I've never done the Myspace or Youtube thang; I know plenty of people who do and it works for them. I extend an invitation to all Moderators to send me an E-missive and I will attach some Showreel excerpts by return.

It's a shame that I don't have much guitar stuff on it, only in the mix here and there.

I did a soundtrack for the BBC and the composer/musician (lovely, lovely Taylor, BTW) came to me rather than use his own studio. I mic'd and DI'd the guitar to get that depth of mix (if I had my way I'd've just mic'd) but monitoring through cans he elected to hear only the DI as he wasn't used to the mic'd sound through wires. As time was an issue I was listening to the same rather than setting myself up my own mix.

As it was a long piece (10 - 15 minutes) he said if he made a mistake he would stop and to keep rolling for him to pick it up again and continue.

After soundchecking and letting him hear the results (confidence) we went for it and both said to do the editing from the same take. Unfortunately there was a horrendous UURRRGGGH of his hand down the back of the neck that neither of us heard because of above. I couldn't drop out and back because of tonal discrepancies so worked with the DI sound to make it sound as acoustic as possible.

Not knowing what the BBC wanted I did Mix 1 EQ and normalised, 2 EQ and Compression, 3 EQ, Comp and 'verb.

Pro burning should always be done at no more than 2x so as it was for the Beeb I did it at 1x!

He was in and out with master CD within 5 hours!

At some point in the future, when I can access that computer again, it will be good to hear it and see if it stands and then I can send Moderators and good friends that too.

Meantime, if your inclined do the above and I'll send what I can!

Oh, BTW Alvee and Ken, do you still get Riverside up there?

And can anyone tell me if attachments can be sent by these utilities or if one has to go via what I said above? I would like to respond to RavenLady (nothing personal) about my experiences and it would be good if she heard the root of it (it's music!).

I'm really getting into this forum and looking forward to the future with Chordie!!!

Rudh hag Owr means Reds and Golds the highest scores in archery and my personal wish for the best!


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Hey Ema,

Try this link http://www.jazzguitar.be/django_reinhardt_licks.html

This site is a great starting point for Jazz Guitar and they will also send you lessons via E-missive. I've got some great solos and choons including by "I arise" otherwise known as Django or THE Original Guitar God and INVENTOR of lead guitar.

Hope I haven't given you the wrong idea and suggested that admire him in any way.


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I believe you were looking for Israel Kamikawiwoole (Brudder Iz)'s version of Somewhere over the Rainbow.

It's on Chordie under I for Israel.

Late but hope that helps.


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Thanks Bensonp and Alvee33 (Ha sos, BTW),

You know that Kernuak and Gaelic share many similar words, original Brythonic languages - great stuff and well spotted.

I should have said on my intro that I've been playing the guitar for >32 years - it looked like I was stating my age!

Cum giotar A'cluiche (hope that's correct Alvee)

Slan leat!


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Hey Lee313,

Just had a look at himself doing it at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I_Of_qwtGCc

It appears to be a twelve bar starting A then D then E to D to A with E for the turn.

If your guitar's in perfect concert pitch you should be able to play along with him in the link.

Hope this helps, if you need more get back to me.



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Thanks Doug, Micky and Russell for the welcomes.

The great thing about music and audio is that it's a never ending journey with always more to learn. If I ever thought I'd arrived, that would be the time to stop. And, moreover, I signed up because I need help - that says it all!!!

Priddy is the actual centre of the known universe, Russell ;-) everyone who comes here comes back. Type XX degrees 15 minutes north and XX degrees 40.8 minutes west into a satellite map and you will be looking at the roof under which I'm writing this! (It's the UK, by the way). Priddy is in fact the oldest continually inhabited settlement in the country - we've had people living here continuously for over 10,000 years (if you saw some of the locals you'd believe some of the original inhabitants were still here)! We had lead mines here since before the Romans came and Priddy lead was found in Pompeii! Joseph of Aramathea came here, that's fact, he was a trader in lead and tin, what is legend is that he brought his nephew with him during the ages when he wasn't written about in the bible. Even though that is legend, records that go back over 900 years in Wells Cathedral state that our village church was built on the site where jesus slept and "That's as true as Jesus walked in Priddy," was a common saying less than 80 years ago.

Music, Geography AND History - can't be bad. Here endeth the lesson.

Great to be aboard, thanks for the greetings and I'll keep it music/audio from here........unless asked ;-)


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Hi all,

I'm new to forums and received the advice to 'lurk,' watch and learn for a while AFTER jumping in with both feet. The same friend also said to introduce myself to other members, so here goes.

