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Here's a question... how often to change your stings?  I know that it has to do with how much you actually play... so let's say you play for a couple hours every day as an average ... do you change strings at regular intervals, or do you change strings when they just won't hold a tune anymore? 

Also... I have a frayed string.  Do I just change the one, change them all, change one or all when it breaks?  Mind you... I only started playing a few weeks ago and my guitar is a week newer than I am... it seems my high E is still getting broken in as it tends to still go flat regularly (nylon strings). 

My guess is play till that frayed string either won't hold a note or breaks and then just change the one unless it'll make it a good few months then just change them all.  But... I'd rather have the opinions of you vetrans!  Thanks!!


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I just found this thread... very cool!  Have fun... and Roger you'd BETTER post some pics of those Picks to keep the rest of us alive here!!  wink


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Very interesting.  Was Clear Channel worried that we would perhaps relate to music and be allowed to express our emotions in song?  The didn't want us to be able to cry along to a song or be angry for a moment while feeling some music?  I think that music is very healing and people need to be allowed to be a little sad or angry... and music lets us do that withOUT taking it out on people.  It's a kind of therapy for me anyhow.  Hmm... with the economic system in a bit of despair right now, I wonder what they're not playing... Money money?


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now THAT sounds doable johncross21!!!


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Maybe when the guitar hits a milestone... it will take some serious thinking to figure what I'd want on there permanently.  That might be even harder to figure out than what tat I want next! wink

I was just astonished over this weekend by one of my favorite guys. 

My son answered the phone when my Dad called.  Dad asked my son what he was doing, the answer "playing my guitar." 
The next question I am assuming was, "are you getting any better?" because the answer I heard was, "NO, but my mom is!" 

WOW!  My son is a typical 13 year old, getting a compliment like that, although not directed TO me but still about me was awesome!  Not sure how you guys related to your mother at that age, but I am "not cool" and "know nothing" as most parents of teenagers!  He has actually asked me for help a few times, and I'm just thrilled that my playing is inspiring him to pick his guitar up occasionally.  I only wish he'd TRY to follow along with me instead of playing something else!  ha ha!


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LOVE the Stones... but being a female, I would likely do this song similarly to Boyle... so her take is pretty cool.  I just have a really hard time singing along with Mick!  LOL!


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Awesome Zurf!  I'm also really excited that I was able (for the most part) to follow what you're saying!  LOL!  I found the "walking up and down chords" to be partiularly helpful... or rather, inspiring.  I now do a quick little cheat strum while getting my last finger in place when switching from C to G (or is it G to C?  not sure at this moment). 

As for the recording... ahhh... now if you happen to have a standard mic hooked up to your computer, you COULD actually record a little clip.  Sure, it won't sound great... but it could still be done! smile  I myself have to be cautious with this.  I tend to overdo and get a little too engrossed in what I'm doing... like... the next tattoo (good thing my hubby's a tattoo artist as this doesn't cost much)... possibly the next guitar... oh and then there's recording hardware and software which would lead to a new computer with an awesome soundcard which would lead to... OH MY!  Yeah... good thing I can't play that well, YET!  Someone drag me back to the campfire!


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Very cool... it's like iCarly for Chordians!  Sorry... watch too many kid shows around here.  Bookmarked it!


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ozmoid wrote:

Good job losing the nails. As far as all us guys not getting it wink , I kept mine long for utilitarian reasons, but relented when I realized how much in the way they were after I got serious about playing. Now the left hand is kept clipped to about 1/16" so my finger tips will make a "pad" when I press down on the strings. Not the same thing as beauty, but it did take some effort to give them up. cool I keep the right hand trimmed for classical style picks, like this: http://www.mangore.com/thing.html

I play Uke primarily, and I have run into the same issue with "which fingers" for different chords - over time you'll see that in some situations you *have* to use different fingers to get your speed up between certain chord changes, or for certain moves on the neck.

Keep at it!

That website was very informative!  Thank you!  I've read similar views on the right hand nail filing... but I really liked the way this one was put.  I actually am very far from playing in a TRUE classical sense, however I have been experimenting with doing a base strum and finding that grazing the base note with my thumb nail then strumming the rest with the flesh is bringing a very nice tone that I like.  Not to mention, it's a bit different technique than a "standard" base strum.  Now, if only my right hand nails were in as good a shape as my left were!  Darn my sister for breaking my left arm when I was little and learning which hand I wanted to naturally use!  I may be crazy, but I think I'm going to try washing dishes with my left hand as the dominant for a few nights and see how it goes!  LOL!


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Ok, and if I posted a pic of ME playing in a frayed G string... 


We might get a few more members if it was bensonp's version, but that's another whole website isn't it?  Ahhh... this is why I love it here!

btw... I WAS actually drinking from the big kid cup, I promise!  Of course, if the kids have been too they might have enjoyed my playing a little more!


