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It's too bad that the death of Tom Petty is rightly over showered by the tragic actions of a deranged  person!! Nothing can take away the greatness of Tom!! RIP my friend we shall all meet again at the right time


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Bill and Dondra I am sorry for your loss. I do feel your pain as my Son Ricky died three month ago. He would have been 35 in  May. He had fought the demons in his head for years. He turned from the Lord and tried to find his happiness thru the lens of alcohol! No amount of rehab that his Mother and I offered helped. It has been 6 or 7 months since I have been on this web site. I feel that something or someone wanted me to come here today.
As one before me stated that every ones relationship with their children are unique. The loss is so great it is hard to put it into words. I am glad for my music and glad I am still part of this group even if i do not get here near enough. I do not know you Bill but i do feel the pain you are feeling. I have no answers just questions??


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The first time in about 10 months that i have been able to get back to this site. I must say it has changed quite a bit. Going to have to check everything out and see if i like all the changes!!!
Rick the Plumber


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Wow it has been a while since i have been here. A lot has changed, a complete new look and i like it. I need to look around a little more but so far so good!


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I finally got Miss M home!!! Made a 1,200 mile round trip from here deep in the fly over country to Albuquerque New Mexico and back. Spent 3 nights with my younger brother and sister. Had a great time playing and singing with both. My poor sister cannot carry a tune to save her soul but who cared at that point. By the third night i was saying "MY FINGERS ARE BLEEDING" Will post more later!!
Keep on Playing


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Hello everyone;

Been a while since i have been able to get back here. Last time i chatted with a few fellow veterans about the VA health system. A lot has happened since then. I hope on this Holiday weekend everybody is enjoying their slice of life!! I am really excited as i am only 3 weeks away form meeting my first custom made guitar! Not to bore everyone with the whole story but my Brother in San Diego hooked me up with a guy who is on his way to be an amazing Luthier. I am the last one that he is building my guitar for cost. I had been looking at a Martin 00-15M. They wanted $1119.00 from Sweet water. That was WAY over my budget!! So using the spec's of the Martin Ray is building me my Miss M as i have named her. I will be back when i have her safe in my hands!! Stay safe and keep on playing!!


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Thank you,
I try to live my life by that rule. Every morning when i wake up i look up, if it is my ceiling in my bedroom or my ceiling in my motel room and not the ceiling of my casket i feel i am blessed and i try not to waste another day! So comes the life is to short!


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Hi all.I have been off the computer for a few months. Found out that chordie was about the only site i missed. Needed time away from the rat race!! Lost my Mom a month ago and that kinda got me out of the funk i was in. She knew she was leaving this world and was really excited about taking in her words"the next chapter in her being". She new i always have had doubts about the next world but holding her hands and having her smile at me and tell me she would see me soon was to say the least humbling!! I have been playing and writing again and hope to have something new soon. Life is short so keep on playing!!!


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It is so cool that she wants to play! Buy her picks at 10 per every song she writes. Make sure she knows it does not mean how good or how long the song is just a song for each pick. OH MY song___ OH MY Dad he bought me my new picks,
                                                                            I think he must be up to his old tricks,
                                                                            I tried to play with out my old pick
                                                                            It sounded like my capo was full of old mitts

Rock on to all


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@beamer-thanks for right number getting a slight case of oldagenes!  cj-5 i hope thing are going well. I did remember when the Dr. looked at my eyes she said i had an age approate cataract. Too small to worry about but they will look at it every yearly checkup! at no cost! Good luck


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You need to find the nearest VA office or go on line and goggle the VA and you can sign up on line. You will need your DD 215(i think that is the number) it is your discharge papers. Of course there is a bit of paper work but you can get it done. There are a lot of caring people there to help you. DO NOT GIVE UP!! Good luck and keep me informed if you want to.


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WOW it has been almost a month since i posted my service experience. Reading all of your replies brought a flood of tears to my eyes. I m reading all of the replies thru glasses gave to me by the VA! A great service to me that i really appreaciate. Thanks to all that gave all and to us who stood ready when called upon. I really love you who take time to realize we all did what we could!