I've used Chordie as my first port of call for finding songs for years but joined up because I need help finding "Tell Me There's A Heaven" by Chris Rea which I've searched for for years and even tried buying with no joy.

I've been playing the guitar for so long now I think about lying as it makes me seem much older than I am - 32 years. I have two guitars, both electro acoustic the main one being a Faith Natural Venus - she's called Carenza and I'm besotted; the best guitar I've ever owned!!!

I finger pick with my own nails (bust the slow growing thumbnail during last Monday's gig) but also use a pick (which I'll have to stick with for a while). I market myself as "Acoustic Folk/Rock" but play everything from Bach through Cole Porter, Duke Ellington and Charles Trenet to Floyd and Queen. I have plenty of traditional English, Irish, Scottish and Cornish folk too.

I also sing. I've been singing since before I knew the words and took up the guitar to be able to accompany myself. During the '80s and '90s I used to earn my living by gigging all over the South West.

I'm a Producer/Engineer and used to train 3rd year engineering degree students for a Bristol University. I invented a technique that meant that anyone with music software could have multiband processing the bands of which are limited only by the number of simultaneous tracks they could play; I wrote an article for Sound On Sound about it to share it with the world. I've also helped make a couple of people here in the UK household names with my recordings of them.

I got majorly stiffed by the Gov't on a project that everyone said they loved, everyone said was needed but no-one would stump up the money for. The then Environment Minister called Michael Meacher agreed to champion the project and made a statement on national TV about my project just before the Jo'berg Summit in '02 saying how much better value my project was; after the summit he got fired as Environment Minister and I lost my home due to the on-going investment I was encouraged to keep making - it was a couple of years later that I found out what was really going on.

I kept all my recording equipment although it has been kept in boxes for the last few years but there are some exciting developments I don't want to jinx by talking about - yet.

I've had to go back to gigging since losing my home and business, but this has been really positive as I've really enhanced my repertoire to the point where if I began playing and didn't stop between songs (which I would have to) I have over 4 1/2 hours of material!

I also teach guitar from time to time. My claim to fame with this is that one young student (8 years old) after being with me for a couple of months coached her non-musical older (12 or 13)brother for his end of year music exam and he got 86%!

I should have as a motto "On an even field, only talent prevails" but I've been on the receiving end of multi-multi-million pound per year QuANGOs making sure the field isn't even. Nevertheless, if I can help anyone out there with playing or recording probs I'd be glad to help!

On a personal level I live on a 42 acre farm (not mine and now only horses) in the village where I grew up. I shoot Longbow/Warbow (which presented some problems with my picking fingers which I overcame) and do clout shooting at over 120 metres which is my passion but music and audio is my life!!!

To end where I came in as a newbie to forums, I probably missed the thread I should've joined for this introduction, but hope you will forgive my ignorance and extend me some patience and understanding.

To you all I say "Gans pup bollonjeth oll da" and keep playing! ;-)


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Hey Guitarpix, a newbie to Chordie membership meself, but not the site and certainly not the guitar.

The http://eceserv0.ece.wisc.edu/~sethares/ … unings.pdf site is excellent - cool as mustard ;-) Didn't even think to look for suchlike but now I have it (insert Dr Evil laugh here) !!!!

Rudh hag Owr, KajiMa

Why stick with one way? They all work and each is useful for different choons.

The more you get used to different ways of doing the same thing the easier it is to learn new harder things and the greater the arsenal of techniques (literally) at your fingertips!

Rudh hag Owr, KajiMa

If you lose your pick in the guitar, jiggle guitar until pick can be seen through soundhole, put fingers past strings until pick is pressed onto inside back then while keeping pick secured in place, invert guitar, remove fingers et voila, pick falls out through soundhole!


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Hey Daddycool,

Thanx for the welcome!

Been using Chordie as my first port of call for years but it's been the search for the elusive Tell Me There's A Heaven that caused me to sign up.

I was of the understanding that as part of a publishing deal one had to provide the sheet music as part of the registration, so thought that the sheet music must be somewhere ;-(

Oh Well...........

I know the song is mostly C F & G but I always find minors hard to work out - Dm kinda fits, but it could also be F, is that an Em also????

19 people looked since yester evening, so it may materialise soon!

Meantime, stay cool DaddyO!


May those who love us love us.
Those who don't love us may God turn their hearts.
Those who will not have their hearts turned may God turn their ankles so we may know them by their limping!


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Anyone got the chords to "Tell Me There's A Heaven" by Chris Rea? Been searching everywhere and even tried to buy with no joy.