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It's actually my G string that's fraying already... of course I do play D and A more than anything else as I was learning "leaving on a jet plane" before anything else... and practicing back and forth between those two chords in the beginning from switching from my hubby's to mine.  Makes sense.  We did get me an extra set of strings with the guitar... so... I'm ready in case.  Good to know about the D string tho... I'll make sure to keep my eye on it as well.

I think my husband would like one more like mine ... he keeps stealing it from me when I put it down for a second!  I must say the local shops didn't have too many classical styles available... and far less in full size.  Seems more of a popular "beginner" guitar style, and therefore many more small options out there.  I'm personally not opposed to that, being a small person!  Good luck finding one you like... and having some cash and a room to store it in with the others!  wink

On the other hand, now that you mentioned it... I think my father might have one ... hmmm ... if he's not going to play it ... hmmm ... might be worth talking to him about ... a nice birthday present for the hubster if Dad wants to get rid of it!


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WOW!  As I listened... I felt like I was sitting in a lovely little coffee house, drinking perhaps a nice hot toddy!  LOVELY combo to the two of you!


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Thank you very much everyone! 

Old Doll... I too was blessed with beautiful natural nails.  Being a right handed person, it's the left hand that has the more beautiful nails too of course.  I'm also a cosmetologist (hair, nails, skin is my profession!)... but alas... I did file the crap out of my left hand nails last night.  It did make a HUGE difference in my ability to play the few chords I know too.  So I will take the advise and keep them short... and next time I have to go to a wedding I'll put on fakes.  At least I do know how to do that myself!  I'm glad you're here.  I've wanted to rant about my nails!  LOL!  I know the guys don't "get it"!  Anyhow... my husband asked why I filed them... why not just CUT them.   OHHH... nooooo!!!  Nail clippers haven't been near my nails since I was very little (except on the giving end)!  Sacrificing a little vanity in the name of music... I can handle this... and I just keep telling myself that.  Although, perhaps a nice french manicure might make them look a "little" nicer!

So... I'm doing good.  Got A, D, E, G, C, Em, Am, Dm, A7, Dsus down... well... I know them anyhow.  So having a blast learning, and totally loving my guitar.  I'm playing the crud out of it... already have a string starting to fray a bit... I think mostly cuz I'm fretting them a bit too hard after using my husband's steel string for a bit there.  It's all good.


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I could also add something in here about that whole "desire to play".  I've said it a ton of times on the forums.  My dad played guitar from the time I can remember.  I picked up a "kid" guitar he had laying around quite a few times over the years... and Dad did make a couple attempts to teach me.  BUT... I never really wanted to do the work to learn.  I watch my four year old pick up her little guitar my husband bought for her.  She doesn't want to "learn" she just wants to "play".  It wasn't until a few weeks ago that I saw Dad couldn't (or maybe didn't want to... I'm not quite sure) play at the campfire anymore.  I finally said to myself that it's time to learn!  Now, there's a few guitars laying around the house.  My daughter's tiny little guitar has steel strings on it...my son's has steel strings, my husband's does too.  I built up some toughness playing these.  Then... we went out and bought me a nylon string classical.  Partially this is due to easier fretting, partially because of the sound, mostly because I liked it best.  In the end tho... I've been playing it for a week and picked up the other steel string guitars in the house yesterday to see the difference now that I'm used to mine.  NYLON is WAY easier to fret!  I can't imagine a little person with those tender little fingers on a steel string. 

I guess I'm saying... it may or may not be the right time for her to learn.  It may get put in the closet until years down the road (in my case 20 some years!) until she's ready.  And also... the strings might just be too hard for her to fret so a nylon could possibly be a better bet for someone that size.  IF I was going to try to teach my little one, I'd be looking into nylon for her.  Just a couple things to keep in mind.  On the other hand... she might be ready willing and able to play... I wish you well and music in your family's life!!

The best thing my dad did for me... was have me as his "page turner"... I actually learned A LOT at a young age (when I could read of course), just by following along and knowing WHEN to turn the page in his music books... I have MANY happy memories of doing just that!


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New myself... I've been working on a few in my "fun time" -- Tom Dooley, Cats in the Cradle, Leaving on a Jet Plane ... I've got a few more, but those are ones that I think everyone knows and are really easy.  Ok... well everyone might not know Tom Dooley... but it's only 2 chords!  Have fun!  I work on the chords I have issues with... do some back and forth between chords... then play some songs to keep it fun (after all... that's WHY I picked up the guitar in the first place... to play!)


Oh... btw... there are harder versions of the songs... you're looking for the easy versions tho... they're all here in the songbooks... just be a little patient while you look them up until you find the ones that are the easier versions!!  wink


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hmmm... way too new to really know what the heck you're talking about.  I'd hire the Cajun fiddler and buy your wife a new pot!  LOL!


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rattles I second what KajiMa said.  I've got a few beginner books laying around here... one is a kid's book that came with a horrible "first act" guitar.  Those are type of chords in the book.  I've got a few kids myself, and I think that is a great way for a little person to start to play since there's no way they'll be able to stretch out a full G or C chord!!

hmmm... did a search, nothing.  Try this site maybe?


maybe the lyrics are just a little different than what you're thinking.  Good luck!