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I was in the Army from 1972 until 1975. I started playing guitar in 77 when i hooked up with a lost step brother and have been playing ever sence. He is a couple of years older and went to Vietnam and i got lucky and was sent to Korea. He wanted someone to play just a couple of chords while he tried leads he had been working on. With no experience in the world of music he talked me into buying a accustic Ovation. I started with a C and a D then a G. As the say the rest is history. I progressed into finger picking, playing chords and writing my own songs. To this day i still thank him for getting me to buy my first guitar.Back to the Vets, i did not know that we had benifits comming to us even if we served durning the "unpopular war". The people at the VA center were really nice and for the first time i was thanked for my servic WOW! I did not expect that. As i just turned 60 and in need for medical assistance they told me that they are here to get me all the help i need. I was so blown away it took me a while to wrap my head around this. I never had to shoot at or was i ever shot at any body durining my service. It did not matter to them it was lets get you the help you need. What a God,s send. If any body here in Chordie has ever served get ahold of the nearist VA center and they are here for you!!! Rock on to all!
Thanks all


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I have a 1972 HEAVY solid wood 2 dial Gibson. I had it worked on a coupleof years ago and it sounds really LOUD!!!My lady of love is my 1977 Ovation!!! I had her out on the road (working ugh) for30 years. I retired her last year and hung her on the wall. What great memories i had with her. It is a LOVE that only another player has every felt!!!!!!!!


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Does anybody know Let it go the first song on his you get what you give? having a hard time finding chords that sound good. I would love to sing this song to my son.
Rick the plumber


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God bless you Willie you have lived a great life and here is praying you bless us all with many more years!!


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I started playing in 77, did not really think about playing guitar. After 3 yeas in the Army got home Jan 75. Two years later i hook up with my 2 year older step-brother and he asked me if he supplied the pot and i would buy me a guitar and play 3 chords over and over again. What did i have to lose what the hell spend $300 by me an Ovation learn the 3 chords and i had all the pot to keep me happy. I played every day for 2 years and i realized i was getting better then him. But we played our own music and did not worry about playing someone's chords. If the struming of different chords sounded good we would move on. We both picked anything that sounded good. 30 years latter i see people all over the internet wanting to make you a star overnight!!!!Yes you must give then money. B******T play what sounds good to you and do not give these people your money. Love to play and play to love.


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This guy is all over the net. For$$$$ we will MAKE You the greasted song writer EVER!! Has anybody heard of him? His it leget??
Rick the plumber


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Thanks zguitar but what?? I can not help myself i do not even give it a minuet and i am loking for it. I remember much i wrote so i can re post it. I beleave it was proably something about how i got in to  playing guitar. really not all the interesting but hell its been going on 35 years since i started making unGodly noise on anything i could pretend was my guitar. As i remenber it went like this:(side note this is the first time i have every wrote this down) i was released from my duty to the free world in Dec of 75. as a side note as if( this is not aleady boring you to tear's) I came back to the states happy as hell. i was heading to the return station still in my Class A's with all of my shinny stuff pinied to my chest only to be called a baby killer by a kid who was about 8. I found my sep-brother who had just got back from his tour and he asked if i knew anything about the guitar. I said not a damn thing and his eyes got wide and said he would help me into the world of the guitar. He had picked i up in the Navy and was 3 to4 years ahead of me.Thus i became his 3 note guitar player in a 2 man band. more of this selfpity, but helpfuly story later.
If you made it this far into my life' and how it turned into a 35 year old love affair between me & my Ovation i will bore you to tears tomorrow. for now stay safe and a shout out to my Sis in the waters outside of the Flordia keys. tomorrow all


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Has anybody had a pretty large subject, was almot ready to submit it and hit a wrong key and it went away? do i have to go back in my computer and try to revive it or does someone know a short cut?


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Anybody watching idol? i do no watch it much but tonight QUEEN!! grew up partying to all their hits!!


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I have been finger picking for years. throw away your picks,kee your right palm on your guitar that gives you three fingers and your thumb. To me you extend your love of the picking from fingers to the strings and to the sound. Just my thoughts. Have fun and try to send your fellings from your mind thru your fingers to your guitar ENJOY


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I was new to the site, only two songs in my songbook and one look at a song i have been trying to finish forever, then the company i work for took my laptop(windows vista) and gave me a new laptop(windows 7) and to make a long story short it has taken a month to get back to the site. I am so glad to get back here i hope to use the site a lot i i love to play, can't read music but can finger pick and play most chords. SO GLAD TO BE BACK.


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Hi all i am new to the site, about 3 weeks, I just went from 2010 to 2012 and read all the post's on the F cord. WOW 2 years and people are still talking about that cord. How intersting it is to read older post's and compare them to the new post. Really have not changed much. It must be a GREAT chord if people are still chating about it. My brother-teacher made me play a G, F,&G over & over while he practiced his finger picking.That was 30 years ago. Really great to hear people still playing the F!

Thanks . i seem to be stuck, i have wrote two or three ending's but they just do not feel right. what i have so far came out in one night and then nothing!!!