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xilisoft video converter is a great program for changing the format of movie files.  If you're just using short clips, their free version will work on files that are less than 5 minutes long.  Of course, my computer is a few years old (as is the version of xilisoft I have on it) and not running Vista, so not sure about what is or isn't out there for Vista. 

I'm pretty sure that an upgrade DVD burner bought by itself (not pre-installed) even comes with some type of software.


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Are you completely SURE that it didn't come with any software?  If it is a "stock" pc and not custom made then it should have something in it.  It likely is in your list of programs starting with the name of the company that made it - rather than the name of the program.  Like my DVD creation software is made by "sonic" ... so when I go thru my programs I have to go to "sonic" first then get to the actual program to burn with.  It may not be obvious that it's dvd software.  You probably have something on there from Windows for creating and burning movies also.  Not sure about the free stuff out there.


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LMAO!  Glad I could help!


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I sing and took voice lessons... it all started when I was little while dad played the guitar, as a teen I moved into solos, voice lessons, competitions and singing with pianos at weddings and such.  My problem is now trying to re-train myself with the guitar.  Mind you I'm only a few weeks into learning the guitar, but It's quite a feat to be able to keep the rhythm going on the guitar in the "background" while my voice is doing something else.  I say it's a bit like rubbing your tummy and patting your head.  With practice, we can get better at just about anything. 

Record yourself singing as much as possible and listen to it a lot.  Get used to hearing what your voice sounds like to others.  I don't get shocked anymore... I now sound to myself as I sound to others.  That's odd, but true.  On the other hand, if I'd have gone by what I thought I sounded like in recording when I was first told to listen to myself instead of what others thought... I'd have quit singing long ago!

As for just singing... unrelated to guitar.... sing everything!  Listen to several different radio stations and learn some other types of songs.  Just sing... find time to be alone and belt it out.  Then the next time someone walks in on you with your heart in the middle of a song, try to keep going... and just wait to see what they say.  If they've never heard you really truly sing from your heart before, then you'll likely get an honest answer as to if you sound good or not!  smile

ozmoid's suggestion of joining a choir is excellent.  Church choirs are of course always totally free!  Harmony is extremely important when singing along with anything. 

As a last note... I don't think I'm an "awesome" singer or anything.  I think I can sing... I think I can sing Opera type songs better than anything... sadly, I don't think I'll ever play anything like that on the guitar... so ...  perhaps some campfire songs will work best for me.  I've heard a lot of good music around the campfire come from people who can't sing so well... it was still great music!  Don't let your voice hold you back.  If it comes from the heart and you add a few beers... it'll be awesome!


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Since it's too early in the morning for me to think far enough ahead to actually list a full recipe, I'll give you a quickie.  This works great if you're heating up your homemade goulash or even Chef Boyardee for lunch.  I started making this before I learned how to actually cook, and it's stayed a great lunch add on years later.  Mind you... I usually make "real" garlic bread and such now, but this is still a nice quick easy lunch add on for the days you're not really cooking!

Cheesy Toast

grab yourself some sliced bread...  slather with butter, sprinkle with garlic powder to your liking (I like a LOT - keeps the vampires and lots of annoying people away)... maybe a sprinkle of basil too... then sprinkle parmesan cheese all over the top.  Cover that butter... nothing should be showing but parm.  Now slap that stuff in a toaster oven and turn it on.  You want to cook until the parm cheese is slightly brown.  Don't burn it, but do brown it.  When it comes out it's going to be this crusty tasty little slice of heaven made out of a piece of bread that will go nicely with those leftovers!

I don't actually have a toaster oven anymore, so I don't make this so much... plus we don't end up with many left overs now that there's a teen in the house... but now and then the kids still ask for their "cheesy toast" when I'm warming something up.   Clearly, this can be placed under the broiler if you also do not have a toaster oven (do NOT put it in a regular old toaster boys! LOL)


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A quick little instructional... cuz some of you guys make my laugh my buns off!  wink

If you click below the post box on any of the links you will come to this page Forum help topics which will tell you how to do some basic stuff on this forum and others.  To collect the proper url for an image so you can post it in between the img tags find the photo you like and right click on the photo and

1. if you're using google chrome :  select "copy image url"
2. if you're using internet explorer : don't use it anymore it's junk... seriously, ok then after you right click on the picture select "properties" and a box will open up.  Look to the right of where it says address and highlight that entire thing, next while holding down the "ctrl" button on your keyboard hit the "c" button --- this copies the url of the picture

3.  come here and type the img tag, then holding down "ctrl" hit the "v" button on your keyboard to paste the url into place then end the tag.  It will look something like this:


and as everyone has said before, get a free account thru flicker or any one of the thousands of free hosting sites online to put your pics in one place and then you'll be able to share your lovely mugs and beautiful guitars all over chordie.

Mods... if you want to remove this "instructional" and put it somewhere else I would totally not be offended by that.

I'll take the help with guitars while I'm here and happily share my limited computer and online knowledge in return.